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1 Kiri repeatable S rank on Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:58 pm



Mission name: Rise of the sea nation
Mission rank: S
Objective: Stop the invading force
Location: Undersea city
Reward: 1000
Mission description: Some shonobi have been returning to the surface of the sea above the undersea city torn apart. These shinobi were at least special Jounin rank when they went in. We want you to go eliminate whatever is causing their deaths.
Mission details: Deep within the inner city where air holds have grown stale lights have begun to flicker to life. Hundreds of lights signifying a force has awoken. The monster that ruled the undersea city has reserved itself to the surface now as even its immortality isn't enough for it not to fear what dwells below. A forgotten branch of the Hoshigaki had fled years ago as Kiri burned to the sea and survived in the darkness of the deep sea gradually driven mad over the years by the seclusion. However the depths made them strong and now they wish to reclaim the surface from the lesser beings that hold it. An army resides within and your job will be to claim the head of a commander in one of the city sectors to delay an invasion. There will be ten special Jounin soldiers with tridents that cut 3 inches deep and all B rank stats with all the library suiton jutsu A rank and under. The commander will have all A rank stats and all Suiton and Raiton jutsu in the libraries as well as a harpoon that pierces clean through and returns to him when thrown.

Name: Hoshigaki Soldier
Age: 20 - 30
General Appearance: Gills and leathery skin with scales and a dark leather armor
Personality: Obedient and savage
Motivations: To conquer and consume the humans
Fears: Darkness and the unseen. Bleeding.
Abilities: All B rank stats, all Suiton library jutsu A rank and below, trident which pierces 3 inches deep.

Name: Hoshigaki commander
Age: 30 - 40
General Appearance: Red scales with red eyes and light armor.
Personality: Driven to rule, Refuse to surrender
Motivations: Serve the queen. Conquer in her name.
Fears: An enemy force discovering the location of the queen. Dissappointing her.
Abilities: All A rank stats, All Suiton and Raiton jutsu libraries, Harpoon that can pierce clean through an enemy.




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Looks good, approved.


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