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1 Collect payments (D rank mission private) on Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:57 pm

Ryu Myugan


Special Jounin
Mission name: Bill Collection [Repeatable]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Go to three different stores, get them to pay the money they owe in rent to the city.
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: The city allows people to rent out their buildings so they don't have to pay too much to get into business. However, people have stopped paying. Remind them that the city needs money to continue.
Mission details: Minimum 600 words. Try not to start a fight because that might scare of potential business owners. They will try to bribe you with food or beer, so ignore their advances.

2 Re: Collect payments (D rank mission private) on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:08 pm

Ryu Myugan


Special Jounin
Ryu moved down the road with a sigh as the sun beat down as it always did. It was a pain for him but one of his customers had offered him a job for the day. He shifted in his pace as he picked a cigarette from his coat pocket and lifted the bent item to his lips and lit it with an electric shock to the end from the tip of his finger. A deep inhale calmed his mind as he looked around. It appeared his usual bar he delivered at was also owned by the local landlord. He wasn't aware of it but the man who ran the bar was a member of the west desert five, one of the captains actually. Still they had purchased just as much land as they had conquered in the area. Shops under their protection usually payed rent to them but they hardly harrassed them. However a couple of shop owners had gotten some good business lately and chosen to stop paying up for some reason. So Ryu was being sent to remind them that the man they owed money two was paying attention. If they didn't want to pay up he was to suggest strongly how bad an idea that might be.

Still he moved along with blue jeans tucked into boots with an open, button up white shirt with only the bottom two buttons done up and a black coat over it with the sleeves rolled up. Fingerless gloves marked him as a taijutsu specialist while instead of a headband a bandana was tying his long blonde hair back. A tie hung loose around his neck and mingled in with it all was a set of tribal tattoos he had gotten done up in prison. Artists in their perfecting their trade with a needle and a bottle of ink. Still his eye patch felt soggy from sweat as it covered his right, purple eye from view. He was shy about it for some reason but for now it didn't matter. His gaze shifted up the street to the shops up ahead. He knew as everyone knew that the street was protected and a big red five painted on a wall made it even more clear. Why anyone would risk getting kicked off this street was beyond him. It was too dangerous to work in the slums without protection after all. Still he approached the shops in question and looked down at the map he had been given. It showed pictures of three shops in particular but it also appeared they were neighbors. Had all three shops joined together for this decision? if so they were going to end up hurt. Not by him but by the gangs once they caught scent of a cash cow. Three shops that had some success lately without protection was riped for picking. They just needed to wait until the landlord kicked them out. However Ryu was going to reason with them. Point out the error of their ways and collect the payments.


3 Re: Collect payments (D rank mission private) on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:23 pm

Ryu Myugan


Special Jounin
Still Ryu stopped just outside the first shop and rose an eyebrow as it was empty. A weapons smith wasn't in his shop? odd. He tested the door with a jiggle of the handle to find it locked before the loud barking of a dog sounded from the other side of the door. Vicious sounding thing really. Wouldn't stop the gangs but it was a good deterent from the average thief. Still he looked around quietly noting the grocery store was locked down too. Similarly a large dog sat just within the double doors visible through a thick piece of glass as it watched Ryu with ears up and a focused gaze. Was that really the solution they had found? Did they think large dogs would stop anything bad from happening to them? If so they were dumb asses for thinking that some beast without a muzzle would save them from anything made with a serious effort. Still his eye narrowed as he moved down the street a little more. Finally the diner was open and low and behold. All three of them were having a meal at the counter. Quietly Ryu opened the door and stepped inside as he continued smoking. The large dog in the corner snarled and launched up tugging at its leash on the wall in response but not getting far. Still all three men glared at him before saying something about being closed and to go smoke outside. Ryu glanced at the man silencing him as he continued to smoke before speaking on his exhale.

"Alright so lets not pretend I am some customer hungry for a shitty grilled cheese. Juto sent me because you three haven't payed your rent. Now before you scoff at me and piss me off let me say I ain't here for a fight. Rather to point somethin out. Your shops are a block from the next gang territory. That particular gang can get so close to west desert five territory because the fuckers are brutal. They won't just rob you for your shit. They skin people for shits and giggles and then take your stuff. Probably after covering you in sand if you lived through the skinning. So if I was you I would keep paying rent for my shop because no dog is going to stop ten men from ending you if they want to. But the West five can and this is protected space."

The three glanced at each other for a moment debating his words with glances at the snarling dog and back to Ryu. Finally the owner of the diner wiped his brow and shook his head before going to the back. He opened the safe and collected all the due payments before locking the safe again and packing it all into a coin bag. Tying it off he emerged again and tossed it to Ryu before mentioning that the payments would come regularly again and to give their apologies for having accidentally missed payments until then. Ryu sighed and turned away as he pocketed the purse and left to go turn in the payment. An easy enough job he supposed.

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