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1 More Family? [Kaia or Invite/NK] on Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:06 pm



The newly minted Genin smiled as he rose up out of bed. For some reason, he couldn't stop smiling lately. The reason was obvious to everyone around him. He was finally happy and loved, which was all he ever wanted from a family. The other perks of having a Sannin and Seven Swordsmen for a father were just a nice bonus. He would wipe the crud from his eyes before yawning slowly. He had caught up on his sleep and was actually back to one hundred percent, or so he thought. He would move slowly over to the side of his bed, walking out of the covers as he got up. Moving towards the closet, he scratched his back right above the seem of his briefs. He quickly found his usual attire. That included khaki pants, a blue shirt with the Hozuki symbol on it, and his blue shinobi sandles. The shirt was a present from Demi that he just loved, as he was finally getting in touch with his fellow clansmen.

After getting fully dressed, he grabbed his ninja tool pouch before attaching it and darting out of his room. With a mad sprint, he made it down the stairs and to the kitchen. His father was there cooking, motioning at one of the three plates sitting there full of breakfast foods. Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns and many other things covered it's surface, causing the ten year old's mouth to water. "Pick one and chow down, your sister should be down any moment." His father smiled before turning back to the stove where he was scrambling more eggs for himself. Without hesitation, he moved toward the plate in the middle. That way, someone would have to sit by him, even if they already would by choice. Chops sticks were snatched off the table as he started to dig in. Kaia better get down here soon, or he would eat hers too.

"Thanks dad, it's great!" He managed between swallowing full bites of hashbrowns. His new dad had a lot of skills, and cooking was definitely one of those. For now, he would dive back into the food, waiting on the arrival of Kaia. That way, Strafe could tell them what he wanted them to do, as he had a request for them last night. He just didn't specify, which will always hold the attention of a ten year old.

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2 Re: More Family? [Kaia or Invite/NK] on Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:26 pm



Kaia, like always, was a bit of a sleepy head in the mornings. She could lay there for usually over an hour and still find no reason to want to get out of bed - even as happy as she was these days. However... just as she was thinking about rolling over and going right on back to sleep she happened to remember that her father had something he wanted them to do today. Not wanting to keep Strafe or anyone else waiting for that matter she hurried herself out of bed - making sure to take her time enough to make her bed in the process - and down the ladder that led to the floor.

She grabbed up her outfit she had picked out the day before off of her dresser and made quick work in changing out of her pajamas and into her new outfit: a black spaghetti strapped shirt overtop which she wore a one piece shorts/top combo outfit which was a light tan in color. This out piece outfit hung off of her shoulders - thus the point of the top she wore underneath - and had a black square pattern that went across the chest, the bottom half was shorts that went right to the edges of her finger tips. Her shiny new Kiri hitai-ate followed by being tied around her waist before her feet were slipped into black open toed shinobi sandals. Even though she was in somewhat of a hurry she still took the time to also brush out her now long blond hair and braid the ends of it before tying them with white bands. Her glasses went on next - a new addition that had happened within the past few days when she had been found squinting a little too hard at a book she was reading. Lastly came a gift she had recieved from Demi: a necklace from which a special key hung that was in the shape of a heart. Demi had said the key represented her love for the world and how it could unlock anything.

Finally dressed for the day she hurried out of her bedroom, down the hallway, and then down the steps. She hurried into the kitchen to find her father at the stove and her new brother at the table already eating. She hurried to the table and sat down too, beginning to shovel food in her mouth with her usual gusto. After several bites were eaten she finally put her fork down long enough to speak, "Mornin! Where's momma?"

Mommy, or Demi rather, was running a bit late on getting down the steps - but sure enough she arrived just seconds after Kaia asked. The malkavia paused long enough to kiss both Iro and Kaia on the head before making her way over to Strafe and giving him a one arm hug. Kaia just giggled and smiled very happily.

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3 Re: More Family? [Kaia or Invite/NK] on Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:02 pm



Soon after he arrived, Kaia came bounding down the steps and ran over to start eating as well. The both of them still had big appetites after being starved for so long. It would take just a few minutes more for his mother, or so they called her, came down the steps. She would kiss the both on the cheek, causing him to smile with all his teeth showing. He loved the affection he was getting. It was a new experience. She moved over to Strafe, hugging him. "Hi Mommy!" He would say as he awaited Kaia to finish. Once she was done, Strafe would begin to speak. "The two of you have not met an important someone in my life. Bachiko Aisu, my mother, has recently fallen ill and is living in hospital care. I would like for the both of you to go meet her. She is already aware of your coming." He said with a smile as he turned off the stove.

Iro's eyes grew slightly as he realized he had even more family that he could love on. "Sure Daddy! Meeting us might help her a day a little!" The boy spoke with wisdom beyond his years when it came to knowing how affection can help someone. Strafe would nod with a proud expression on his face. "You're right. She would love to see your faces!" He said with an encouraging wink. Iro would look to his sister for confirmation before getting up and doing any preparations. She could have a fear of hospitals, because that was a real thing. Regardless, he would wait for any further instructions while drinking a glass of milk that Strafe slid him. A similar one slid across the table for Kaia. Man, this family thing was great.

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