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1 Quick Travel [Iwa->Kiri/Solo] on Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:37 pm



Vague and ominous notes were always a treat in their own regard, the mystery behind it all but given this one and the potential connotations, it wasn't much to bring a smile to his face. Arriving via carrier pigeon to his office one day, the bird landing on the perch of an open window, the note read as such;

Get to Kirigakure no Sato, Now.

Karumo knew of a party's journey to Kirigakure no Sato, he was almost part of that excursion but his time at the university prevented him from being able to leave. But this note, handwritten rather quickly, had to have been written by the Lord Tsuchikage, Akira. Karumo crushed the note in his hand and with a bit of chakra burned it into ash and let the remains float away into the wind. The pigeon along with it.

Fast-forward to the time being, Karumo was dashing through the high plains of Iwagakure, heading for the forest region that would take him through the land of Fire and then to the land of Water. Full ANBU gear at his disposal and his Oracles cloak above that, floating in the wind as he dashed through at top speed. On his back he carried the blade of his clan, the decapitation blade, it's black iron shined in the glare of the clouded sunlight. On his waist he carried another katana with him, the one he first had in case his large blade would become a burden.

Even for a jounin ANBU member, traveling alone was quite the risk, but it also gave him a distinct advantage when roaming through foreign territory. One, it allowed him to have to only conceal his movements and he could move at his own pace. Full speed ahead, there was no time to waste for whatever was going on though, only time to sleep and the bare minimum at that. Two, if he were to be attacked and brought into a trap then at least his death would most likely be a quick one.

The forest regions and plains of the Land of Fire would be nice, he would stop briefly in a small town for the night, eating a fairly nice meal and enjoying the night to smoke his cigar. Leaving before the sun rose and leaving a large amount of ryo to cover well beyond his expenses. Each move carefully calculated, ditching his cloak and mask while in town and re-dawning it when he left. No campfires either, absolute discretion in his travel through the land of Fire, alliance or not.

After the fire country came a short boat ride through the ocean to the land of Water where he would venture to find Kirigakure no Sato and his missing Tsuchikage. The ocean was certainly interesting though, the riding on the waves up and down was a bit relaxing. Certainly a new environment, Karumo would puff away and relax on the boat as the foreman drew them through the water. The fog itself was nice, giving a natural cover to it all as they made their passage. Though, next time, he might like to have his mind a little less distracted on what he would be doing when he arrived.

The Land of Water was interesting, it was a bit cooler than home, but he didn't have time to admire the scenery or small islands on his way, following a path cut out in the road he made his way to the village. Soon he would be at the gates of the village, and doing his best to find Lord Akira and tend to whatever matter was taking precedence here. Whatever that might be and whatever fire would be burning up. Hopefully nothing too serious though, Hopefully.

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