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Updated Character:

Name: Sarutobi, Kashizudoto
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birthday: July 4th
Clan: Sarutobi
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Village: Konoha
Rank: A
Element(s): Katon (S), Doton (A)
Specializations: Ninjutsu (S), Bukijutsu [Kenjutsu] (S)
Special Characteristics:
Ace Eye:
Name: Ace Eye
Type: Positive
Description: This individual has incredibly sharp eyes. Due to this, they can hit moving targets, react to situations faster by visual cues, and are all-around better at pointing things out, the equivalent of someone one rank higher. In addition, they can pick out minute details that those without this characteristic would overlook, allowing them to find flaws in Genjutsu or detect traps easier than they would otherwise be able to.
Name: Focused
Type: Positive
Description: The individual is capable of devoting their attention to one single thing at a time. It's very difficult to fool the individual with tricks that would require the individual to be unobservant. Anyone who takes this perk must take One-Track Mind.
Name: Fatigue
Type: Negative
Description: This individual becomes easily fatigued after short periods of physical exertion. They cannot endure long periods of extensive activity without tiring quickly, and the individual often sleeps for longer periods of time afterwards.
One-Track Mind:
Name: One-Track Mind
Type: Negative
Description: The individual has a difficult time splitting their attention between different things. The individual is incapable of multitasking and has a very hard time combating multiple tasks at once.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Black, medium-long, bangs
Eye Color: Brown
General Appearance: He wears a black swordsman's robe embroidered with gold patterns along the edges, a gift from Master Piandao after he had finished his appenticeship under him. On his left hip, he has a bamboo sheath containing the Tentetsutou or the Sword of Heaven, a black katana that he had forged out of a four billion year old meteorite during his apprenticeship under Piandao. Next to it, he has on a coil of wire measuring about fifty meters in length, which he utilizes as a basic but valuable shinobi utility in his arsenal. Underneath it, he has on a holster containing one kunai and three shuriken.

Personality: Idealism rather than practicality drives forward this boy, as he has a conviction that with enough determination he can turn the impossible into a blissful reality.

Although he used to kill on missions, he has now grown, as a result of witnessing a life that is precious to him almost be removed from existence with a whim, especially averse to the concept of killing to the point where he completely rejects the notion except in the direst immediate circumstances;  he firmly believes that death will only lead to more suffering in the long run to the point where he confronts anyone, hero or villain, who kills even the most despicable of beings without it being an absolute necessity to do so.

Though he can be immature and maybe a little crazy at times due to his age, he in fact possesses one of the sharpest minds in the village and by far has the most determination, having raced through the ranks to becoming one of the Three Legendary Sannin in little more than a year. He has an extreme focus on what he envisions something to be and will put his life on the line for his dreams.

He takes his opinions seriously and stands up for them at any opportunity; he values liberty, equality, and peace above all and will fight solely on the basis of his ideology.

He is never one to listen to authority and often, very boldly, impedes on their ability to enforce order in a situation if they are doing something which he believes is detrimental to the success of whatever task is at hand, often ending him up in a lot of trouble. His contempt for traditional authority is reflected in his value for equality with both his subordinates, peers, and superiors.
Interests: The boy enjoys seeing another sharp mind who is willing to discuss with him and offer him the same respect that he gives them. He enjoys anything that takes some real creativity (except for the fine arts, ew).

He enjoys being in charge of something, trying to develop his leadership skills seriously. He wants to implement his vision wherever he goes, coming up with creative solutions that are sometimes practical, sometimes out of the scope of possibility but nevertheless interesting.
Motivations: He dreams of being able to paint the world with his brush, metaphorically, definitely not literally, reinforcing his values wherever he goes. He wants to lead wherever he goes, driving his group and hopefully the entirety of humanity forward with his creative vision, along with input from everyone else, of course.

History: The earliest memory that Kashizudoto has is watching his father stabbing his mother in the arm with a kunai knife during a petty argument. It was from this horrible sight and many other unfavorable experiences with his parents' emotional outbursts that Kashizudoto formed an unfavorable view of family and sensitivity, in addition to a deep hatred and detachment from his parents.

