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Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

Ruby found herself in one of the more abandoned parts of Iwagakure, wearing her normal attire. Well, not so much abandoned period as much as just devoid of any homes and housing, due to its nature as a rundown part of Iwagakure that had yet received funding from the village to bring back into top condition. She’d heard on the grapevine that there was a new Tsuchikage in town, so perhaps his focus would direct Iwagakure’s coffers to this part of the village, though with her limited knowledge of village policy she didn’t actually know what she was talking about.

She hadn’t had a specific reason for coming here. Rather, she was just exploring the village that she planned on staying in for the near future. Perhaps a month or two, at the very least? She’d definitely be seeking to get a meeting with the Tsuchikage, though, new or not, that was for sure. Ambitious as it was, maybe she could even get in a spar with the man, though she doubted he would entertain a random foreigner’s request for a friendly spar. Still, she would try! And it would be so cool to be able to say that she met the Tsuchikage in combat, even if it was a friendly one, and even if she lost! Just wait till she told Yang about it!

Nevertheless, Ruby stood in the middle of a crossroads. The buildings around her, flanking the roads along with the five-foot pavements and the lamps that came in intervals of ten meters, didn’t seem to be in too bad a condition. She supposed that wealth just flowed out of this area, and with it the people and any attraction that this area may have had as a housing area. Right now, it was more accurately described as the slums of Iwagakure, though she couldn’t see anyone who would’ve made their home here around and about. Perhaps that was due to it being around three o’clock in the afternoon, with people seeking jobs and really anything that would get them a better lifestyle?

The sun was hidden overhead by white clouds, so it wasn’t exactly too sunny; Ruby looked up at the sky and realised that she could view it freely without being hindered by the sun at all, and the lack of wind currents at that height (as far as she could see) meant that they would stay that way for awhile, allowing her to continue exploring freely without worrying about the scorching heat bearing down on her.

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Maikeru walked through the less wealthy parts of Iwagakure. Most of the buildings were boarded up and condemned. He decided to do a little but of patrolling to pass the time. He was in a powerful state of boredom. When he joined the Iwagakure ranks he thought that there would be more excitement in the mix. Yet, that was less than the case at the moment. He needed something to do, something exciting and adventurous. His mind drifted in and out of different topics. Chickens. Birds. Sky. Sun. Outer space. Maikeru was feeling unproductive. He started to plan in his mind.

He thought about asking Karumo to see if he is able to go to Kirigakure. Lots of ninja are there who appeare to be strong enough to put up a fight. Though, things might have changed. It has been a while since he had ever been there. And he's been hearing Konohagakure have been increasing in strength. Going there would be fun. If other nations won't see this sudden increase in power as a threat. Though, to his mind, War could be an interesting thing. He had never fought in a war before. Even between the smaller nations. He figured it would be bad for business, taking sides. If he fought against a whole nation, that would be a whole nation of potential clients lost. But he was exclusive to a nation now (technically). He will now have to refrain from bribes from other people or organizations. At least only the ones who need him to launch actions against whole nations. It's no longer about the clients. It's about the safety of Iwagakure. A while ago he would have laughed and mocked the idea of him ever joining a village. Yet here he was, bearing a uniform.

Maikeru realised how off topic his mind has been getting. Back to the initial thought: he was bored out of his mind. What could he do besides pass the time? It's the whole reason why he was in the slums, he expected to see desperation and crime. All it had was condemned buildings and desertion. Peered at one of the tallest abandoned buildings. It seemed to be an old hotel. "Since I have nothing to do at this point, time for some urban exploration." Maikeru kicked in the border window. He was somewhat excited what he might find.

The place was trashed from the inside. Lots of thrown around paper, broken pieces of glass, and server cracks and holes in the wall. "Hmm. This place could be a good hideout." Maikeru looked on some old pictures that were behind the front desk. One photo in particular, had all of what appeared to be the staff members. Maikeru threw the photo back on the floor, and hopped over the desk. He walked to the elevator. He prayed it open and looked inside. The elevator was gone, holding only an empty shaft. He decided to use the states. As he walked upward, he was often caught off guard by sudden giveaways in the stairs. He reached the top floor. It had evidents of being the nicer suit. The rooms were bigger and the chipped, fading, cracked paint was gold. He punched in the window. Getting a view of Iwagakure. Even though the place was far from livable, he did find the view, at least, to be serene.

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Name:Earthbound Brawler  
Concept: Maik’s fighting style has evolved as he has gained experience, but one thing has always remained the same: take blows and keep on rolling. SLowing him down might be easy. Stopping him is a different story.  
Description: All physical damage Maik takes is decreased by -1 rank.
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Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

Hmm, curious hotel she’d wandered into. Ruby was still in the location of the slums, but she’d allowed her attention to be drawn to one of the hotels that filled the place, likely having died due to the lack of tourists when the rest of the area had moved out. The hotel rose several dozen floors, around ten in total, with the hotel, from top to bottom, measuring about fifty meters by a hundred meters, though closer to the top, as she’d seen from the outside, parts of the wall had begun to crumble. And she meant large parts of the wall. Almost entire sections.

The first floor itself, where most people would register at the counters, was surprisingly empty. In fact, it was devoid of almost everything but the counter or desk, the staircases running parallel to the left wall, and the elevator placed at the intersection of the staircase and the far wall. She’d checked, the elevator itself, already open,  wasn’t functioning, with the entire thing just a large shaft running from the bottom to the top of the hotel. Deciding that she’d take a look around the hotel, she began slowly up the staircase, not making a sound in case she scared anyone, and taking note to avoid the small cracks found on every staircase.

As she rose, she noted that each floor was only a meter wide, and all the corridors were of the same height: nine meters. It was… a very impressive height, considering the hotel itself had a total of ten floors, including the first, meaning it had to be around a hundred meters tall in total, at the very least. As she approached the eighth floor, though, she realised that parts of the outer wall were already missing, although in small amounts. It also appeared that the eighth floor onwards held the suites: special one-room apartments that took up the entire floor, though as she’d seen, all of the furniture had already been removed, ever since the fourth floor up.

It was on this floor, as she entered the large suite, that she saw the first and only sign of life she’d seen within the slums the whole day, having checked random doors in the hotel as well. The walls of this particular room were surprisingly intact, and were painted with a faint, dull, chipped gold that failed to reflect any sunlight pouring in from the windows located on all three walls bar the wall behind Ruby, that is the one she'd walked in from via the now-open doorway. A man stood at the far end of the fifty meter distance, and she called out to him.


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