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1Park Clean Up [D-Rank Mission] Empty Park Clean Up [D-Rank Mission] on Sat May 21, 2016 5:31 pm

Hiroyuki Inuzuka

Hiroyuki Inuzuka

Mission name: Park Beautification (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Clean and beauty the parks around Konohagakure by planting new trees and flowers, repairing broken benches, and etc.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 60
Mission description: A few parks around Konohagakure are in need of some beautification after the recent harsh summers. There are several parts to this mission, which include cleaning the rivers and streams that go through the parks of litter, repairing park pavilions and benches, uprooting dead tree stumps, and planting new tree saplings and vegetation around the parks.
Mission details: All that you, the mission taker, has to do is repair and beauty some of Konoha's prized parks. Primarily this involves cleaning litter from the pathways and streams that run through the parks, planting some new flowers or tree saplings, cutting back weeds in the park, repairing benches, and generally anything that would increase the quality of the parks.

Okay, this would be easy enough. He already liked the idea of doing anything to make the world better, and the idea of cleaning up a park, planting new trees and flowers... yeah, that was perfect for him. It wouldn't be too difficult to do any of this; the saplings would have been set up to be planted already by others before him, they just needed people to plant them properly and make sure they were watered (easy for him), and make sure any trash and such was picked up. He could pretty easily do basic repairs on anything that needed it; he had basic carpentry skills, and he could use his water chakra to shave down the stone benches until they were smooth and comfortable again. Easy enough.

The park wasn't far from his house, one of the 'smaller', at least in the sense of being less for kids and more for people that wanted to walk the trails and such that wound around the trees and thin forests that filled in that part of the village; with only a few wide meadow-fields for playing ball sports or racing or whatever. Benches, a tiny pond, a single swing hidden deep in a patch of trees that brushed against a tributary of the Naka river. The kind of park meant for adults and pets and older children, no play sets or sand boxes or training area or anything like that.

The forest aspect of the park meant that doing this particular job in the middle of the day wouldn't be too bad; while it meant there was less of a breeze due to the trees, but it also meant that there was a massive amount of shade and cool places to rest and recover; as well as the little pond and river tributary to take a bit of a dip in for a quick cooldown. On top of that, there was a large container of chilled water at the little tent and table that was were the Chunnin in charge of handling the Genin doing their jobs was hanging out. They needed the tent covering to protect the young flowers from the harsh sun, they were shade loving flowers that couldn't handle the midday sun that would burn the delicate petals to dust in only a few hours.

He checked in with the Chunnin and was issued a set of hand tools, spades and a small shovel to clean up the already dug holes for the saplings, to be used to clean up the weeds and vines that were choking parts of the park, etc. He took these and moved off toward the area where the saplings were being planted, he wanted to get the heavy work out of the way first. The area had been deforested by an invasion vine that had choked and killed the old trees; a couple of Senju had been through days before and removed the vines and every bit of their existence from the area, as well as reconditioning the soil to accept new plantings. The holes had been dug the day before, left open to breath and soak up a few kilograms of water so that the saplings would be happily watered when they went in. Each sapling was sitting beside it's own hole, the root balls wrapped in burlap that was specially made to fall apart in the dirt and help to feed the trees as they took root. It made it easier to plant them too, as the saplings were rather large and it would take two or three Genin to wrestle them around if they'd needed to cut the burlap off.

Rocking the saplings into their holes was easy enough, the rounded base made them want to slip into their holes without a fight. Once the trees were settled and centered, he used the small spade and shovel to move the dirt into the hole and backfill around the root ball; patting the earth down and using his water chakra to spew water from his mouth in order to hydrate them further; he'd forgotten to grab a watering can from the tent before hand and didn't feel the need to go the entire way back for nothing. He repeated this process for six saplings, finishing an entire row of them before moving on.

The trash pick up detail wasn't far off, so he moved to join them; taking a spiked stick and using it to spear bit of trash and such that needed removing. This went on for a good half an hour before they finished sweeping the area and moving on. However, he left them behind while they moved on, instead going to help a small group of peers that were trying to repair a wooden bench. They needed another pair of hands to hold the seat of the bench steady while they squared the corners and bolted it down properly.

Once that was done, he returned the main tent and turned in his tools, taking his pay and his paperwork and moving on.

855/600 D-rank Mission


Park Clean Up [D-Rank Mission] 353avww

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