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Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] SC5MjRQ

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] VueFPWF

Name: Kashizudoto Sarutobi
Common Aliases: Captain Kenshin (ANBU), The Rose Knight (Black Dawn)
Other Aliases: Jet Hoshigaki (Assassination Investigation Mission)
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (Part II) | 13 (Part I)
Birthday: July 4th
Clan: Sarutobi
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Village: Konoha
Rank: A
Konoha Jonin
Konoha ANBU Captain
Three Legendary Sannin of Konoha (former)
Order of the White Lotus Disciple (former)
Ninjutsu: S
Fuuinjutsu: S
Senjutsu: S
Katon: S
Doton: A
Raiton: D
Strength: A-0
Speed: A-2
Endurance: A-0
Perception: A-3 + 1 (from Ace Eye) = S-0
Dexterity: A-3
Special Characteristics:

Ace Eye:
Name: Ace Eye
Type: Positive
Description: This individual has incredibly sharp eyes. Due to this, they can hit moving targets, react to situations faster by visual cues, and are all-around better at pointing things out. They can also pick out minute details that those without this characteristic would overlook, allowing them to find flaws in illusory Genjutsu or detect traps a rank easier than they would otherwise be able to. The user also has +1 tier to their Perception stat.
Animal Affinity:
Name: Animal Affinity
Type: Positive (major)
Description: This individual is trained in the use of Animal Companions. This shinobi may train their Pet equal to their Ninja Rank.
Will of Fire:
Name: Will of Fire
Type: Positive
Description: Founded by Hashirama Senju, the Will of Fire finds its origins in Asura Otsutsuki’s teaching that love is the key to peace. This life philosophy of Konohagakure affirms that the village itself is a family, and all those who follow this practice are taught to love and protect that family as every generation has done since the village’s inception. This belief is thought to be the source of tremendous resolve, functioning identically to the Strong-Willed characteristic.

Name: Fatigue
Type: Negative
Description: This individual becomes easily fatigued after short periods of physical exertion. They cannot endure long periods of extensive activity without tiring quickly, and the individual often sleeps for longer periods of time afterward. Ninja with fatigue also loose -2 tiers of strength as part of the debuff after burst movement and also suffer the penalties for an additional post.
Born Ill (Strength):
Name: Born Ill
Type: Negative
Description: This shinobi is born with an illness or natural defect. Because of this, they have certain side effects in battle that reduce their natural capacities. After fighting for three posts, they will begin to feel the effects of the illness set in, weakening their body. Once this happens, they reduce a stat (chosen at creation) by -1 tier and worsen by an additional -1 every two posts afterward, up to a total of -4. The specific actual effects of the illness or defect can be specified in character.
Name: Cowardice
Type: Negative
Description: The individual is exceptionally cowardly or has a deep desire to live and/or is frightened or persuaded through intimidation. When in the presence of a higher ranking offensive technique being used against them or an enemy of a higher rank then themselves they become scared and often tunnel vision on the object of that fear. The ninja receives -1 tier to their Perception stat to all things outside of the object of their fear when scared.
Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] IIgMwRX

Height: 6'0" (Part II) | 5'8" (Part I)
Weight: 150 (Part II) | 120 (Part I)
Hair Color: Medium-length, somewhat messy black hair.
Eye Color: Brown
General Appearance:
Part I

In Part I, Kashizudoto looked very young even for a 13-year old, many assuming him to be no older than 10 or 11. He usually wore a black swordsman's robe with a bamboo sheath containing his prized sword, the Tentetsutou.

Part II

Although Kashizudoto has begun to fill out in Part II, having grown much taller and toned, Kashizudoto is still usually assumed to be a little younger than he actually is - oftentimes 16 or even 15. The hardships of shinobi lifestyle have had surprisingly little effect on his appearance, and he has grown to be quite an attractive young man.

He typically wears a black swordsman's robe embroidered with gold patterns along the edges, wearing his ANBU armor underneath. On his left hip, he has a bamboo sheath containing the Tentetsutou or the Sword of Heaven, a blade forged out of an ancient meteorite during his apprenticeship under Master Piandao. Next to it, he has on a coil of wire and a holster containing his kunai and shuriken. On ANBU-related missions, he does not wear his black swordsman's robe and instead dons a mask, so as to conceal his identity, and straps his katana to his back rather than carrying a sheath on his hip.

