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1 Daiko Patrols Around [Mission/D-Rank] on Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:06 am



Mission name: Patrol
Mission rank: D
Objective: Scout around the village
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 80 Ryo
Mission description: Your job is to scout around the village to make sure the area is secure. Lately their has been some issues with people stealing and and causing problems around the village. If anyone starts any problems, report it to higher ranking shinobi.

2 Re: Daiko Patrols Around [Mission/D-Rank] on Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:45 am



Ah, the village of Kirigakure. The air was fresh, and Daiko was looking for something to spend his time doing. He realized that there would be nothing better to do than to make some money. He was a ninja, so maybe he could use that to his advantage. Walking around the village, he looks for a place that would be most likely for him to pick up a job. There was a big office that said Missions Office, so he assumed that was the one that he would do best to go to. Walking inside, he goes to the attendant and asks for a mission. The man hands him a blue scroll, and then Daiko is on his merry way.

Walking out of the office, Daiko opens the scroll. On it, he reads instructions for what he is supposed to do. Apparently he needs to patrol around the village and make sure nobody is causing trouble. That shouldn't be too hard, really. He stretches, and looks around to see where he was going to go first. It didn't look like there was anyone out and about around town, but he was sure that he'd find a troublemaker somewhere near the shopping district. Walking down the street, he keeps his eyes open for anything suspicious. It was a pretty nice day out, no rain or anything. There didn't look to be a whole lot of people around, and he kept walking around happily. It didn't look like he would even have to lift a finger! All he had to really do was walk around the village and make sure there were no thieves, and there was nobody causing problems around the village. By the time Daiko made it to the market district though, he noticed some problems starting.

It was a boy a bit younger than he was, and he looked just about as shady as Daiko. He was looking around, and going into shops. He had on a big jacket and was just standing around the buildings and looking around, but he didn't take notice to Daiko. What would be a better idea than just following this kid around?

Daiko goes into a few shops that the boy he had seen had been in. Most of the people in there were just up to business as ususal, but Daiko noticed that one of the shopkeepers seemed to be distressed. Walking up to him, Daiko asks what the problem is. He is replied to by the merchant telling him that someone had just stolen over 1000 ryo worth of things and just left. Well, it looked like Daiko was going to have to be doing work after all. Following the kid that he had seen outside the shops, Daiko keeps track of him. It looks like the boy hasn't noticed him yet, but he does look pretty freaked out. His jacket is pretty big, and Daiko is almost positive that it was him who was stealing stuff. Running toward the boy, Daiko tries to make his footsteps be as quiet as possible. By the time he was close enough, he jumped and kicked the boy over, who was actually surprisingly tall for how young he looked.

The result was... Staggering, to say the least. Rather than it just being one person, it was three kids all stacked on top of each other trying to look like adults. Wasn't that something. The kid in the middle was holding all kinds of nice looking gems and eggs, all which were probably super expensive. Daiko confiscated all of these things from them, and told them to go home. A few of the kids cried, but Daiko didn't care. He brought all the things back to the shop for the merchant, and he looked very pleased.

Daiko then went and turned in the mission, and got a measly 80 ryo from it. Maybe he should've just kept the gems and eggs.

[Mission Complete]


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