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1 Slum wars! (Part 1- Eastern slums)(No kill..) on Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:04 pm



Yaboku was a wandering nin but over the last few weeks he has been sticking to Sunagakure. Over the weeks he had stuck to the east side of the village, which in turn got the local gang leader interested in him. The gang leader gave Yaboku a choice, join or be killed; Yaboku did the only logical thing, he killed the leader and took over the gang himself. After the hostile take over, Yaboku quickly moved through the smaller gangs of the eastern side of the village and pulled them into his own, unifying the entire eastern slums under his control. Yabokus new gang was known as the Azure Dragons, based on an old folklore about a dragon of the same name. In the folklore the Azure Dragon is one of the four guardian spirits of cities and is said to protect the city on the east side.

The Azure Dragons, although a gang had a set of rules and principals Yaboku made them follow. One; The innocent will not be killed or harm. Two; Only take from those who could afford it. Three; No selling of drugs or other things that could harm the innocent. If any member, or outsider broke these rules, they were quickly dealt with by Yaboku himself. Under Yabokus command the gang became both a thorn and a blessing to the local gourds of the village. On one hand they still broke the law, stealing from the richer villagers, but at the same time, often killing the scum and taking missions to aid the village. It was this balance that often made the guards of the village look the other way and often feeding them information on missions or local thugs they wanted gone from the village.


Yaboku was sitting behind a desk, his feet planted on top of as he was leaning back in the chair with his arms crossed over his chest. Yaboku was looking up at the ceiling when one of his men walks through the door of Yabokus office. "Hey boss, got news." Yaboku put his head to the side looking at his subordinate. "Oh? Is it good news or bad?" Yabokus an paused slightly, taken back by how child sounding he could be some times. "Ahh, I guess that depends on how you decide to take it sir? Um I guess there is a gang that been saying they are going to take over the entire village, calling themselves the, howling jackals?" Yaboku took his feet off his chair and allowed it to fall forward to the floor. "Hm, how interesting." Yaboku stood up and slipped his right hand through a cloth of his kimono allowing it to hang loosely. "Interesting?" Yaboku looked at his man and smirked slightly. "What? It's a man with a vision, more then me anyways." Yaboku let out a chuckle. "Gather the men, let's see if we can't find this, howling jackal gang." Yabokus man nodded and rushed outside. Yaboku walked out of his office and headed to the rooftop of the building, it was the meeting area of his gang, and allowed them to over look the eastern part of the slums with easy, there he would wait for his men to gather.

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Ryu Myugan


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Ryu sat on the street in front of the bar. It was closed for the moment due to renovations which would take a couple of days. The construction crew was off to lunch but he and his followers were just chilling in the side street. It wasn't wide enough for a car or carriage so it was a simple walking path with enough width to comfortably move around in. However Ryu was chilling in a lazy boy they had found and dragged into the alley. Across from him his group hung out on a bench. Six men in general that hung out with him. It wasn't a huge gang but they were just there because Ryu wasn't a joking matter. Two of them were scrawny but fast with a knife. Twins that liked to fight as a team and were good with combos. Another two were just really big guys with a crowbar and a baseball bat. Sheer power and bruisers with little in the way of brains but still effective. One was a kid in a hood with a crossbow. He was a great shot but liked to chill on the rooftops and only aimed for arms and legs. The last one was a girl that was highly acrobatic with chains as her chosen weapon. Even Ryu struggled to catch her in a spar. Still they were just joking around and smoking some herb. It was a relaxing day.

They weren't hard to find of course. Their gang symbol was painted on the wall above them courtesy of the archer and Ryu was well known for blocks around. Anyone looking for them would basically have a blinking light on their location. Ryu wasn't concerned about it anyway. His gang was too small for the others to feel threatened as of yet and he hadn't made any moves against anyone though he was about ready to. Boredom and a need to rise to the occassion was stirring in his soul and he was contemplating who to hit first. For now he sat there wearing combat boots with steel bits attached to the toes with black jeans that rested over the shoe strings. In his belt was a single kunai in a sheath like a knife and the hilt worn with red stains on the white wrap. It had been used before. His top was a white tank top with a black coat jean jacket over it with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. A bandanna was wrapped around either wrist and fingerless gloves decorated his hands. A necklace with a shiny blue crystal design hung around his neck over a tie that hung loose and a black bandana held his long blond hair back. His tanned skin and tribal tattoos showed clearly in the heat as his eye patch over his right eye itched a little. Still his blue left eye scanned the page of the magazine he was reading while his free hand lifted a cigarette to his lips as he inhaled.

Quietly he glanced up at random moments as anything shifted around them. Something about the day felt off even if they were just relaxing. He was fully aware that putting up a gang symbol was a risk. It was a claim of territory and even this far to the east where gangs were weaker it wasn't a wise decision. However for the moment it was a statement. If anyone was foolish enough to come picking a fight with the howling Jackals they were ready for one. After all they had Ryu and he had jutsu. Not a whole lot of gangs had that at their disposal. For the moment though he neglected to mention to anyone he had a teacher from the village shinobi. His power was still increasing so he would keep little facts hidden for now. Still something felt off even if his gang members were filled with laughter and didn't seem to feel it. How could they know a battle was coming? That another gang was coming for them.



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