His pet messenger hawk, Hawky, is often seen on perched upon his shoulder and fights alongside him during missions in addition to helping him communicate with the village while abroad. On ANBU-related missions, it is rare for him to take his hawk; however, he will do so on certain occasions, typically disguising it with a miniature ANBU cloak and mask so as not to inadvertently reveal his own identity to anyone who has seen his hawk.
Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] UTCmgow

Part I

In Part I, Kashizudoto was rather impatient and rebellious yet also incredibly focused and ambitious, which lent itself to taking on much more than was expected of him if only for the purpose of showing people that he was capable of doing so much more than they expected. As a result of his hard work, he quickly rose up the ninja ranks, but, despite his title, he did not display the maturity required of a high-ranking shinobi, and this could get him into trouble at times, although the administration was relatively lenient towards him.

Kashizudoto wanted to change the world - eliminate injustice, bring peace, and help those that were struggling the most - and he felt that, given his personal qualities, he could be the leader of this change. Unsurprisingly, most people did not go along with his idealism, and it brought him great sadness, as he did not understand why others did not want to work towards the same ideals that he did.

Part II

While Kashizudoto's incredible focus and drive has only grown after his years of meditation in the wilderness, his impatience and rebelliousness have almost entirely subsided, and he is now far more concerned with the preservation of his own life and the achievement of realistic goals for himself than with the establishment of the lofty ideals that he once chased. Paradoxically, he appears to be somewhat reserved and shy in social situations but cool and confident during missions. This is partly out of familiarity but also largely out of necessity; being anything but cool and confident on a high-stakes mission can lead to a potentially fatal mistake.
Part I

In Part I, Kashizudoto was almost squarely interested in his work as a shinobi and had little time for anything else other than pondering his own lofty ideals. Though he had some degree of interest in girls and friends, most notably seen in his relationship with the kunoichi Ashlee, he did not actively pursue these, as he worried they would be a waste of his time.

Part II

As a sage, Kashizudoto has come to embrace a wider variety of things of life aside from his job as a shinobi: most notably, books, friends, and girls. He has become an avid reader, specifically of nonfiction texts, and has started to make room in his life for other people.
Part I

In Part I, Kashizudoto's primary interest was bettering his lot in life. As a lower-ranked shinobi, this meant rising up the ranks as quickly as possible, even if it meant foregoing other important things in life. His motivation dwindled with each promotion, until his inevitable burnout after the Kumo-Kiri war, in which he vanished into the wilderness of the Land of Fire for years.

Kashizudoto was also motivated by a drive to change the world for the better. But with the increasing intensity of each battle he fought at the higher ranks and with each time his life stood only inches away from death, he began to realize the danger of his idealism and became more and more pessimistic.

Part II

Kashizudoto is still interested in bettering his lot in life, although living a better life, to him, has come to encompass much more than his rank, reputation, and abilities; it now includes having healthy relationships, long-term satisfaction, and physical health.

He has largely done away with his idealism; although he believes in many of the same principles that he believed in before, he no longer thinks that it is his responsibility to fix the world. Rather, he feels now that the straightforward, pragmatic path is much safer and rewarding in the long-run and tries to stick with what is tried and true, with some room for creativity here and there.
Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] MzDzEP0


Kashizudoto was born to Ruki and Kaari Sarutobi in Konohagakure no Sato. Although his parents are both members of the Sarutobi Clan, there is some heritage on both sides from a clan in Kumogakure, and the mix of the African features native to the people of Kumogakure with the Caucasian features native to the people of Konohagakure has lent itself to the distinctive Dravidian appearance of Kashizudoto and his close relatives, such as his parents and his grandparents.

His father, Ruki, was a tokubetsu jonin of Konohagakure who specialized in medical ninjutsu and was a very strict disciplinarian as a parent, causing the relationship between him and Kashizudoto to sour as Kashizudoto became strong enough to resist his father's grip. His mother, though a promising student back in her Academy days, remained an eternal genin, and this caused her to become very paranoid about her own son's fate; as a result, she pushed him very hard - so hard, in fact, that she inadvertently ended up pushing him away from her.

Despite his poor relationship with his parents, Kashizudoto got along well with his teachers and his peers at the Academy and graduated as one of the tip-top students in his class.

