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Mission name: Drill Instructor.
Mission rank: C-Rank.
Objective: Run a class for some recruits at the Army Training Compound.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: The army wants a Shinobi from the village to run a training course on basic ninja formations and tactics at the training camp, so they want anyone to come as much as possible, they'll book you in for as many sessions as you want.
Mission Details: You should teach the samurai about basic ninja weapons, jutsu, styles and formations. They want to learn some tips from the warriors who rely on skill and finesse to hone their own martial strength.

Atsuya’s white eyes stared at the scroll which contained the details of his newly assigned mission. The young Hyuga had re-read the assignment numerous times when he had first been called to the administration building to get his mission and now he was outside standing just in front of the fairly large red tinted building that also contained the ninja academy. It had only been a few days since he visited the ninja Academy for the sole purpose of teaching… and it was for the very same reason he was visiting a military camp today. It seemed that he managed to discipline the young academy students so well that he was specifically asked to teach actual grown men. He didn’t much get the logic of the jonin who assigned him the missions; teaching children well shouldn’t relate to teaching grown men, but of course he complied with the mission regardless of his willingness to teach.

Kids were already bad enough, but adults would undoubtedly be worse. It wasn’t as if he had a grudge against adults, but he knew from the moment he was assigned this mission that there would be more than a few smartasses who believe they deserve a proper teacher of their age. It was a fairly good thing that Atsuya would be teaching recruits who majority of which should still have little to no pride. Even with how troublesome the mission would be a bright side was being able to meet samurais… or at least samurai recruits.  Ninja tools… the young Hyuga needed ninja tools if he was to teach a bunch of samurais how to use ninja tools. He certainly wasn’t someone who had a thousand weapons hidden under his belt, in fact all he had right now was a set of three shuriken and a single kunai. That wouldn’t do well for a good example. Everyone knew the proper uses of a shuriken and a kunai… at the very least it would be common knowledge something that even a samurai would be aware of. The fact remained still, Atsuya needed more weapons… and he knew just where to acquire said weapons.

The young Hyuga started heading back into the busy streets of Konohagakure’s marketplace. If he was going to be teaching the Land of Fire’s army about the things that a ninja did and how they worked, then he was going to have to show them all the ninja tools that were available to a shinobi. What better place to find weapons than the weapon shop? Greedy people are fairly easy to manipulate all one needed is money… or at the very least the prospect of earning high amount of money. Atsuya searched the market place for a weapon shop owner who knew nothing but money. Eventually he found the perfect person complete waste breathe? Check. Middle aged with a receding hairline? Check. Greed that would put that of the world’s greatest thief to shame? Check. This man was perfect for what the young Hyuga had planned. After approaching the man Atsuya took his time to persuade the man to ‘lend’ Atsuya a few weapons in exchange for advertisement. Atsuya made it quick to be known that he would be teaching the land of fire’s finest and that he would gladly advertise the shop. It was almost as if the middle aged man’s eyes turned to the shape of ryo as he agreed… easy enough.

With that Atsuya scoured through the storage rooms in the weapon shop, grabbing at least two of each weapon and placing them in a bag that he had found on the floor. It was time consuming, but he only had to teach the course within an hour, he had plenty of time to cross the Hidden Leaf Village and get to the army encampment. He had taken kunai, shuriken, senbon, a windmill shuriken, wire, and plenty of other tools along with him. He had plenty of ideas for these tools for his own uses and for an activity that he was planning in his mind as he gathered up these tools. Once he was done, he got to his feet, seemingly armored to the tooth with every single possible ninja tool that he was able to carry with him and he finally set out of to the military camp.

As he passed through the threshold of the building and began his journey towards the outskirts of town to get to the military camp. Within an hour Atsuya arrived at the military camp, and after being identified at the camp’s main entrance he was immediately guided towards the building that he was going to be teaching in. “This is your room for this class, and any future classes you may have here.” On the other side there was another door, and the young Hyuga made his guide aware of that. “Oh, that’s a quick entrance to get outside in the event of an emergency… Plus, it leads directly to the training ground if you want to teach our lower ranked soldiers anything…” The man himself seemed quite new if he were to base it simply off how he spoke, but it was probably because of the almost condescending gaze that the young Hyuga was giving him, and no doubt uncertain as to how to read the featureless white eyes belonging to the Hyuga.

A few steps brought him into the classroom and then he was standing before the entirety of the class, at least two dozen he believed after he had done a quick scan. “Today I’ll be teaching you multiple things about a shinobi.” After a few minutes of stripping himself of all the weapons he had on his person, he was finally done with an empty satchel on the desk behind him.  What happened next was a rather boring lesson about shinobi. Atsuya made sure to use the weapons he brought to their full extent… it would have been a waste not to do so. The young Hyuga taught the class what he knew of the weapons he had brought with him. Silently, he promised to bring them outside to test them out for his next class, as odd as that sounded to say aloud, especially for one so young to those who were much older than him. The day continued on until the class was finally over and he was free to leave.

Mission WC: 1081/1000


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