His grandfather and grandmother on his paternal side were his de facto caregivers due to his parents' issues, and they always encouraged him to have love rather than hatred in his heart - a characteristic of the Will of Fire. Luckily, Kashizudoto had very close ties to the village community - all of them were like real family to him, which pushed him to keep going forward to protect the village as a leader - like his grandfather Nokashikaram.

His biological parents, Ruki and Kaari, are genin regarded by most of the village as useless excuses for shinobi and a shame to the Sarutobi clan. Their hot temper and slow mental capabilities render them extremely unsuccessful during missions and social exchanges alike; they have taken the Chunin Exams for the past 40 years with negative results. Because of this, they act on greed, hatred, and paranoia due to their distrust of the village and their self-loathing. Despite this, they still love Kashizudoto, but because of their temper issues and horrible social skills, they can never show it.

The dream stopped recurring once Kashizudoto focused his hatred of his parents and love of his village into working hard at the academy, so that he could one day reach his goal of becoming a legendary commander like his grandfather. He ended up graduating first in his class, adored by all of his peers - excluding the sensitive ones he offended along the way with his brash style.

[For the post-history, look in the Plot section]

Face Claim: Shun Kazami from Bakugan

Love Interests

Ashlee - A playful free thinker always up to mischief, she becomes Kashizudoto's primary love interest early on. She is shown to have a deeper side when her past as an orphan is ever brought up, as she has had a secret longing to meet the same parents who abandoned her when she was born.


Nokashikaram Sarutobi - His grandfather, a skilled jonin, is renowned as a great leader across Konohagakure. He is Kashizudoto's role model.

Ruki Sarutobi - His father, still a genin even after taking the Chunin Exams every time for the past 40 years, has an extremely short temper and a slow brain. He is a shame to the village and a major cause of Kashizudoto's suffering, one of the two people Kashizudoto may never be able to forgive no matter how merciful he may try to become.

Kaari Sarutobi - His mother, still a genin even after taking the Chunin Exams every time for the past 40 years, has an extremely short temper and a slow brain. She is a shame to the village and a major cause of Kashizudoto's suffering, one of the two people Kashizudoto may never be able to forgive no matter how merciful he may try to become.


Tsuneo Uzumaki - Known as the Centipede, this man, dragged into darkness by the thousands he has slain in the name of peace, looks to Kashizudoto as a sort of savior, someone who can redeem him and become a hero. He urges Kashizudoto to remain pure while he does the "dirty" work; Kashizudoto often confronts him about his behavior, challenging the need of such harsh measures on the name of peace. Yet with all that, Kashizudoto understands the sheer power of the Centipede, which far exceeds his own.


Zuko Uchiha - An Uchiha who has come to lead Black Dawn, Kashizudoto first met him in the manor of Lord Buma, one of the masters of the Order of the White Lotus. After Ashlee, who had become his subordinate when she could hold back her feelings for him no longer, had been incapacitated, Zuko tried to end her life so that she could not be interrogated by her captors; the attempt would have been successful, if Kashi hadn't intervened just in the nick of time. As a result of this horrific experience, seeing someone he had grown to truly love almost killed, Kashi began to truly understand the value of life and started to despise the act of killing, something that he had done before to various criminals with relatively little thought. The two rivals battled again at a village where Zuko had slaughtered so many people in order to further his own goals, in the name of supposed peace under his iron fist. Zuko eventually ignited Kashi in the black flames of the Amaterasu, but, in some strange moment of mercy and without even a word, Zuko turned back his head, dispelled it, and ran off into the distance even though he could have finished Kashi then and there with that Amaterasu.

Maigo Mugetsu - An Uchiha who Kashizudoto met in the Underworld, the two went on a mission where Maigo summarily killed the target that they were supposed to incapacitate, an act Kashizudoto viewed as unnecessary when they had already captured it and as so brutal and terrible that he could never forget it. After meeting up in an Underworld dojo known as the Warrior's Spirit to "train", they ended up having an impromptu battle wherein they destroyed a good chunk of the city. After both were sent to an Underworld prison as a result, Kashizudoto's soul rose back to the material world before he could ever hope to track down Maigo. To this day, he still has faith that Maigo is around and kicking in the material world just like him and wants to cross paths with him again, if only to try and knock a little sense into the man.

