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Mission name: Woaaaaah!
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: Train some academy students in martial combat.
Location: Konoha Shinobi Academy.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: The academy is running extra credit courses this semester and wants aspiring Genin and Chuunin to run martial arts lessons with the students who need to catch up.
Mission Details: You'll get given a group of young academy students and be expected to teach them martial arts. They don't fight fair and they're not really very respectful.

A bright sun would rise up and a new day would surface. The weather, at least to Atsuya, seemed to be perfect. The cold, almost violent, breeze of the wind was something he welcomed dearly. The day was truly perfect for a mission. It was almost as if a god above timed the weather with his schedule like a gift. Still laying in his bed with his bedroom window wide open was too tempting; he almost didn’t want to get up. The wind was blowing, and messing up, everything inside his room, but he didn’t seem to care at all. A rare smile, a smile of comfort, filled his face. For a moment everything was perfect… just for a moment.


The deafening sound of his door being slammed open seemed to momentarily compete with violent breeze entering his room. “Atsuya what did I tell you about keeping your window closed?!” A familiar face entered… or rather barged into his room. The person was none other than his aunt, Hanako. With a hand tucked behind his head while another fed him with a pear and his legs crossed as he lay on his bed, Atsuya pretended not to hear anything; instead he continued to bask in the cold yet violent breeze until eventually Hanako would slam the window shut… boy did she love slamming things. This little routine they did was something that happened every single morning the wind was strong. Atsuya knew what was about to happen next, he had said the same sentence everytime his aunt closed his window. “If I am not allowed to indulge in the beautiful weather then you shan't be allowed to make your crappy puns.” If Atsuya knew anything about his aunt it was that she wasn’t able to restrain herself from making one pun in every conversation, this often made him believe that his aunt somehow acquired the disease known as witzelsucht. “And what makes you think that’ll happen?" It seemed as if they did this everyday and yet everyday she would still ask why. After making a loud sigh, as if making her know he was tired of this, he pulled out the ace hidden in his sleeve. “If my privileges to keep my window open are restricted then the quality of food in this household will be deliberately hampered to a great degree… have you forgotten? To this day I remain the only one in this family who is capable of cooking... properly.”

With that Atsuya was the victor... both of them knew it, and he even began to juggle the pear in his hand while he bask in the glory of his victory. Knowing she had lost Hanako pouted. She didn’t have any other options; food was something everyone required and after tasting the food cooked with the quality of a chef there was no reverting back to the food she knew how to cook. After pouting for a few seconds she smiled. While she had lost the argument the slip up of Atsuya referring to her as family made her happy. With a single quick movement Hanako snatched the pear away from Atsuya. “This is unpear.” Atsuya immediately groaned and she seemed to be grinning brightly. “Leave. I believe it is time I prepare for my mission.” Shortly after his request, or command, Hanako left and the young Hyuga began to dress up for the mission he was to take.

The ninja academy… a place the young Hyuga hadn’t visited in the longest time. The old place brought nostalgic memories to Atsuya, memories of his time as an innocent child and memories of the happy sister he once had; oh how he wished she would still smile like she did back then. What came with the gleeful nostalgic feelings was a strong melancholy. Things seemed to have changed, and drastically at that… not just with the academy, but also with him and those around him. Atsuya walked around the courtyard and watched a few academy students begin what was to be their very first sparring session. He was more than interested to watch. His very own first academy spar played out in his mind as he watched the kids. His first spar was against his sister, Kuroame. While back then mention of the first time he lost to his sister would embarrass him now it only made him smile. Just a little, he was still himself after all and Atsuya Hyuga was not someone who liked to be caught smiling.

Two of the kids faced each other and made the traditional ‘Seal of Confrontation’ a sign of respect between two sparring shinobi. With that the two children began their battle. As much as the young Hyuga wanted to watch, he had other things to attend to. Today, much like others, he had a ‘mission’ to complete. The mission was right here in the ninja academy itself. Atsuya’s mission was something so simple as teaching the academy students taijutsu; usually a mundane task like this would have pissed him off… and rightly so, but today here he was sitting on a bench just outside the academy. Somehow the jonin who assigned Atsuya the mission knew the exact words to butter him up and make him take the so called ‘mission’ without any fuss. As hard as it seemed it was actually rather easy; all the jonin had to do was mention Atsuya’s proficiency in taijutsu and say that he was the only genin capable of teaching the academy students correctly. Atsuya, being the prideful buffoon he is, fell completely for the act.