Part I

Kashizudoto's rise through the ranks was, in a word, astronomical. As soon as he graduated from the Academy, he worked day and night, often foregoing a healthy amount of sleep, to do missions and improve his abilities. His hard work paid off, and, in a matter of months, he was promoted from genin to jonin and was eventually named one of the Hidden Leaf's sannin by the Hokage Kenta Inuzuka, although this edict would later be revoked after a new Hokage took the mantle. During this time, he was mostly away in other lands, namely the Land of Earth and the Land of Lightning, on long-term missions, and, in his free time, he took on short-term missions with both independent contractors and the administrations of the nearby villages.

He had time for neither friends nor lovers during this time period, but, during this time, he did affiliate himself with the Order of the White Lotus, an international organization of shinobi across nations that worked to maintain peace behind the scenes. It was in the Land of Lightning that he and the Order confronted a criminal organization named Black Dawn and one of their members, Zuko Uchiha, a boy of around his age with frightening powers. His confrontations with Zuko left Kashizudoto almost traumatized and contributed to his eventual burnout.

It was in the Land of Lightning that he also witnessed the Kumo-Kiri war firsthand and learned the sage arts from the Raikage himself, Sanosuke Flynn. He was later put under a vicious genjutsu by none other than Zuko Uchiha, a mix of dream and reality in which he experienced killing and being killed on a strange island that, to this day, Kashizudoto cannot locate on the map.

After this dream, he underwent what could best be described as a long burnout. He quit the shinobi lifestyle and retreated with his hawk to the wilderness of the Land of Fire to become a sage. He cut contact with Konohagakure and the Order of the White Lotus, as he no longer wanted to be a part of their plans. He spent so much time meditating in the wilderness that his body began to blend in with nature itself, making him naturally imperceptible to sight and sound unless he otherwise willed it.

Part 2

During his time as a sage, Kashizudoto befriended the nearby villagers and became one of their own - working, playing, and living alongside them. He visited many libraries across the land and studied lots of history as well as a variety of new techniques out of sheer curiosity; as a sage, he was free to peruse any intellectual activity he so desired for as long as he liked. He forged a relationship with the God of Monkeys himself, Lord Hanuman, and was granted a summoning contract with the monkeys which he could use to call them forth during times of need.

Over time, he tired of being a sage; he wanted to be a shinobi again. So one day, he told the villagers of his plans, and the next day, he was gone, headed towards Konohagakure for an inevitable rebuke from the administration. In time, he readjusted into shinobi lifestyle, joining the ranks of the ANBU as a captain and re-registering himself with the regular forces as a jonin. He undertook several missions, both regular and ANBU, and, in time, reintegrated with the village community as a respected jonin of Konohagakure.

Face Claim: Krishna Ramesh from Baby Steps

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Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] IkEbtn9

Love Interests

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] B7ea1b90b6e78ac1b316afa07c648a38

Kate Yamanaka - Kate Yamanaka is Kashizudoto's current girlfriend and a genin of the Hidden Leaf. She used to be one of his best friends at the Academy, and they have recently reunited and have begun to date. Kashizudoto watched as Kate's Hozuki heritage was revealed to her, and he comforted her as she cried. They routinely go out on dates, and Kashizudoto has been helping her phase into a new training regimen that will help her become a stronger shinobi.

Mira Madoka - Kashizudoto was hired to escort Mira Madoka, the eldest daughter of the Fire Daimyo, on a tour of the Fire Country. She quickly took a liking to him, and, after he saved her life from an assassin, they briefly kissed, though they did not speak afterwards.
Mira Madoka:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] 1456477824-cf9f19a3a333f52ad1b2139dc26f5208

Name: Mira Madoka
Age: 19
Personality: She is the daimyo's daughter, and her duty comes first. That said, she is a very friendly and surprisingly down-to-earth person despite her upbringing.
Goals: To make sure the Land of Fire is prosperous.
Abilities: She is not a shinobi, so all her stats are E-0.
Items: None

Ty Lee - A sweet girl from a small village in the Land of Fire that Kashizudoto dated for a few years during his time away from the Leaf.
Ty Lee:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] S4MKh23