Tré Natake - A tough man hailing from the Natake clan who Kashizudoto once sparred when he was a genin. He also took part in the Hokage escort mission in the Land of Earth, though they never actually crossed paths during the adventure due to their roles. While they have shown basic decency towards each other, they seem to not have all that much respect for the other's abilities.

Jinta Nara - A fellow squadmate of Kashizudoto who he competed with at a race to the top of a building in the hopes of getting a free weapon from Sensei Rippa; however, it was all just a test to see if they could work together if real enemies came in a competitive situation, to see whether they would prioritize their own goals or that of their squadmates. While they succeeded, the squad overall did not make it past the first day, as Rippa and Kashi both had to go on long-term missions away from the village, leaving Jinta behind.


Kitsune - A general under the influence of Zuko's Kotoatsukami who, thus, is brainwashed to work for Black Dawn. He fights by summoning his Great Dove, a giant flying creature who can utilize fuuton techniques.

Nothing - The empty husk of the great and powerful Momochi Uchiha's soul, this spirit now seeks to create bonds of chakra with the souls of all humans by destroying their bodies and binding all of their lost souls through chakra strings. Neither understanding nor power defines these bonds; they are simply just that: bonds. It silently manipulated Zuko by lying about the capabilities of the Giant Amaterasu to further its own goal of killing off humans and is using and fanning the flames of the White Lotus-Black Dawn conflict, even propping up Black Dawn, in order to further its own ends.


Rippā Chi - A sannin of Konohagakure who becomes Kashizudoto's sensei, although Squad 3 doesn't get much time together due to the war on Rippā's end and the mission at Mexico on Kashizudoto's end, leaving Jinta, the other squadmate, behind. Rippā hasn't really had any chance to do major training with Kashizudoto as a result.

Sanosuke Flynt - The Raikage of Kumogakure who teaches Kashizudoto, a young tokubetsu jonin, the art of senjutsu.

Kenta Inuzuka - The Hokage who continues pushing Kashizudoto forward in his shinobi career as the young teen races through the ranks.

*Bold denotes that the thread is extremely important to the plot

Prologue: The Road to Chuunin
Kashizudoto, a genin fresh out of the Academy, has just been assigned to Squad 3 of Konohagakure, composed of the sannin Dr. Chi Rippa and a slacker known as Jinta Nara; however, after the village becomes preoccupied with the Kiri-Kumo war, Sensei Rippa is sent to garrison Kiri, so the squad never has a meeting other than their first. Still, the genin pushes forward industriously, taking introductory missions, meeting new people, and even having a few spars in order to test the strength of the others in his village (though not necessarily to win); somewhere in that time frame, he meets Ashlee, a playful kunoichi from Konoha who becomes his primary love interest. As a result of his hard work, the Hokage invites him to have a meeting, where he assigns him to a high-profile diplomatic mission to escort him to Mexico and also informs him of his recommendation to the jonin council for the boy's promotion to chuunin.

Formation of Squad 3 (Part I)
Formation of Squad 3 (Part II)

The First Day
Helping at the Academy (D-rank Mission)
Yum, Yum, Yum, Ramen!
Meet Ashlee - Mischievous Konoha Kunoichi
A Simple Sparring Match
Another Spar
Yet Another Spar
Catching a Prankster (D-rank Mission)
Merchant Escort (C-rank Mission)
Drill Instructor (C-rank Mission)
A Call for Help (C-rank Mission)
Finding the Citrus Fruits
A Private Meeting
Forging a New Blade
Now that the jonin council has officially promoted him to the rank of chuunin, Kashizudoto decides to embark on a short journey to the residence of a man known as Master Piandao so that he can apprentice under him and forge his very own blade. He eventually takes rock from a four billion year old meteorite and crafts it into a katana that he names the Tentetsutou. Afterwards, he heads back to Konohagakure before travelling to Mexico to alert the Tsuchikage of the Hokage's upcoming arrival.

