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Mission name: Catching a Prankster
Mission rank: D
Objective: Catch the kid who sprayed graffiti over the whole city.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato > General Board
Reward: 80 ryo
Mission description: A boy has been putting graffiti on the wall of buildings. He has thus far managed to escape custody, and posses skills equal to that of an Academy ninja, able to move around on rooftops to escape capture. Now it is your turn to try and capture him, good luck!
Mission details: The boy has the skills of a Academy Student. He can jump over buildings.

A day that was rather average when it came to the village of Konohagakure. Busy streets, lively people, and shinobi taking on missions to better serve the village; one of these shinobi was none other than Atsuya who had taken a mission the day before. His mission for today was of great importance, a mission that could decide the fate of countless nations… or even the world itself. This mission was wisely instructed to him thanks to his great skill and knowledge. No doubt this one mission would have been the greatest obstacle he had yet to face… and he was indeed nervous for the first time in his life.


Atsuya was furious. His mission was something so futile that it shouldn’t have even been considered a mission in the first place. Atsuya was tasked to stop a child from vandalizing surrounding buildings... While Atsuya was indeed a genin this was far too ridiculous to be considered something he would do, and yet here he was looking for that mischievous child. When he signed up for a mission he specifically requested something which involved combat or anything of that sort… Atsuya was peckish for a fight, it had been quite awhile since his last bout with an opponent. Today his thirst for a fight would not be quenched, instead he was to become more parched.

The young Hyuga arrived at the latest area that had been vandalized. The graffiti itself was placed upon a newly painted wall and was yet to be finished, no doubt the child would come back to finish the graffiti. It would be a long wait, but there was no better place to find the child. Atsuya simply had to sit, wait, and hope for the best. Night would eventually come and the child in question had yet to appear. Atsuya was getting impatient, he had sat above a rooftop with perfect view of the vandalized area reading a book as he waited for the child to show himself. The young Hyuga spent majority of his day in the area and this fact enraged him. Finally his patience had run out. Just as the Hyuga was about to leave a small boy tiptoed from a dark alleyway towards the vandalized wall… no doubt it was the child in question. Atsuya’s trap had worked, now it was time for the chase.

A rare smirk fitted his face as he jumped down from the rooftop without warning and ran straight for the child. Fifteen meters… ten meters… five meters... Atsuya grabbed the child, who was still focused in his graffiti work, by the arm. The job was done… or so he thought. White smoke appeared from nowhere and in the place of the child was a log just big enough as the child himself. A simple substitution jutsu… no doubt the kid was prepared. The veins in Atsuya’s eyes popped out and with that his byakugan had activated. Atsuya scanned the surrounding area with his eyes and noticed the child running in an alleyway just 10 meters away from him.

The young Hyuga burst into a sprint, his goal? Catch that cursed child. The child himself wasn’t that fast and soon Atsuya would catch up. In a last ditch effort the child created two clones which moved in a different direction as the kid jumped up a rooftop and continued his escape. Luckily the clones weren’t enough to fool the byakugan. Atsuya chased the real child with relative ease, soon he was within 10 meters of the child. The tenkutsu in Atsuya’s back burst out and propelled him exactly ten meters forward in half a second. Atsuya grabbed the boy’s ankle as he propelled himself forwards and lifted him up head pointed downwards. With that the vandalizer had been caught. Atsuya brought the kid to the nearest police station and handed him over to the Konoha Military Police Force.

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Mission WC: 500/500


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