The young Hyuga rose from his seat and breathed in the early morning breeze. His class was to start soon and punctuality was something he prided himself in; being late was not an option. With that Atsuya left the courtyard and entered the academy building as he made his way to the class he would be teaching. He was quite early a fact made obvious by the low number of academy students in the room. Save for a few, all of them were likely watching the shinobi sparring matches going on at the courtyard. No doubt the students would be happy upon hearing that he too had a sparring session planned out for them. While teaching wasn’t Atsuya’s strongest skill, he wasn’t entirely new to it either. The young Hyuga taught multiple times at the Hyuga dojos where-in he guided even younger Hyugas on their first gentle fist training sessions; all of course planned by his mischievous aunt, Hanako, in order to get him to ‘socialize’ with others. A plan which served ineffective.

Eventually the sound of a bell rank through the entire academy signaling the students to go to their classes. Slowly signs of life began to show in the previously empty classroom. It seemed his students for today were at least obedient enough to arrive on time. It was strange; he had earlier received many warnings from actual teachers to be wary of these students, the most common advice they gave was to be patient with the children yet so far they seemed to have come quietly to class without any issue. Perhaps the teachers were simply mistaken? All the students stared at the young Hyuga, or specifically his white eyes. Ah, now the reason for their obedience was clear. The students were interested in the byakugan; no doubt even they have heard of the power the Hyuga held within, not only their eyes, but also in their taijutsu skill. Having heard they were being taught by a Hyuga perhaps they managed to restrain themselves to their best behavior. A child raised his hand wanting to get the Hyuga’s attention. “Mister, can you really use the byakugan?” what felt like a hundred eyes were now fixated upon the young Hyuga as the academy students awaited his answer. He didn’t quite understand why they had such a fixation on the byakugan, after all an entire clan possessed the ability, yet still he alleviated their curiosity with one simple nod. A sound of awe filled the room the children were, each on their own way, expressing their excitement for the taijutsu lesson… most of which was a simple yet loud ‘woaaaah’ sound. What followed next was an infectious chant that soon spread through the entire classroom. Bya-ku-gan! Bya-ku-gan! Bya-ku-gan! Obviously the children wanted to see the eyes in person, but he would not give them what they wanted with this behavior.


A sound loud enough that it could have been heard around the entire ninja academy erupted from the young Hyuga’s fist. Atsuya slammed his hand on the blackboard behind him in a hammer fist style. A hole was busted clean through the damned thing, yet it was worth it. Save for the deafening sound of his fist the entire room now fell silent. There was nothing children understood better than loud sounds, it was simply a contest of who was louder in order to win their attention… and he had all their attention. The children silently watched Atsuya waiting for his next action whilst in slight fear of the young Hyuga. “Now, it’s time to introduce myself. I am Atsuya Hyuga and you will follow all my commands for the day, if you wish to become a shinobi. The hokage, himself, has given me leeway to fail all academy students that are uncooperative with me.” Obviously his threats were nothing but a bluff, just another simple way to make sure these children were kept quiet… just as the young Hyuga wanted them to be. Earlier it had been him who was victim to the loud slams of his aunt, now? Now it was him using the tactic to force these children to shut up. When he confirmed the academy students’ beliefs about his byakugan they were all in awe, now they were gasping in fear of never becoming a shinobi… no doubt he was probably a tad too harsh with the kids, but it was worth it as long as he could teach in peace.

He hadn’t realized it earlier but teaching students in an academy was far more different than teaching students in the Hyuga dojo... yet it was fear that could make both group of students become obedient; he just had to make sure that he wasn’t psychologically scarring any of the kids and he’d be fine.

Now that the room was dead silent it was time to begin his class; first was the boring part. The young Hyuga grabbed a piece of chalk and began to draw. Atsuya took to the scriptures he read in scrolls and drew them in the blackboard; it was a good thing he had such a photographic memory. Atsuya was no artist, but what he drew was more than understandable. In the board were basic forms to counter and defend against strikes, nothing out of the ordinary to teach students. What happened next was a long lecture, some of the academy students even fell asleep; he couldn’t blame them, had he been in their position he would have probably done the same… of course only because he was already knowledgeable in the art of taijutsu. Mid way through his lecture he decided to ask a few students to demonstrate the forms in the scriptures and have academy students attack and counter each other. It seemed to be a good idea or at least that’s what the increasing life around the classroom suggested. Slowly the students were becoming more and more interested in the lecture and taijutsu in general… perhaps later he would even award them with seeing the byakugan.

What started out as a terrible first impression on the children was now turning into a so-so day. The academy students didn’t particularly annoy him anymore, save for a select few. Time would pass and the lecture would end… now was time for what the children really wanted. Sparring sessions. After having the students lined up in two, Atsuya led them to the courtyard where he held the sparring sessions. None seemed to have been hurt too badly and there was definitely entertainment in watching a pure taijutsu fight… even if the combatants were children. More time would pass and eventually the sun in the sky began to set. The day was done for Atsuya’s teacher duties. As a gift to the students the young Hyuga activated his byakugan for all to see before finally waving goodbye and parting with the children.

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