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The morning breeze caught Harue’s hair, blowing some lone strands out of her face, though the white-haired girl was oblivious to it either way. Running through her head, distracting her from mos t of her surroundings, was the thought of Diamond Heights University. She’d recently been there, and to her surprise, she’d met the headmaster, Karumo Sekuro. She’d enjoyed their little debate over the basics of chakra theory, as well as one stickler that had baffled many a theorist as to the workings of chakra. It’d been an eye opening experience, helping her polish a small portion of her model, but beyond that she’d had to cut their visit short. As tempting as an offer to study at Diamond Heights University was, Harue found it a little too tempting, and the rush of emotions she’d felt at wanting – no, needing – to find her mother’s killer had driven her to make the rash choice of rejecting the offer and skipping out on the rest of the university.

‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’ Harue berated herself mentally as she rested her forehead in the palms of both hands, which were supported at the elbows by a stone tabletop. Through her half-lidded eyes she could vaguely make out the markings of a chessboard that had been staring back in her face ever since she’d chosen to sit down at this park this early in the morning, eight a.m., to think in the clear. The table itself was one of many littered around the park, off the dirt path most visitors used for jogging, separated from each other by equal distances of two meters, leaving plenty of room for anyone hoping to pass by.

‘I should have accepted his offer!’ Harue continued in mild anguish and mostly annoyance at her hasty response. She could’ve studied at the university while she gathered information on her mother’s killer. It wasn’t as if she were doing anything else but sight-seeing right now, anyway. She could’ve been better spending this time studying, learning, researching, if only she’d accepted his offer! But, as it would happen to be, she’d declined his offer – a very generous one, at that – to study at Diamond Heights University with what was basically an internship with the professors and a scholarship… Yes, she could put her decision to turn down Karumo’s offer as one of the biggest mistakes she’d made in life, just slightly behind leaving Konoha, and leaving Nikko in Konoha.

She shifted her head such that she rested her cheek against her right palm, while her left hand dropped down onto the table, drumming against the stone tabletop before grabbing a black castle and inspecting it in her hand. She was sitting on the side of the black chess pieces, and this was almost taunting. Her entire life so far had felt like a chess game, and she nothing more than a pawn in the clutches of the black queen known as fate. Her mother had been taken, her father had been taken, her second chance at a family had been taken, and her third chance at redemption had been cast aside. She had all but lost the opportunities she’d had to find a better life, and her most recent casting aside of Diamond Heights University’s offer was just another opportunity she’d said goodbye to. And her sitting on the side of the black pieces was like fate laughing at her, as if her actions would never be good enough to be considered just, even if she was trying – no, dying – to bring her mother’s murderer to justice, wherever he was now. No, in society’s eyes, people like her, regardless of their reasoning, were deserters. They were the lowest of the low. It wouldn’t have mattered if she had done so to save the Hokage’s life; she would still have been seen as an enemy of the state. She like was now.

Placing the castle back where it was supposed to be, she let her left index finger toy about with the crown above the black king’s head. She pretended that it was the puppeteer who had steered her life so far, and moving it left, right, angling it such that its center of gravity was beyond its base but keeping contact with it with her left index finger so it didn’t exactly fall, she tried toying with it, playing with it as if challenging the fates to throw something her way, before she let go and the black king toppled. Fell. Died. It was symbolic how a simple fall could mean his death… but falls to death were all Harue had known her life, whether she was on the receiving end, or as a spectator to death’s next victim.

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"Okay, class. That will be all for the day.", no sooner the words had been spoken did the bell ring, signifying the end of class for the students attending the University. However, none of the students within this particular classroom moved from their seats, even while the thunderous noises of fellow classmen leaving and chatting amiably as they headed to their next class, tempted them. No, all of them remained where they were, knowing well enough that their sensei still had more to say despite his words contradicting such. Even the newer students, having their curiosity piqued at the thought of learning something from this man, didn't bulge, even when they wanted to, taking a cue from the older members amongst them.

A pair of citrine colored eyes looked outward among the forty-something students within the room. Spotting the tell-tale signs of where everyone's alliance was and the place where they called home. Though while many didn't wear a headband showcasing their village. There were small, and sometimes barely noticeable, details that gave away such details. A keychain with a village insignia here. A clan symbol there. And items only found in certain regions. These minor details and more, like one's clothing style, gave away information about every one of the students before him.

Placing the dry erase maker against the board, and using a small application of chakra, causing it to stick. "Before you leave. remember your thirty-five-page report over the advantages and disadvantages of using medical chakra as a catch-all solution to everything is due within three days. You know what I expect. So, don't disappoint me.", a chorus of 'Hai sensei' followed with the students getting up and leaving. Some would look at the assignment as something impossible to complete within three days, considering some of the students were shinobi of Iwagakure, therefore, having other responsibilities to attend too, but the assignment was assigned a week ago to commodate this. Therefore, no one should have a problem with turning it in within two days.

