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Iwa had long since forgotten the time of the golden ninja that ruled the rocks like a volcano. He was a close friend and relative that Satoshi missed everyday. Lord Kazu was gone, either dead or moved on, and Satoshi was left with a village he didn't quite recognize anymore. Between the Blue Rose and Akira, all of the things his clan instilled in this village had been washed away by a new agenda. It was becoming harder for Satoshi to just sit and watch, so he decided some traveling was in order. He happened to be sitting in his office as clan head, so he called for his assistant. "Please let everyone know I'm going out of town for a bit to Konoha. Please also arrange my things." He said briskly as he opened a drawer beside him. He flipped through several files before finding the file he needed. He flipped through various pages until he came to one.

While Kazu was in Konoha, he heard of many legendary warriors and ninjas. He couldn't help but wonder what they offered as a teacher. There weren't many shinobi that were stronger than him in Iwa, so he would probably have to find a teacher outside of his village. He looked through the many names of these warriors, making sure to remember the details. He finished the page, reading everything he could. He then moved to his cage in the corner of his room. He released his messenger hawk, which sat on his shoulder. grabbed a peice of paper and quickly wrote down a message.

Dear Konohagakure,

My name is Kanestu, Satoshi from Iwagakure and I am coming to visit your village. I come in a peaceful manner as well, so please warn them of my arrival. Thanks You!

He quickly attached it to the hawks leg before sending it on it's way. He grabbed his headband before getting up and walking out of the room. He moved down rocky stairs and picked up his things. They were waiting on him at the bottom step. He then took off toward Konoha, flying past the wall and guards with a wave. He then started his journey through the sea of rock and rubble. Satoshi moved efficiently, never slowing or increasing his speed. His breathing was steady as he practiced his stamina any time he traveled.

Eventually, barren rocks ended and a blanked of green leaves flashed before him. He took two steps, then a simple jump landed him on the branch above him. He continued moving as the sun continued to shine brightly. He was drawing close to the land of fire's borders. He was ready to find someone to train him and help him get stronger. Strong enough to do something worthwhile. He wanted to become a legend like his cousin before him. He wanted to become a household name, which was something he knew since being a Genin. Now was the perfect time to do it. He officially took his first step into the Land of Fire, pushing through and heading towards the village he had heard so much about. History and current events put it in the spotlight. He just hoped their talent matched their reputation.

Before long, he saw the walls of the leaf village, walking up to the guards after a few more steps. "My name is Kanetsu, Satoshi from Iwagakure. I sent a hawk ahead of myself to let you know of my arrival. I come in peace and just wish to visit some friends." He spoke clearly and confidently. Of course, in his mind he was annoyed that he was having to explain himself, but he got why it was necessary. The guards simply nodded and opened the gate, allowing Satoshi passage to the next step of his future.

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