Seek Out the Blacksmith (C-rank Mission)
Making an Impression (C-rank Mission)
Space Sword? (C-rank Mission)
A Final Test (C-rank Mission)
Journey to the Land of Earth
Kashizudoto, the front runner for the diplomatic mission to Mexico, successfully delivers the message to the Tsuchikage, picking up information about the war through conversation with the Tsuchikage himself.

He then, in the interest of bettering himself as a shinobi, embarks on numerous adventures in Mexico where he fights annoying girls, bandits, beasts, monsters, and even the elements. After receiving permission from Mexico's administration to do missions for them, he then embarks on numerous short-term missions, the most dangerous that he has ever done before as they involve serious enemies who are armed and ready.

He ends up joining a transnational organization known as the Order of the White Lotus, a secret society composed of shinobi from various villages who dedicate themselves to global peace and prosperity around the world, not just at home. He learns that Master Piandao, the one who he apprenticed under, is the Grand Lotus of the organization.

With the Hokage being extremely late due to the genin that he decides to bring along with him on his travel as well as a stalled departure for whatever reason (documents, etc.), Kashizudoto gets a lot of time to both mature as a shinobi and gain a greater repertoire; once the jonin council in Konoha hears of this, they send a messenger hawk to Kashizudoto informing him that they are promoting him to special jonin.

Unfortunately, as a result of all the work that he had been doing to achieve this, he becomes intensely sleep deprived and moody; eventually, he hears that the Hokage is going to be arriving soon, so he enlists the help of two genin, one of which who he knew earlier from one of his adventures, in waking him up with unorthodox methods (scalding hot tea and sharp nails). He became temporarily alert due to this, and, as a reward, took the genin that he knew from before on an A-rank mission. After they complete the mission successfully, Kashizudoto meets up with the Hokage, catches up with him, and informs him that he is going to travel to Kumogakure to witness the battlefield with his own eyes.

Before going to Kumogakure, the administration of Mexico requests that he immediately does an urgent mission, as all the other shinobi are unavailable and lives are on the line. After the mission, his sleep deprivation returns, so he goes to see a doctor who informs him that there is no shortcut to getting back sleep and then proceeds to treat his wounds. As was prescribed, he gets a heck ton of sleep and feels so much better afterwards, learning that sometimes it's best to do it the long way, even if the short way seems so much more appealing.

Just as he is about to leave for Kumogakure, the administration begs him to do another high-profile mission for them in which he disguises himself as a prostitute; he begins to learn more about sex and pleasure during the mission, where he eventually kills an attractive prostitute because of her engagement in the illegal, murderous, and unethical organ trade.

Before Kashizudoto can leave for Kumogakure, Professor Ivan, a master of the Order of the White Lotus, assigns a messenger hawk to Kashizudoto who can relay messages to all five chapters of the Order of the White Lotus using scent alone. The boy, being an idealist, decides to train the bird, who he dubs "Hawky", in the Valley of Mountains so that it can fight in battle rather than just serve as a postman. The bird goes on to be a powerful asset of Kashizudoto's in combat, able to swoop down and deal damage from the skies.

Their training is suddenly suspended when Kashizudoto receives an urgent notice from Professor Ivan to immediately suspend whatever he is doing and travel to the Land of Lightning in order to aid a man named Lord Buma, one of the masters of the Order of the White Lotus who has, recently, gone totally out of contact with the rest of the organization.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Let's Get Wet
An Intellectual Visit
The Footprint
If I Could Save Time in a Bottle
Oops, Can Anyone Tell Me The Way Out?
Escort the Merchants Out of Mexico (B-rank Mission)
Take on the Graduating Class (B-rank Mission)
The Infinity Gang (B-rank Mission)
Protect the Priestess (B-rank Mission)
Welcome to the Order
Defend the Fortress (B-rank Mission)
Escort the Prisoner (B-rank Mission)
Shadows in the Rain
The True Leader of the Gangs (A-rank Mission)
Assassinate the Assassin (A-rank Mission)
Konoha Rendez-Vous
Coyote v.s. Shinobi (B-rank Mission)
Checkup Before Hitting the Road
Infiltrating the Sex Ring (A-rank Mission)
The Next Step
The Road Back Home
[To be RP'ed]

A Song of Rain and Thunder

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