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It seemed that Kuroshiki’s adventure to the Diamond Height’s University had paid off to some degree, but the overall picture still remained somewhat of a mystery to native of the Land of Tea. Kuroshiki had spent the majority of his time while in Iwagakure no Sato within the four walls of the library, making sure he covered any and all material that could be applicable to his scenario about wishing to learn more about the nature of chakra and how to utilize it himself. The knowledge he attained would be useful to a vast degree, but it certainly was different putting it into practice over reading about it for countless hours on end. After having gone through dozens of books, encyclopaedias, and the likes, Kuroshiki had considered that there wasn’t much else he could gain from his time in Tsuchi no Kuni slowly crawling to an end. It wasn’t to say he wouldn’t return one day, in fact it was likely he would return for the sole purpose of exploring the University a bit further, perhaps learning quite a bit about the courses offered by the institution.

Having spent a couple of months aimlessly going through books had took its toll on Kuroshiki, even with his aptitude and curiosity to seek out more information that was readily available in a book. His main focus was learning how to control his katon chakra, simplifying it and learning how to make it more efficient than its current volatile state. Having debated on where he could go to figure this out for himself, he had ultimately decided that the place which could likely help him out the most would be the one with the relating name; the Land of Fire – Hi no Kuni. While he knew taking the name literally wouldn’t help him out too much in this regard, Kuroshiki assumed that there would be an ample amount of individuals with knowledge about katon chakra, especially if he could find someone who was also a taijutsu specialist. That was the most pressing concern Kuroshiki had, finding someone who could be suitable in helping him gain the knowledge, but also someone who didn’t seek out an actual student. Kuroshiki knew that staying in one place wasn’t something he could do, at least for prolonged periods of time. Thus far he spent half a year in Iwagakure no Sato and that seemed to be far too long. He figured traveling from village to village would at least be beneficial in helping him avoid being hunted down; considering he was still the rightful heir to his family’s company.

Roaming around without having to stay put in one area was rewarding, far better than the isolation his uncle had put him in for ages. The note, the all-important note he had foraged off the dead body he had made dead. Killing wasn’t something he avidly sought out, but that instance had been pure self-defense. In the end, Kuroshiki was glad he killed his attack, for otherwise he wouldn’t have come in possession of the single note that always remained in his pocket. Just the thought of it made Kuroshiki’s right hand delve in to his pocket, feeling the parchment still present. With a inaudible sigh, he turned to the pack he carried around with him and slung it over one shoulder. It seemed that his time here was at an end. He wasn’t sure how long it would take to travel from here to Konohagakure no Sato, but he was sure that he could at least gain something of use from the village hidden away in the Land of Fire.

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