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1 Help Around the Hospital [C rank, Repeatable] on Fri Jun 03, 2016 8:43 pm



Mission name: Help Around the Hospital
Mission rank: C
Objective: Help where needed.
Location: Konohagakure Hospital
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: Lately the hospital has been very busy and unfortunately it is short staffed. They've requested the help of someone who is preferably skilled in medical ninjutsu to help out.
Mission details: You will need to arrive at the hospital at 5:00 am and report in to the receptionist at the front before being assigned Dr. Hui to shadow. You will help the doctor see his patients in the outpatient section of the hospital. You will be left to tend a few simple injuries and problems that are D rank and lower yourself, and you will be asked to help Dr. Hui to tend one B rank injury.

Dr. Hui:

Name: Dr. Hui
Age: 42
General Appearance: Choppy purple hair, classes, a suit or  scrubs of any color.
Personality: A kind man who just wants to do his job, though he really dislikes how short staffed the hospital is. He's fond of books and teaching, so if you get him talking he can be quite chatty.  
Motivations: Helping people.
Fears: Losing a patient, death.

  • B-3 Stats,
  • A rank Medical Ninjutsu


[D Rank] 2 | [C Rank] 0 | [B Rank] 4 | [A Rank] 1 | [S Rank] 1 | [SS Rank] 0

2 Mission on Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:29 pm



I will take this mission!


Kazumi Inuzuka


I'd like to take this mission

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