Name: Ty Lee
Age: 18
Personality: A sweet, pretty girl from a small village in the Land of Fire who likes to help people and knows how to have a good time.
Goals: To help educate children in her small village.
Abilities: Ty Lee is not a shinobi, so naturally, her strength, endurance, and perception are E-0; however, she is rather athletic, and, thus, her speed and dexterity are C-0;
Items: None

Ashlee Uchiha - A playful free thinker always up to mischief, she was Kashizudoto's earliest love interest. She later betrays Kashizudoto in Buma's Manor and begins working under Zuko Uchiha, who she has fallen in love with.
Ashlee Uchiha:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] 5DB8BF5911EA0BE9C37167A2982A6E5DB27D3777

Name: Ashlee Uchiha
Age: 13 (Part 1) | 18 (Part 2)
Personality: She used to be a Konoha kunoichi always up to mischief, but when she fell in love with Zuko Uchiha, she defected from the village and began to work for Black Dawn. She only realized her Sharingan after defecting the village, and Zuko trained up her eyes to MS only to take them so that he could achieve the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.
Goals: As an orphan who knew nothing of her lineage before she met Zuko, her only goal was to find a true family. She has now found security in her love of Zuko, and she aims to help him achieve his goals, whatever they are.
Abilities: Her speed and dexterity are A-3, her perception is A-0 (although she is blind), and her strength and endurance are D-0. She has S-rank taijutsu with a focus on dexterity but is incapable of performing jutsu despite her Uchiha lineage.
Items: None

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] LxLN

Tsuneo Uzumaki (Deceased) - A missing-nin who saved Kashizudoto's life both in the Land of Lightning and in the Underworld, Kashizudoto will forever be grateful to the Centipede.

Hina Hyuga - As a jonin reintegrating into the village, Kashizudoto escorted Hina, a rising star among the Leaf genin, on a few A-rank missions.


Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] EthicalShyAcornbarnacle-size_restricted

Maigo Mugetsu - Maigo and Kashizudoto once took a mission in which Maigo, to Kashizudoto's distaste, slaughtered the target they were supposed to capture. They later clashed in a dojo known as Warrior's Spirit, and Kashizudoto emerged victorious by a hair. Kashizudoto respects Maigo and considers him an ally but wants to fight him if they ever cross paths again.

Jinta Nara - Both Jinta Nara and Kashizudoto were placed in Squad 3 under Sensei Rippa, who put their ability to work together when he pretended they were under attack. The two passed the test and became Squad 3; however, their time together was cut short after Kashizudoto's promotion to chuunin. Kashizudoto has not heard from Jinta in a long time, but during his time in Squad 3, he was always looking to one-up Jinta.

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] Tenor

Zuko Uchiha - Kashizudoto faced Zuko, one of the leaders of Black Dawn, in the Land of Lightning. Zuko Uchiha and Kashizudoto have developed an undoubtedly hostile but notably complex relationship; whenever Zuko has had the chance to kill Kashizudoto, such as when he struck him with his Amaterasu, he has shown mercy at the last second and disappeared, indicating that he may have some semblance of mercy behind his cold exterior. Kashizudoto has begrudgingly started working with Zuko Uchiha and Black Dawn on the condition that they will not bother him and his village
Zuko Uchiha:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] Giphy

Name: Zuko Uchiha
Age: 18
Personality: A missing-nin working with Black Dawn, he has been shown to be outwardly very cold and systematic, although he has shown some semblance of mercy to Kashizudoto in the past.
Goals: To gain new abilities and more power.
Abilities: He is an A-rank missing-nin with A-3 stats and an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. He has S-rank ninjutsu and genjutsu as well as S-rank katon, raiton, and doton and access to all jutsus in the katon, raiton, and doton libraries in addition to all Uchiha clan techniques including Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi, and Sussano'o.
Items: He wields the S-rank katana "Soul Reaper."