As the last student exited the room with others, the next class, coming in, greeting him, he couldn't help but wonder what his brother and original self was currently doing. His creator having birthed them to help levitate the demands of being a professor,  the head of Iwa's hospital, and Captain of the Medical Corps, and allowing him to maintain all of his positions simultaneously. For you see, if you haven't figured it out already, the Guanyin Nanashi currently greeting those coming into his class was a mere clone. And only a few people knew of this. . .

"Good morning class." . . .

While the clone was busy dealing with the demands of teaching. The original had just found out some startling news. Shifting the papers around on the oak finished desk, Nanashi meticulously scanned over the report giving to him, just now, by his trusted assistant. "Is this correct, Genpachi? Nothing else contaminated the substances I gave, right?", while the information on the parchment was indeed troubling, his voice didn't give anything away; the man was as calm and composed as ever.

"I double check everything myself, Guanyin-sama. There is no way for it to be contaminated. We took cautionary steps to ensure this. The tests are 99.8% correct.", Genpachi said. The speckled gray-haired male not taking offense of being questioned. He understood, considering what the young man before him had found out, that the Guanyin just wanted to be sure nothing went wrong during the testing.

"I didn't foresee this happening.", Nanashi didn't elaborate on what he meant by that nor dd he look up at the man a front of him as he spoke. The four-page report being far more interesting to him than making eye contact with a subordinate.

"If I may ask. . .", Genpachi asked, doing so after receiving a nod from his superior, "What will be your course of action now? Surely this will affect your performances as  Iwa's top healer."

Finishing the report, Nanashi placed them in a secure drawer that required the current Hospital Head's chakra to open it with any others being harshly rejected. "What I'm going to do?", he chuckled, finding the statement humorous,"What I always do: find a way to control it."

"Of course, you are her child after all.", knowing full well of his being the son of one of Tsuchi no Kuni serial killers and former captain of the IT department "Well, if you don't need anything else from this old sack of bones than I shall make my leave. Can't have the missus wondering where I am at. You know how she gets." with that said, the elderly man left the building, apparently heading home.

Now alone in his office, Nanashi thought about the information presented to him. After running a system of tests on his body, making sure everything was healthy, an abnormality popped up. Further testing showed that Nanashi's body was slowly garnering the properties of the techniques that he is known for. In short, he was adapting to necrosis and gaining their properties. For his body to chakra, every part of him being contaminated by the necrosis which he uses. Who would have thought, constant exposure to the substances would lead to this? Nanashi surely didn't. While some might be freaked out about this development, the sannin was not. In actuality, he was looking forward in seeing where this goes. Let's just say it is curious side showing. Still, though, "Kohaku, I will be stepping out for a moment. Till then you are in charge.", Nanashi spoke to the woman who will ultimately take his position when the time comes, having called her to his office only moments prior.

With a nod of acknowledgment from said lady, Nanashi left the office, a white coat with a gold trim fluttering in his wake. The attire being a symbol of the division he belongs too.

Stepping out of the front door, Nanashi stretched his stiff body, bones popping in sudden relief, and stifled a yawn threatening to escape. Tired. That's what truly the man felt at the given time. With the hospital never closing, it means a majority of his time is spent within its confinements. Checking on patients, performing life and death surgeries, overseeing other staff members in their performances, and even assisting some of them when the issue proves too much of a challenge for them. All of this accumulated into ungodly hours, twenty-four to seventy-two hours shift with only the minimalist breaks for naps between. Currently, he had been up for roughly fifty-three hours, having to catch up on everything that was missed during his absence while also attending to the influx of patients. And without taking any breaks in between, needless to say, he was feeling slightly tired. It is only through conditioning that none of this was shown on his face.

With the feeling of stiffness having left his body, eyes flickered down at the golden watch secured around his left wrist, noting the time: 7:25  a.m. "Perfect.", he mused to himself, "Tomohiko should be open now.", he spoke to no one in particular, his desired to visit a small eatery being his primary concern at the moment. He having no want to eat the terrible food served at the hospital. With that in mind, he went about going to said location in order to sate his increasing hungry.

"Thank you for the meal.", Nanashi spoke to the chief, after staying within the establishment for a good thirty minutes eating and talking with some of the friendlier patrons. Stepping out of the small restaurant, Nanashi thought about his next course of action. Having nothing in particular in mind, he allowed his feet to carry him wherever they please while his mind drifted to other topics.

