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Mission name: Store Security
Mission rank: C
Objective: Protect the establishment from would-be robbers and burglars.
Location: Konoha - Market District
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The shopkeeper of a weapon store has contacted us due to a recent string of break-ins and burglaries. Catch the burglar(s) in the act and arrest them using non-lethal force. The sheer massiveness of the store's stock makes it a popular target for many different burglars, so this mission may be (and most likely will need to be) taken more than once.
Mission details: Discretion in both your appearance and actions is necessary for this mission, as to not deter or warn away the offenders. The burglar will break-in the second night you are assigned to the shop. Although a civilian, he will attempt to escape using some of the weapons in the store (notably shuriken and makibishi).

It wasn’t an exaggeration if someone were to say that he had been lax with his duties as a Konohagakure shinobi. Shinobi were meant to serve their village were they not? And what better way was there to serve than do missions to ultimately help the village. Missions… missions were something he hadn’t done in a long time, a whole week to be precise. Today he decided he would break his cold spree. First thing in the morning and the young Hyuga was already inside the administration building patiently awaiting the mission that would be assigned to him.

Not much shinobi were currently in the administration building; he didn’t know whether it was the fact that he was here in an unusually early time or it was because of it was a weekend, either way his patience was being tested and this irked him quite a bit. The young Hyuga counted every second of his this test and he would stop at four thousand nine hundred and twenty two… one hour and twenty two minutes. Atsuya had long passed the point of being furious; now he only wished to be assigned his mission and get on with his day. Of course the Hyuga eventually got what he wanted. Atsuya was called into a room by an elder shinobi and was given his mission in the form of a letter… which brought back his enraged nature. Had he just waited nearly half an hour to be given an idiotic letter? After ranting uncontrollably towards the elder shinobi Atsuya was escorted out of the building and was told not to return until he had completed his mission. Upon leaving the administration building, the young Hyuga searched for a nearby bench and sat down to read the mission documents given to him. Again he was irked. Atsuya hoped for doing a mission in broad daylight… not one nearly a day from now. Sadly he had no choice in the matter as he was already given this mission; he would simply have to suck it up and wait even longer. While grimacing in his defeat the Hyuga realized something; he was to do the mission at night but that didn’t mean he couldn’t inspect the area at this moment. After taking another look at the document, specifically the address, Atsuya began his movement towards the weapon shop.

As he approached the address that the mission assignment instructed, Atsuya came upon a rather large shop which from the exterior appeared more of a supermarket of sorts rather than a weapon shop. It had become quite clear why the shop was often a target for burglars. The young Hyuga found it quite ironical that a shop which exclusively sold weapons wasn’t able to defend themselves from late night cat burglars. Hiring a simple bodyguard that worked a twenty four hour shift would have solved all the problems of the shop owner, yet instead they referred to the help of shinobi… while there was nothing wrong with that protecting a shop every single night was not something he was to do. Instead he would only be doing it for the lonesome of one night, if there was no action that night then he would still be paid his ryo. A security guard would have been able to take action and protect the store each night seven days a week. Having yet to meet the owner he already assumed the man, or woman, made poor business decisions based on the fact that he hired a one night guard rather than a full time guard. With that thought in his mind, he entered the weapon store. Immediately the young Hyuga was barraged with shop attendees which waited by the door for entering customers. “Sir, would you like to buy our new weapon package deal? You could save a potential of a four hundred ryo for a limited time only!” It was somewhat common for him to not be seen as a shinobi, because he didn’t often where his hitae-ate; even when he did he wore it around his arm or his belt instead of his forehead. “Unfortunately I am not here to purchase your goods. I am the shinobi sent here to secure the shop later in the evening. I would greatly appreciate if you would be so kind could to direct me to the owner of this establishment.” soon after his request the young man was sent to meet the owner of the weapon shop.

A few minutes passed and Atsuya was well on his way back to his home. The shop owner gave him a time and that was all he needed; the shop would wait an extra half hour before closing that he may be able to guard the shop from the inside. Until night came, however, he had nothing to do. Atsuya hoped he would be in the middle of a mission right about now, instead he was forced to wait ‘till night and most likely go to his part time job straight after his mission… it wasn’t a thought he welcomed.

Eventually night came and Atsuya was ready. The young Hyuga wore something fitting of the night, rather than the usual white kimono he sported. Wearing a black coat, paired with an outfit that consisted with the single color of black, he was ready for his night mission. Of course in his pocket was a book to read. While he wasn’t too keen on slacking off in missions, he didn’t expect much action for tonight… in fact he expected no action at all. Security jobs were often just so… nothing more than security. Upon arriving at the shop he was allowed entry without question. Shortly after the employees and the owner closed the shop with the Hyuga still inside, he would have to wait till the shop opened before he would escape this dreaded prison of a shop. No words were needed to be said to know that he had a strong loathing for security missions, but he didn’t really have the say on deciding his own mission to take… if he did, well, no doubt he would have chosen an A or B-rank mission. The Hyuga was peckish for some action and what he was doing now couldn’t even be considered action. ‘The Tale of The Utterly Gutsy Shinobi’ was what filled most of his night, a book said to have been written by the mentor of both fourth and seventh Hokage. While the book initially sold poorly, upon the seventh hokage’s inauguration the sales for the book sky rocketed and now it was well regarded as a classic. The seventh Hokage’s name was even said to have derived from the book…Naruto.


A rather roaring sound echoed throughout the shop and alerted Atsuya. It seemed as if something large and metallic dropped down somewhere among the aisles. A thief perhaps? Without a second of hesitation Atsuya ran straight to the aisle where the noise initially came from. As he thought, a thief was indeed the cause of the sound. The thief seemed to have accidentally dropped a large fuma shuriken. Atsuya was unaware how the thief got in, but now he was aware of his presence… of course the thief was now aware of his too. The store was nearly pitch black, but the two could see outlines of each other. Atsuya, however, used the tools he had as an advantage. The veins in his eyes popped out and with that his byakugan activated as the two stared each other down most likely waiting for the other to make the first move. Movement. The thief made the first move, reaching for a set of shuriken stationed at one of the shelves and through it directly towards Atsuya… or Atsuya’s last position. The young Hyuga was gone and the thief was bewildered. Had what he’d seen only been an illusion? Was his mind playing tricks on him? As if answering him a hand rose from the ground just beside his foot and grabbed his ankle. The hand was none other than Atsuya’s. Atsuya who sunk himself underground upon seeing the man reach for a set of shuriken now pulled the thief down with him, burying his body in earth with the exception of the thief’s head. With that a thief had been caught. Atsuya rose from the ground, with his eyes returned to their normal form, and gave the thief a punt in the head to knock him out.

While he caught a thief the night was far from over, and he was aware of this fact. Atsuya sat beside the unconscious man and continued to read his book until the shop eventually opened. Upon the arrival of morning shinobi the Konoha Military Police Force was immediately contacted and with that Atsuya’s mission was a success. Of course he was late for his part time job, but it was a success no less.

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