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1 Daiko's Plot Tracker on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:32 am



Story of Daiko

- D-Rank
1.Training, Training, Training...
2.Sinful Pleasures
3.Kirigakure -- The Village Hidden in Mist
4. Walking on Water... Off to Hi no Kuni
5. So this is Konohagakure?
6. Training in the Leaves
7.A Study in Family
8. Clashing Waves
- C-Rank
9. A Meeting in the Woods

People Known IC

1.Yasuo Masa[Name not known, Face is recognizable]
2.Genbu Yuurei[Friend]
3. Ginza Kaigara [Name Known]
4. Nishi Asano [Name not known, Face somewhat recognizable]
5.Nayoko Nozara[Good Friend]


1. _D_Patrol
2. _C_A Call for Help
3. _C_ Recovering the stolen Jewels

Road to Special Jounin:
Missions - 0/3 B
Socials - 1/6
Jutsu - 0/1 D, 2/2 C, 0/1 B
Stats - All are not at least C-1

Jutsu already used for Rank Up:
Hozuki Technique: Blissful Swimming (D)
Assassin Technique: Baited Shot (C)
Water Release: Water Prison (C)

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