Daifuku Momochi - Kashizudoto, Hawky, and Hina confronted Daifuku of the Mist and his partners when they were on a mission escorting the daimyo's daughter. After his partners, his shadow clone, and his giant summon were defeated, Daifuku retreated into the wilds, living to fight another day.
Daifuku Momochi:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] Tumblr_ne4ygqBaA01tsvdwpo1_r1_250

Name: Daifuku Momochi
Age: 33
Personality: A former hunter-nin of Kirigakure who was deemed too dangerous to join the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Daifuku is now a missing-nin and member of Black Dawn who enjoys fighting for the thrill of it. He is an imposing figure, a grizzly man of nearly seven feet tall, and is a man of few words. He can a very effective leader, however, able to cooly and confidently coordinate attacks alongside his partners, often through the use of wireless radios.
Goals: Daifuku became a ninja not for the money but for the sake of battle itself. He enjoys fighting, and it is his dream to be defeated one day by a foe that even he, with all his strength, simply cannot overpower. Until that day, he will keep fighting and killing to become stronger and stronger.
Abilities: He has S-rank ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu as well as S-rank suiton, able to use all techniques available to the hunter-nin, including the Predator Mist Concealing Technique and Silent Killing. He has access to all techniques from the suiton library and is especially skilled in the use of water vapor sensory, which can see through up to A-rank stealth jutsu with near-perfect precision, able to detect minute details in the environment, to the point where Daifuku was able to learn the mechanism of Kashizudoto's Dansuburedo just from his water vapor sensory alone. He also has a summoning contract with the bears; in times of need, he is even able to summon Ursa, the Lord of Bears himself.
Water Vapor Sensory:
Name: Water Vapor Sensory
Origin: Kashizudoto
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: 200m radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: N/A
Hand Seals: Ram -> Dragon -> Ox
Description: The user uses water vapor to feel the environment around them, allowing them to see through stealth jutsu that are A-rank or below.
Ursa, Lord of Bears:
Name: Ursa, Lord of Bears
Origin: Kashizudoto
Rank: S (Giant Summon)
Species: Bear
Appearance: A giant bear.
Personality: The Divine Lord of Bears, proud and powerful.
Stats: All S-0 stats.
Element: Doton
Specialization: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu (endurance)
Weapon Style: N/A
Jutsu: Ursa has all the jutsu from the doton library and a technique that allows him to call forth bears from the surrounding area.
Items: He wields a giant A-rank katana and often employs the use of paper bombs attached to kunai.

Angel Yukino - Kashizudoto, Hawky, and Hina confronted Angel Yukino when they were on a mission, and she eventually retreated after the client she was supposed to protect was killed by Kashizudoto.
Angel Yukino:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] Tumblr_pjfypmjktI1v6bs4yo4_r1_250

Name: Angel
Age: 20
Personality: A missing-nin from the former Sunagakure who has joined Black Dawn. She has been shown to be very carefree and rowdy person who is not afraid to remind people every now and then about just how dangerous she is. She has also been shown to be quite vain, wearing a bikini even in cold weather.
Goals: She seeks two things in life: money and short-term pleasure.
Abilities: She has S-rank genjutsu, S-rank kugutsu, S-rank taijutsu (dexterity), and S-rank ninjutsu. She also has S-rank fuuton and access to all techniques from the fuuton library.
Items: She wields an A-rank whip, and her feather bikini functions as A-rank light armor. She also has a variety of puppets with different weapon mechanisms, and she uses their sheer numbers to overwhelm the enemy, as she is able to control dozens of them at once.

Kitsune - Kashizudoto and Lord Buma fought Kitsune, a member of Black Dawn, at Buma's Manor in the Land of Lightning. Kitsune was defeated and captured, and Kashizudoto has not seen him ever since.

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] WatchfulDapperCopperbutterfly-small

Name: Kitsune
Age: 45
Personality: A former jonin of Konoha who became a dutiful member of Black Dawn. Not much is known about him or his defection.
Abilities: He is A-rank with A-0 stats and S-rank ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu. He specializes in the use of the Summoning Technique.
Triple Rashemon:
Name: Summoning: Triple Rashemon
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialization: Ninjutsu/Fuuinjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: N/A
Description: The user summons three Rashemon gates in front of them, which can defend against two jutsu of equal rank.
Great Dove:
Name: Great Dove
Origin: Kashizudoto
Rank: A (Giant Summon)
Species: Dove
Appearance: A giant dove.
Personality: Loyal to its owner, this dove hasn't been shown to speak.
Stats: All A-0 stats.
Element: Fuuton
Specialization: Ninjutsu
Weapon Style: N/A
Jutsu: The Great Dove possesses all techniques in the fuuton library.
Items: None

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] Tumblr_n55eoeWJU71qbd52ro1_500

Rippā Chi - Dr. Chi Rippa, one of the Three Legendary Sannin, was Kashizudoto's jonin sensei. Kashizudoto didn't find him to be particularly likeable or unlikeable, but, nevertheless, he was a good sensei for the time they were together.

