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“Ichiraku ramen, Ichiraku ramen” hummed the young Orochi as she skipped along happily towards the glorious smell of food. “Raaaamen ahoy!” She didn’t care that she was alone and that people were looking at her like she was touched in the head four speaking out loud like that, her hunger was taking up about %80 of her focus now, the other %20 was being filled up with thoughts about all the fairly attractive girls she was passing and how the lanterns at the sides of Konoha’s twisting pathways reflected into their eyes. Food was still winning though, she hadn’t eaten all day and it had taken a lot of energy out of her. They’d always taught her to eat properly at the orphanage, three meals a day so that she could stay strong, but she was too scattered brained to ever eat at the right time and, of course, she had no one to tell her otherwise.

Independence was the only thing that made her feel better when she thought about the hole in her life that her lack of family members had given her. She could do whatever she wanted to do, whenever she wanted to do! It made it pretty hard for the young teen to be an overly serious or organized person. Her mind was going over all of the different types of Ramen should could get. As long as it wasn’t spicy, she would probably love it. It wasn’t a long walk from her little house down to the best Ramen store in town. The streets were lively at night and she felt in high spirits. Of course none of them were talking to her, and most of them were either coupled up, or with friends, but she only dwelled on that for a moment.

She could smell it now and her excitement levels rose even higher. She sped up her pace, gracefully dodging people on the streets and dancing around them never losing momentum. Heads towered about the short teenager, and as she entered the part of Konoha where many places to eat and drink were the crowd got very thick. It was becoming harder and harder to see past the masses of tall people. Annoyingly she had to slow down as she squeezed through gaps before they closed again infront of her and shimmied past buildings and obstacles.

Finally she could see the store, but more importantly, its smell was strong in her nostrils! As if on cue her stomach loudly complained about the lack of food inside it. He could hear Ayame’s voice as well now. She’d always thought the young woman beautiful, and somehow wasn’t able to talk as much as usual around her. Ayame-san was so nice as well. She used to give the little orphan free meals if she couldn’t afford to eat there. Because of her, Hiromu had grown up always going to their ramen shop nearly every single day. As such she was a bit of a regular. The old man was very nice as well, always sharing a hearty laugh with her and never tiring of her constant talking. Unfortuynaltly the place was a little busy and he wouldn’t have much time to talk with her and neither would his lovely daughter.

Romu walked into the little food stall and sat down on one of the seats “Hello Ayame-san! Teuchi-ojisan!”

“Ahhh! Welcome, Romu-chan!” Romu grinned widly at them and pointed to a menu item “Biggest serve you got! You know the drill! A shinobi’s as strong as me has to eat to keep up her strength!” She said flexing her non-existent biceps. That got a chuckle from both of them.

Romu swung her legs back and fourth and fiddled with the forehead protected around her neck as she waited. Her stomach gurgled unhappily as the old man made her order and Ayame moved on to welcome and serve other customers.  Noice of chatting and laughing people filled the air around her, but this time she wasn’t involved. She couldn’t just talk to Ayame the whole time, she was busy. An obnoxious couple had also decided to start locking lips next to where she sat. In response the young teen made a gagging gesture and turned slightly away.

I need to make some friends soon...

The thought dissipated again when a huge bowl of delicious food was placed in front of here “Ah~ Thanks!” She said with vigor “Itatakimasuuu!” she said before licking her lips with her abnormally long tongue. She dug in eagerly, slurping up the noodles as if she hadn’t eaten in days. She was halfway through a giant mouthful of noodles and fish cakes when suddenly someone came and sat next to her and she briefly looked up with a noodle sticking out the corner of her mouth to see who it was.

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