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1 Jerboa nest (private D rank mission) on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:25 pm

Ryu Myugan


Special Jounin
Mission name: Jerboa Nest
Mission rank: D
Objective: Take out the Jerboa nest, either kill or get rid of all ten jerboa's
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 70 Ryo
Mission description: There's been an infestation of Jerboa's around the food stores, eating our food. Take out the nest and get rid of the little rodents once and for all.
Mission details: Minimum 600 words, you'll have to find the nest first. It doesn't matter if you kill them or scare them off, but you need to make sure that you don't disturb everyone else. They have no way of defending themselves, but they're fast as hell and really small.

2 Re: Jerboa nest (private D rank mission) on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:40 pm

Ryu Myugan


Special Jounin
Ryu sighed as he sat on the roof behind the bar he lived at. It wasn't as nice as the bar he delivered too and they payed for their space rather then owning it but he still lived there and helped out when needed. However todays task had him unhappy with the whole ordeal. Of all the dumb things he would have to deal with he had been tasked not with thugs or gang members harrassing the place but instead they had the most tedious task imaginable. Below him and behind the bar was a nest of Jerboas. Ten of them in number from what he had counted watching the nest from above. He almost missed beating up some punk trying to steal booze or rob the place. In comparison it was considerably easier. Jerboa were a strange almost alien looking mice breed. Long legs and tiny bodies with no visible arms. They were a desert rat of miniscule size and with those hind legs could hop at extremely fast speeds. Still he wasn't sure just how to deal with the whole nest. He didn't know enough about the species to herd them out or at least kill any females.

He needed to consider his options for the moment. He wished suddenly he had learned that earth spike jutsu from that man that had attacked him in the desert. Freaking psyco was out of his mind and dumb but he had used a technique that was perfect for crowd control. However Ryu hadn't learned anything of the sort so he was stuck for the time being with out that option. He wasn't sure what to do about that but he did have a task and it was going to garantee his bedroom for a month. If his plan to steal the jutsu blueprints from the library worked he could certainly use a month off to study them. He wasn't ever very good at studying anything other than hand to hand combat. However these little buggers were faster than him would would scatter to places he could not follow. He needed to get them all at once and crush them for his time off to start. For a moment he was at a loss for ideas until it hit him. The little things were tiny and weak. A mass paralysis technique would almost kill them by itself. It was designed for people of impressive strength but this particular situation would work.

He knew he couldn't state the technique aloud because if he did it would scare away his target. Little buggers sure were skittish. Intead he lifted his hands and quickly and quietly formed hand seals. Monkey → Horse → Dragon → Tiger → Ox → Rat → Snake. Each one focusing chakra into the seal until a total of ten chakra had been focused in and the technique took effect. It wouldn't seem like anything had happened at first aside from the fact that the alley suddenly got very still. Each of the little varmints were suddenly not moving as they were pinned to the ground and hard. It was a cruel fate for them but they had invaded the bar and ruined goods. Honestly they should of stayed by the dump instead of heading into the slums. Still Ryu hopped down careful not to let it go to waste and grabbed a stick. Going to each of the ten individually and jabbing the stick at their head with a crunch each time. After that was done he swept up the bodies and the nest and dumped it in the dumpster. Month off here he comes.

608/600 mission complete
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