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OOC Note:
This is short and sweet, for the sake of RP you can fill in whatever blanks I may leave

Utano hasn't wandered too deep into the wooded area before she was caught up with an told that she had failed the test and could return home. As she turned back and noticed the armless man chatting with Amaya straightforwardly she assumed he had passed the test. Whatever it was the test had been, it mattered not to her. She walked home briskly, and found herself lying in bed, reading.

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The sound of laughter would reach the younf man's ears, and his head turned in the direction of the sound, only to spot Amaya emerging from the underbrush. The make paused for a moment, the eyes cutting to the person off to the side who was apparently pretending to be Amaya.

"Well, well... not even a properly trained ninja and already so observant. Excellent... simply excellent."

So, he was correct in his assumption? That was wonderful to know. He'd been taught to be observant in his own manner, not much unlike that of ninja; it would seem that his early life training was coming in handy.

"Do me a favor before you take off, Lee? Go find Utano if she hasn't found the boy yet and let her know she failed and can go home. Also, tell Yin he can go too. I already paid him, so he's been well compensated - don't let him tell you otherwise."

Oh, this day was becoming hilarious. The young male kept his face passive, but inside, he was howling with laughter. It would seem that someone on high had a sense of humor today, for the trained shinobi to lose out to someone who was not trained as a ninja. Ryoka said nothing for the moment, watching as the special jounin would bow to her and then take off down the same path Utano had taken - clearly off to make sure she knew what was going on before he too would then take off, that is if she hadn't reached the kid by then.

Amaya would wait until her helper was well out of earshot before focusing her attention onto Ryoka, her grin still in place. "Well, I must say I'm quite impressed. Not only did you catch on to what was going on - which proves you're very observant and intelligent, two traits I'm rather fond of in my squad members - but you were also coy enough to play along and play it slick with double checking you were right. Most people would have just blurted it out, whether they were right or wrong. Not many would have thought to double check in a not so obvious way. So, with that said, my offer still stands - if you're interested you are more than welcome to join my squad. I can get things squared away, get the administrative work handled so that it's completely legit. If anything, do it for the chance to get stronger, and earn some money on missions... there are some specific high paying ones you can only do under a sensei. Of course, if you don't want to you don't have to... and I'll still do your surgery regardless."

The young male tipped his head to the sides, blinking. He had no wish for power; he was not that kind of person. The change to become stronger was interesting, as he doubted that this time era had anything that he could learn to improve himself, but it never hurt to attempt. As for money... well, he was here, stuck in the time period for the next forseeable future. It would not hurt to gain some money so that he could live comfortably; money was also a necessity for him to aquire materials to maintain his arms. But if he were to join this woman's squad, then he would need weapons. While his arms were weapons in thier own right, he would need others...

She would then focus her attention onto Ginza, smiling gently. "I suppose this problem sort of worked itself out anyway - I do not think Utano would have worked well with us given our professions and how we spend the majority of our time in and around the hospital. She seemed to have some kind of issue with those who were 'different' than her? Unless, of course... you two had some sort of previous meeting that went badly?", the last part of her question was of course directed toward Ryoka, and sure enough she turned her reddish gaze from Ginza and back to Ryoka as she pulled her neon yellow tinted sunglasses off of her face for the first time since everyone had arrived.

Ryoka shook his head, frowning some. He had never seen this Utano chick ever before in his life -- and judging by how things went during this... test, he was fairly sure he did not want to come across her again. Not that he was afraid of her; he was more afraid of what he would do to her now that he had his arms once more. The young male was very much aware that he possessed a temper, and the last thing he wanted to do was harm and permanatly maim someone who had simply wrote a check with thier mouth that thier ass could not cash.

An individual, harrid in appearance, and with blood splotches on his clothing, was moving quickly in Amaya's immediate direction. He wore on his arm the same medical badge Amaya herself wore, and it caused her to frown: something was clearly wrong.

"What's going on?"

"Miss Amaya, there have been several called in wounded on a patrol. One is in critical condition, and the other two are nearing the same. We require your help.

"Go on ahead,tell them I'm coming. If I'm going to need to operate pull a team together and get them prepared." The blood covered medic bowed to her before taking off. Amaya, thinking quickly, looked toward Ginza and Ryoka. "Ginza, I'll catch up with you later.. Ryoka, stop by the hospital tomorrow and we'll get your surgery squared away - get lots of sleep and don't eat before you come." With those words said she was gone in a flash, moving as fast as possible toward the hospital.

Ryoka blinked somewhat. He wanted to tell her that he was going to accept the invitation to join her squad, but it would seem that she was being called elsewhere. No matter. He would tell her once he saw her next, more than likely tommorow. Or...

"Oi, Ginza, aint it? If you see Amaya anytime today, tell her I accept that invitation." The male nodded to the other blonde. He would hop off his case and scoop it up with a quick movement and began to leave the area. As heavy as it normallly was, it felt so much lighter on this day; perhaps because he finally had something to look forwards to?

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