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Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa strapped the spear, Geste Indécent, to her back, ensuring that the straps held it firmly in place as she prepared herself for the long trek from the Land of Earth to the Land of Water. Her contacts had been exhausted and every favour used up, but it appeared that every single clue her network was able to dig up in the Land of Earth was simply a wild goose chase. There had been no sign of Eren, hide or hair of him, and she noticed a visible exhale escape her two lips. Annoyance at her lack of success had finally caught up to her, but she was aware that every second she spent not looking for Eren meant another second of him slipping further and further away from her; with that thought in mind, she steeled herself as she always did and trudged forward, taking a step towards the land of lush forests and overwhelmingly green grass fields, a place dominated by certainly far more flora than the Land of Earth.

She folded up the sleeves of her brown jacket, upwards to her elbows to escape the searing heat of the midday sun. While a native of the Land of Wind, Mikasa’s pale complexion was all anyone would need to guess that she did not mix well with the sunlight, opting for the shade whenever possible to escape from the fiery glares of the day. The Land of Earth had been accommodating in that regard, with the large stone outcroppings giving her an opportune place to rest every few kilometers she travelled as she trekked on foot from village to village, following any leads and digging up new ones, all of which eventually led to dead ends or unearthed those she would have to chase down in other countries, which was what she was currently doing.

Perhaps the Land of Fire would be able to serve her interests further, not simply with a chance at finding Eren, but also to give her a preferred shade with the many canopies that were formed by overlapping trees tops and branches and leaves greedy for the sunlight. She would have preferred if the rumours about the wildlife that inhabited such paradisiacal lands weren’t as outlandish as the stories had overexaggerated them out to be, but a firm grasp on Geste Indécent behind her, her left hand curling around portion of the spear closer to the blade, promised her that her parents’ weapon would suffice in keeping her safe from harm. Any interested animal trying to get a snack would find itself at the receiving end of its treatment, and Mikasa was hardly merciful enough to grant it as swift a death as they would have her.

The sun would beat down on her as the rocks jutting out of the ground, notable of the Land of Earth, would slowly disappear to give way to a lusher, richer green of the earth, covered in a layer of soft grass crunching beneath her boot with every step, and while the change of scenery did wonders for her eyes, and the occasional patch of flowers made the trip that much less boring, it did nothing to quell her dislike of the heat she was currently at the mercy of. Using this as motivation, and the sight of purple orchids and white roses as refreshers, Mikasa would continue on her journey to the Land of Fire, a lone girl attempting to find her brother in this vast world with nothing to go on. She may have had no clue how her brother had disappeared, or if he had done so willingly or if he were instead taken by force, but it mattered little to the woman whose mind was already made up.

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