Sanosuke Flynt - Sanosuke Flynt, the Raikage of Kumogakure, instructed Kashizudoto in the sage arts. Although Sanosuke Flynt has not been on great terms with Konoha or its allies, Kashizudoto really respects him for his coolheadedness and his ability to look beyond politics.

Kenta Inuzuka - The former Hokage Kenta Inuzuka pushed Kashizudoto forward in the ranks and encouraged him to continue working hard. Kashizudoto is very fond of him if only because of his leniency and supportive nature.

Master Piandao - Master Piandao taught Kashizudoto the art of wielding a blade and helped him forge his own katana, the Tentetsutou. When Kashizudoto later joins the Order of the White Lotus, he finds out that Piandao is the Grand Lotus of the Order.
Master Piandao:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] EqualIllegalHornet-small

Name: Master Piandao
Age: 63
Personality: He is a talented swordsmaster and blacksmith who is the Grand Master of the Order of the White Lotus, or, more simply, the Grand Lotus.
Goals: He wants to ensure global peace and turn swordsmanship into an art rather than a means of fighting.
Abilities: He is an A-rank ninja with A-3 stats who has S-rank ninjutsu with no elements. He uses a technique wherein he channels chakra to his blade to cut through incoming jutsu; he has not been shown to use any other jutsu.
Items: He wields an A-rank katana.

Professor Ivan - A lecturer at the Emerald University in Iwagakure, Professor Ivan is also one of the Five Masters of the Order of the White Lotus. He initiated Kashizudoto into the Order after a brief test over a game of chess and gave him his pet messenger hawk, Hawky, to communicate with the Order.
Professor Ivan:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] Original

Name: Professor Ivan
Age: 42
Personality: He is a smart, friendly professor at Emerald University who is also a Master of the Order of the White Lotus.
Goals: He wants to share his knowledge with the world and ensure peace between the Great Nations.
Abilities: He is an A-rank ninja with A-0 stats (except for A-3 perception) who has S-rank ninjutsu and genjutsu as well as S-rank doton. He has access to all doton library jutsu, and a variety of genjutsu techniques up to A-rank.
Items: None

Lord Buma - A feudal lord who owns a small fief in the Land of Lightning, Lord Buma is one of the few keepers of the secret of black raiton and is one of the Five Masters of the Order of the White Lotus. Kashizudoto came to assist him when Black Dawn laid siege to his manor but later came to blows with him when he tried to rescue Ashlee from Buma's Dungeon.
Lord Buma:

Kashizudoto Sarutobi [Character Sheet] Darui

Name: Lord Buma
Age: 35
Personality: He seems lazy and languid, but he is truly a powerful advocate for world peace, as a Master of the Order of the White Lotus.
Goals: He seeks for harmony between all the Great Nations and their people and for the safety of the people living on his manor.
Abilities: He is an A-rank ninja with A-0 stats who has S-rank ninjutsu and S-rank raiton, with black raiton as a subelement. He has access to all raiton library jutsu, except the genjutsu, and can use them all as a black raiton variant as well with the same buffs and drawbacks as any standard black raiton jutsu.
Items: He has a black raiton kanji on his right arm.

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* Bolded links signify that a thread is related to Kashizudoto's personal plot.

Part 1

Forging a New Blade
Kashizudoto seeks out a blacksmith by the name of Piandao who helps him forge a blade out of rock from an ancient meteorite. He names his new katana the Tentetsutou, or the Sword of Heaven.

