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Mission name: Dock Clean-up
Mission rank: C
Objective: Remove the troublemakers.
Location: Village Docks
Reward: 180 Ryo
Mission description: A group of roudy ex-merchants has been causing problems at the main docks for days now, and the local businesses and reputable merchants are sick of it. Your group is tasked with apprehending and removing the rouges before they are able to hurt anyone, or themselves, more then they already have. The men in question each have a tattoo of an albatros on thier left shulders; the mark of the ship they once served upon.
Mission details: They're more drunkards then an actual threat, but don't take them as pushovers.

Name: Hanzo
Age: 40
General Appearance: Tall, would be lean if not for the prominante beer-ut he sports; usually walks around without a shirt. Deeply tanned. Slurs even when sober due to an old jaw injury.
Personality: Rowdy, loves to start conflicts then beat people stupid when bored.
Motivations: Strong beer, free money
Fears: Spiders
Other: Take him down, the rest will fall; without him to stir the pot, they have no reasons to do anything.

First thing in the morning and Atsuya was already in the administration building itching to receive his mission for the day. Recently the young Hyuga left his part time job as a baker; sure the owner was extremely disappointed, but even before signing up for the job he already dictated what he wanted. He wanted to learn from the man… and he already learned. Sure he was far from becoming the best at baking or even close for that matter, but he was a shinobi not a baker; he only wished to learn it as a hobby. Of course with that said he still felt a tinge of guilt for disappointing someone who seemed to be such a kind man… not to mention someone who could potentially be his uncle-in-law. Nonetheless Atsuya had his priorities straightened, and it was on becoming a great shinobi much like his parents were before their untimely death and just as his sister dreamed to be before her disabilities set in. Unlike his sister, however, he did not seek glory nor fame… he wanted two things and two thing alone; to protect the ones he cared for and to cast his vengeance upon those who dared assault his family that night.

A large seven foot tall man approached the young Hyuga, who sat on a chair in the waiting area of the Konohagakure administration building. “Hyuga Atsuya, correct? Come with me.” now this was unusual; usually his mission briefing consisted of nothing more than a letter which explained some highly mundane task that was assigned to him followed by his rage, but this seemed to be different. For once he was actually going to be briefed proper. The young Hyuga followed behind the giant who took him into a room with what he assumed to be a jonin in the center. “Please take a seat Atsuya-kun.” The jonin spoke with a soft voice followed by a gesturing his hand to the seat in front. Showing some sort of respect to those above him in rank, Atsuya gladly accepted his offer and sat down the steel chair just in front of the jonin. “We have taken notice of your repeated requests for a more combat oriented mission and are granting that request. We wish for you to lead a squad of genin to take on and arrest troublemakers in the village docks. This document will provide further details.” Arrest? This seemed to be something more akin to the work that of the Konoha Military Police Force… why him? Of course aside from a few questions he was more than happy to take on this mission. The Hyuga nodded and took the documents in his hands and left the dimly lit room.

Finally he was doing something that could have been considered as ‘real’ shinobi work. It didn’t need to be said, but he was very pleased with this and it did show on his face. Atsuya searched for a good place to read the documents and eventually settled in on a tea shop within close proximity of the administration building. After ordering a cup of green tea, the young Hyuga opened the envelope which sealed the documents. Atsuya began to scan the documents, reading every word as carefully as he could whilst he sipped on the warm tea he had ordered. Everything seemed to be satisfactory from what he had requested… everything except the part which stated he HAD to bring a squad with him. That part irked him to a great degree; even if he were to lead the squad he was far too prideful to ask anyone from help. From the moment he heard that command he already made up his mind… he would do this mission all by himself.

The young Hyuga finished his tea and payed for his drink before leaving. He would waste no time with finishing this mission; Atsuya headed straight to the village docks post haste. Even before he left for the administration building he already packed all of his shinobi gear which wasn’t much. All of his weapons were packed on a pouch behind the kimono he wore, just behind his hips. Obviously he had no knowledge of what mission he was to be given, but it was fortunate he brought his entire shinobi gear with him anyway.

Atsuya arrived at the village docks. The breeze of the wind was gentle and the sounds of waves crashing into nearby land was almost peaceful had Atsuya not been aware of the fact that the place would be engulfed in a brawl shortly. The Hyuga walked the docks as he searched for his prey. ‘A red anchor with two snakes wrapped around it as a tattoo’ that was what he scanned for with those white eyes of his. The search wasn’t easy, but it was the strategical best time to do it. Morning was the bane of drunkards and those alike. Numbers wouldn’t even be a single problem if all his opponents were hungover.

A groggy man walked and bumped into the young Hyuga. “Watch where ya’r goin’ young-in.” The man smelled of booze and was obviously drunk. Had Atsuya not been the person he was perhaps he would have smirked at the sight of the man’s tattoo on his right bicep… it was a perfect match with the tattoo in the description. Without warning Atusya slammed his knee straight into the man’s gut forcing the man to flinch and lower his head. What followed was a downward elbow straight for the man’s nape knocking him unconscious. The drunkard’s body dropped down to the wooden floor of the docks. One down. “Where are ya Tatakai?” A slurry voice spoke. It was four more of those men and all of them seemed to have the same tattoo on the same area. All four were undoubtedly drunk... this would be easy. “The three of you are under arrest. Surrender now and perhaps I shall refrain from breaking your bones.” With Atsuya’s words a visible rage filled the man in the middle.

“Let’s fuckin’ teach this kid a lesson.” The man slammed a bottle he had on a nearby wall and charged straight towards Atsuya with a sharp and broken bottle in hand. Behind the man was three of his comrades who followed behind him. Wisely Atsuya reached for his back pouch and threw three shuriken for each underling, aiming specifically at their feet to deal with them easily. All three shuriken managed to hit their mark and three drunkards fell down to their knees in agony… it wasn’t even an inch deep and with their added intoxication it shouldn’t have even hurt much. Still the fact remained, there was only one man left. The beer bellied man charged straight to Atsuya attempting to stab him with the broken bottle… a foolish move. Atsuya snapped his arms together from opposite directions, in the middle of this was the man’s wrist. The snap forced him to drop the bottle down on the ground… yet before hitting the ground Atsuya sent the bottle flying to the man’s face with a quick kick. Taken aback by this the man took a step back, stunned.

This was over.

A flurry of strikes came from the young Hyuga; first a right hand gently fist strike to man’s left shoulder, then a left hand juken strike to the opposite shoulder, followed by a right hand palm straight to the man’s solar plexus, and to finish the barrage was a simple leg sweep. With that the man fell to the ground unconscious and his subordinates seemed to lose their previous rebellious nature. The Hyuga ‘borrowed’ a nearby robe and tied the five men together and waited for the Konoha Military Police Force to arrive and make the official arrest on the drunkards. With that the job was done.

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Mission WC: 1000/1000


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