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Maikeru walked down the street, hands over his head. "Man, I can't believe I have to do this again." Maikeru was in a particularly annoyed mood. He was tasked to help an old lady retrieve her cat. But the part that left Maikeru reluctant to do so it was the same lady who had only payer him 5 ryu for doing the EXACT same task. It was a pain in the neck, but someone had to do it. Maikeru just painfully wishes it was someone else.
Maikeru knew where the house was from before. The same quiet part of Iwagakure. He knocked on the door. Maikeru leaned on the side of the door, knowing it would take a while before she would answer...she WAS old, after all. Maikeru moved to the front of the door as he heard it being unlocked. The door slowly swung open. Her cheeks were drooped, she was hunched over. Her wrinkly face lit up. "Oh I remember you young man, you helped me bring back the old cat!" I also remember you, you cheap hag. "Yeah its me again! Always helps to see a familiar face right?" Maikeru smiled to assure her he was being friendly. Maikeru wouldn't dare do anything to receive a bad report. "Well, young man aren't you just the Cat Superhero." She reached her bony and vainy hand towards Maikeru's face, and pinched his cheek. Hard. "Ouch...yeah thanks Miss, but I should get going. Where did you see the cat last?" She scratched her chin trying to recall. "We were at the little market. We were picking up some fruit, and he must have wandered off. He's black, with white underbelly, legs, and arms." Maikeru raised a brow. "Really? Last time I saw him he was all white." Her face grew dark and sullen. "Unfortunately that cat has died..." Well, this got awkward "uh...sorry to hear that Miss, gotta go to the market, bye." Maikeru sped walked away, to avoid another second with that lady.
He moved through the streets of the Iwa, to search for this cat. He looked all over the place, and as thorough as possible. After a while, and with no trace of the cat Maikeru was getting frustrated. Maikeru began to ask around. Maikeru found a small stand that was selling fruit. He remembered the last place the old lady saw her cat was at the fruit stand. Luckily it was the only fruit stand around. Grant it, it was the only fruitstand within the area.
"Hey, have you seen a lady with a cat earlier?" The man left out a hardy chuckle. He knelt down below the stand and presented a small kitten. "You mean this little fella? I found him under the stand after that lady left." Maikeru let out breath of relief. "Thanks, man." Maikeru reached for the kitten and held it in his hands.
The cat started to fidget. It swifty turned its head, beaming behind Maikeru. He heard a low growl behind him, and turned to see a dog behind, glaring at the cat. The dog let out a thunderous bark. The cat slipped from Maikeru's hand and jumped behind the stand. The dog jumped on the fruit, toppling many of them over. It quickly moved behind the stand. The cat ran off, with the furious canine giving chase. Maikeru ran after them. "This is more work than its worth!" He ran after them, as the two animals began to knock over a few people. Maikeru ran into a few people himsef, ignoring their comments "Hey!"" Watch it!" "Ugh! Rude!" Maikeru caught up to them, as the cat ran up a tree. The dog leaned its paws against it, and barked ferociously. Eventually it gave up, and walked off, yet the kitten was still in the tree. "C'mon kitty. Let's go." The cat refused to remove itself from the branch. "Grrr, dammit. Stupid cat." Maikeru climbed up the tree. He holds his arms out for the little kitten . The cat moves steadily and carefully, than ran towards Maikeru, latching on to his arms with its claws. "Ow ow ow ow."
Maikeru eventually made his way back to the elder woman's home, and kicked at the door. The old woman opened the door. "Oh you have my kitty!"
"Yes I do. So if you would give me the money you owe, and I will be on my way." The lady paid him 60 ryu. "Oh, would you like to stay for some oolong tea?" Maikeru counted the ryu and smiled. "Nope." And without another word, Maikeru walked off fairly satisfied.

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