Four days. That's how long he has been back home since he departed three months ago, his destination being Kumogakure no Sato for the Chuunin exams and to gain an alliance with the Raikage. While the latter resulted in a failure. He did meet some interesting people and helped trained a few shinobis from other villages. Insubordination for sure, however, it's not the worst thing he had done: three missing civilians being evident of this. Though, the stuff that happened during his tenure in Kumo. was nothing compared to the mess that has been dumped on him upon his return? Internal problems. People disappearing. New leadership. Iwagakure was going through some tough times, and Nanashi was needed to help quell them.

Shoving the thoughts to the back of his mind, eyes looked around at where his feet managed to carry him. A park. One of the many scattered through the village. Like a few others, this one had chessboards dotted about with a few of them being occupied by people playing the strategic game and chatting with one another. Noting a few familiar faces, quick greetings were exchanged, as he walked through the park looking for anything that would pique his interest. It wasn't before he noticed a young female, around the age of one of his sister, sitting alone at one of the stone tabletops, staring at a chessboard and allowing of the pieces, the king piece, if not mistaken, to fall on its side.

"Someone seem to be in deep thought.", Nanashi spoke. He having done so upon approaching the table mere seconds ago. His voice grabbing her attention if she hadn't seen him when he was approaching. "Though, I don't think staring at this chessboard will help much. Of, course, I could be wrong. ", he said with a shrug, grasping the down chess piece and standing it back up.

"The name is Nanashi.", he said, extending his hand to shake hers. "May I?", he asked, pointing to the seating adjacent of her. He would do so, after been given the go-ahead, the white coat on his persona would be draped over the back of the seat. "Do you play?", he asked, referring to the board game a front of him. With everything that has happened as of late, the sannin was in need of a distraction that wasn't a part of his normal routine, and maybe, this girl before him, can give just that.

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“Someone seems to be in deep thought,” she heard a voice.

Close. Too close. Her eyes widened in alarm. Millions of thoughts ran through her head as she registered the foreign voice, most of them bordering around fear and flight, fleeing from her problems like she always did. Running away from her problems. In a sense… wasn’t that what she’d done her whole life? Hadn’t she fled Takara’s village, rather than fulfilling his dying wish to try and find her way as a ninja, or rather, as a practitioner of chakra? Hadn’t she fled her old home when every wooden board became stained with the blood of her mother, the place she once called an abode able to return to each day to get a good night’s rest now haunted by the ghosts of her parents?

And hadn’t she fled Konoha when she’d abandoned the village? All in the chase of something that she realised now was absolutely brought about by a spur of the moment. Hah, revenge. Vengeance. The more she chanted these things the more unlikely they all sounded. Her? Harue Nakazawa? The sweet little girl whose strength was likely only her sharp intellect? Not even a strategist’s mind, mind you, but rather a scholar’s. How was she supposed to hunt down a man who killed her parents, tracking them down to a small little bay at the southern tips of the Land of Fire – a country that she realised now she would never be able to return to without being brought in for questioning and either executed or chained up for life – when all other accounts meant that her family was as isolated from society as could be? How could she of all people try to find a group of slavers from years – not weeks or months, but years – ago?

Her eyes darted to the origin of the voice, fear evident in them, though it was mostly a reflection of her thoughts rather than the crippling terror of having been found out. While the issue clawed at her from time to time, she’d more or less accepted that there was little reason for Konoha to come chasing after her. She was just a girl from an unnamed village who’d signed up as a ninja, with no inherent significance to her name, nor her duty. However, the thoughts that had plagued her morning still lingered, thoughts of regret and guilt at having severed her bonds eating away at her conscience… She couldn’t help the mild paranoia she felt at having someone direct the question at her.

If it was even directed at her. That was the scary bit. She couldn’t tell.

She lifted her head from her palm, seeing a white-haired male – you didn’t often see someone with the same hair colour as yourself – standing close to her. She’d been so preoccupied with her own thoughts, pessimistic ones at that, that she’d completely ignored her surroundings, and she mentally berated herself for it.

“Though I don’t think staring at this chessboard will help much. Of course, I could be wrong,” he continued, righting the fallen black king onto its base. “The name is Nanashi,” he introduced, extending a courteous handshake, which she half-heartedly took, moreso out of surprise than spite that this man had shown up. When he asked if he could sit, she would only nod dumbly, still watching him, trying to make an opinion of him, as he sat down, white coat with golden shines draped over the back of the seat. “Do you play?” he asked her, and she only nodded dumbly again, before she recollected herself enough to answer.

“Uh.. yes,” she said after shaking herself out of her daze. “Your move, I guess?”

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