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The mission:
Mission name: Supply Run.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Bring the supplies to the army training camp in Konohagakure.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: The army training camp located on the western side of Konohagakure is running war games and needs somebody to do a supply run for them. Pick up the supplies from the administration building and take them to the Army Training Camp as quickly as possible.
Mission Details: There is fresh ice cream (a treat for one of the officers) in the order, if you don't hurry, the ice cream will melt and you'll have a very sad officer on your hands. If you make it with the ice cream, you may even get to eat a scoop.

The administration building had become something of a familiar stop for Ginza since having become a shinobi for Konoha again these last couple of years. The blond was always looking for new missions, and the administration building was just the place to find them so he was constantly checking up on them. So, here he was, walking up to the familiar steps arms folded behind his back just as the building was opening up for the morning. There was even still dew in the air still, and the birds were sleepily making their first calls of the day.

Ginza had stopped by the night before and been told to come in the morning, assured that there would be a mission for him to do. And so there was. He walked up to the front desk, the woman behind the desk handing him a slip of paper that had the details of his mission on it and then pointing to the case of supplies that would be at the center of the mission. He gave her a nod in thanks before unfolding the slip of paper and gave it a quick review as he walked towards the supplies that he would be carrying.

Apparently an army training camp was running war games on the western side of the village and they needed him to do a supply run. Interesting. He pocketed the slip of paper then lifted the supplies. Time to act as a pack mule. Once the supplies were settled on his back in a way that was at least somewhat comfortable despite the weight, Ginza was off, jogging towards the western side of the village. Walking would be too simple. Jogging however, would help the levels of his endurance, and he began to count his paces in his head as he moved through the village.

Even jogging, it was on the complete opposite of the village, so it did take some time, and his back didn’t really appreciate the jostling of the supplies against it. He knew that even if he were not exhausted by the time he made it to the training camp he would likely be sporting bruises from the places that were continuously being hit by the supplies. But, it certainly was keeping him cool, what with having the ice cream that he was carrying. But he knew that the ice cream wasn’t likely to melt. He was staying to the shade, and it was still in the morning so it wasn’t very hot yet.

Soon he found himself at the camp, but it was only until he’d made it to the requisition’s officer’s tent that he finally stopped his evenly paced jogging. He took a moment to catch his breath and assure himself that he looked relatively presentable before walking into the tent. The officer looked up at him from a desk quizzically, and Ginza nodded respectfully stating his name and what he was reporting in with. “Kaigara, Ginza, reporting in with supplies from the administration office.”

The officer nodded, looking down at his list, assured that Ginza was reporting accurately before getting up to check the supplies. It was with some relief that Ginza put down the case that he’d been carrying, and he stretched a bit, wincing at the tenderness that he knew would denote bruises. But it was worth it. He wasn’t going to complain. Once the officer had gone through the supplies to make sure that it was all there, he offered Ginza some of the ice cream and offered for him to join them to watch their training exercises.

And of course, Ginza politely accepted. Not simply for the ice cream that happened to be french vanilla, his favorite. But because he was curious about the ways of the military. So, that was how he spent his day, watching and learning until it was most certainly time for him to go home and report back to the administration building with a mission completed for payment.

WC: 673/600
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