Seek Out the Blacksmith (C-rank Mission)
Making an Impression (C-rank Mission)
Space Sword? (C-rank Mission)
A Final Test (C-rank Mission)

Journey to the Land of Earth
Kashizudoto travels to Iwagakure to deliver a letter to the Tsuchikage on behalf of the Hokage. While waiting for the Hokage, who has been delayed by some trouble or other, Kashizudoto takes missions for the Iwa administration. It is also here that he meets Professor Ivan of the White Lotus and is initiated into the Order.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Let's Get Wet
An Intellectual Visit
The Footprint
If I Could Save Time in a Bottle
Oops, Can Anyone Tell Me The Way Out?
Escort the Merchants Out of Iwagakure (B-rank Mission)
Take on the Graduating Class (B-rank Mission)
The Infinity Gang (B-rank Mission)
Protect the Priestess (B-rank Mission)
Welcome to the Order
Defend the Fortress (B-rank Mission)
Escort the Prisoner (B-rank Mission)
Shadows in the Rain
The True Leader of the Gangs (A-rank Mission)
Assassinate the Assassin (A-rank Mission)
Konoha Rendez-Vous
Coyote v.s. Shinobi (B-rank Mission)
Checkup Before Hitting the Road
Infiltrating the Sex Ring (A-rank Mission)
The Next Step

Buma's Manor
Kashizudoto is sent by the White Lotus to protect Buma's Manor, a stronghold run by one of the Master's of the Order. It is here that he first confronts Zuko Uchiha and finds that Ashlee has fallen in love with him and joined Black Dawn.

An Urgent Call
The Siege of Buma's Manor (A-rank Mission)
Blow Up the Base (A-rank Mission)
Zuko's Assault (A-rank Mission)
The Black Flames (A-rank Mission)

Kiri-Kumo War
Although Kashizudoto had secret work to do in the Land of Lightning for the Order of the White Lotus, his official business in the Land of Lightning as a Konoha shinobi was to send regular intelligence reports back to the village about the status of the war. It is here that Kashizudoto is first exposed to the sage arts, though it will take time before he truly masters it.

Sarutobi Meets Sarutobi
Camped Out in the Wilderness
The Birth of a Monkey Sage
Wrath of the Demon Ice Witch, the Tip of the Spear

Tenrou Island
Zuko puts Kashizudoto under a vicious genjutsu that convinces him to travel out to a dangerous island where there are two types of people: the hunters and the hunted.

Dare You See a Soul?
Just a Dream, Just a Dream
What We Want, What We Need
Wait, I'm a What?

The Underworld
Zuko's genjutsu has convinced Kashizudoto that he has died and passed on to the Underworld as a spirit, even though he had simply entered a sketchy city. In this city, he embarks on four S-rank missions, partnering along the way with the Centipede and Maigo Uchiha. Zuko eventually frees Kashizudoto of the genjutsu, but Kashizudoto is left permanently traumatized.

Aosagibi, the Heron of Blue Fire (S-rank Mission)
Furutsubaki, the Ancient Imbiber (S-rank Mission)
Raijū, the Beast that Fell with a Flash (S-rank Mission)
Gashadokoru, the Starving Skeleton (S-rank Mission)
The Reach of a Staff

The Road Back Home
Having been freed of Zuko Uchiha's genjutsu, Kashizudoto finally travels back to the Land of Fire. However, just as he is about to reach Konoha, he takes a wrong turn and doesn't look back.

A Song of Rain and Thunder

Part 2

The Return of the Monkey Sage

After spending years away from the village without notice, Kashizudoto returns to shinobi life. He must clear up his name with an administration that is much less tolerant of defectors than the one he left behind and confront the growing threat that Zuko Uchiha and Black Dawn have become over the past five years.

The Biggest Eater
The Return of the Monkey Sage
The Assassination Investigation Mission (A-rank Quest Mission)

A Service to Konoha
As a high-ranking ninja and ANBU Captain, Kashizudoto is called forth for a variety of missions that are of utmost importance to the village. However, he has several confrontations with Black Dawn along the way, and they all culminate in a final battle at the daimyo's residence.

Escort the Daimyo's Daughter (A-rank Mission)
Peacekeepers (A-rank Mission)
Annexation of the Land of the Waves (A-rank Quest Mission)
The ANBU Challenger
The Invasion of Hi no Kuni: A Black Dawn Rises (A-rank ANBU Major Quest Mission)

A Black Dawn Rises
Kashizudoto begins working with the criminal organization Black Dawn under the condition that Black Dawn and Zuko's army of ghouls will not cause trouble to him or Konoha. [This arc runs concurrently with Seeds of Love.]


Seeds of Love
Kashizudoto has started to reintegrate into village society and begins dating an old friend Kate Yamanaka. [This arc runs concurrently with A Black Dawn Rises.]

More Than Friends (18+)
Back From the Zoo (18+)

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