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The strobing lights of the cafe she was in reminded her of a club setting, with flashes of yellow, red, and blue illuminating the dim interior of the whimsical cafe Aqua found herself in, seated in the shadows off to one corner, eyes darting between the closed door as she awaited impatiently for the appearance of her pink-haired sister, and the quadrilateral piece of land in the center of the building, where teenagers and adults were getting down in a fashion that she herself wasn’t familiar with, nor would she like to get familiar with.

The news she’d just heard earlier that morning, from the pale lips of her sensei no less, haunted her still. She’d sent a message to her sister urging her to meet her for lunch in this small out-of-the-way cafe, knowing that the information concerned her sister, who wasn’t so by blood, as much as it did her. Their very lives had somehow fallen into the line of danger overnight, by a threat that they didn’t even know existed, yet had been so since before their death, if the information that her sensei had managed to procure from what appeared to be a top secret mission was to be believed in its entirety. Aqua knew her sensei though; he wouldn’t have brought such worrying news to her ears if he didn’t believe even an ounce of it was true, and that he did was evidence enough that it was something to be feared.

The cafe’s waitress walked up to her again for the second time that afternoon, asking if she would now like to order anything, and Aqua denied the offer with a simple, silent shake of her head, too much going on for her to even attempt to speak at the moment. She wished her sister would show up soon; her worry grew every moment her sister was left unaware of the threat that attempted to trail them from the dark, among many of those who shared their blood – that of the Uchiha. Why they were doing so wasn’t clear to her, but what was clear was that they were hunting Uchiha down arbitrarily with no apparent purpose in mind, and somehow Aqua and Serah had ended up on their radars despite being no more prominent to the village than the thousands of Genin who attempted to work their way up the ranks.

She didn’t even know their name. That may not have been the most concerning bit of information, but she didn’t even know their name. Her faceless hunters just seemed all the scarier when more knowledge of them, even something as basic as what they called themselves, eluded illumination. They were like ghosts, able to strike from anywhere, as if knowledge of what they called themselves would help Aqua figure out where they could possible strike from, even if that encompassed the whole of Konohagakure, with the possibility of them having infiltrated the area no less of a concern than that they existed, and one that was no less likely.

The waitress walked up to her again, with a menu in hand, and Aqua returned with a sake of her head as she was midway through approaching her, accompanying it with a firm palm to indicate that she really didn’t want anything. Perhaps she was getting on their nerves by simply sitting in the cafe without having ordered anything, but should the situation call for it, she could explain that she was waiting for her sister before they began ordering together. Besides, with what she’d just heard, a cafe’s opinion of her was the least of her worries.


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The pinkette skipped happily, naturally, without a care in the world down the streets. She had just returned from a quick mission with her sensei, Mihoko Nara, who had taken her out of the village to a town on the border of the Land of Fire to apprehend some bandits. What made this one mission in particular so amazing was that it had only been her. Both of her teammates had remained home, not because they had been unable to accompany the two girls on their mission, but because Mihoko-sensei had specifically indicated that she wanted to take time with Serah to investigate and apprehend the bandits, and nothing could’ve made the young girl happier than having realised she had breached her sensei’s inner shell. Her teammates, who were clearly thinking that Mihoko was finally beginning to melt after eight years of being their sensei, had opted to immediately step out of the mission so the two could get along.

The mission itself was fairly normal. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that had occurred. They had arrived, they’d hunted down the bandits, there were several kills conducted as swords clashed, and finally the bandits were arrested and brought to justice, having been paralysed into fear by Mihoko’s ruthless attacks, as she always did whenever she joined them for mission. Curiously enough, though, Mihoko never joined her team directly for missions, instead opting to stand back and watch her team grow slowly bu surely into fine ninja themselves, with only pushes and guidance several times in the right direction. It was a tactic that many Jonin liked to use, in particular her own and her sister’s, as they both preferred to stand back and watch their students perform rather than lead them; after all, Jonin weren’t leaders to Genin, they were teachers who were supposed to prepare them for the future, and Serah had to admit that she had come to greatly recognise and respect this form of teaching, from the days when she would complain endlessly about how tiring missions were as their senseis refused to step in.

Apart from the bandits, though, Mihoko-sensei had been acting really weird. She had been more affectionate than ever whenever she interacted with Serah, speaking more about herself than she previously had and talking on and on about the stuff that before this had always remained a secret in her life. Serah had at one point suspected that her sensei had been kidnapped and this was an impostor, before shaking the notion that anyone would’ve impersonated her sensei without first doing their research on her as one of the coldest people in Konoha. She’d then gone on to inquire if her sensei was feeling alright, if she was physically ill or emotionally haunted, only for her sensei to again uncharacteristically laugh it off and tell her that she would always be there for her students, especially Serah.

It had been a very chilly moment, especially as Serah couldn’t really fathom what was going on in her sensei’s head – not that she had ever been able to do that, with Mihoko’s ever stoic face the only one she presented to her team. Nevertheless, Serah eventually believed that this truly was her sensei, whose icy walls were crumbling, and they had parted on a very warm note with Mihoko reminding her to meet her sister for lunch, something that Serah grew curious as to how Mihoko knew of it, but then shrugged it off. She was a Nara; she probably fit together that piece of information from weeks ago.

And so, Serah found herself bounding happily into the cafe that her sister had led her to, one that was out of the way and quite foreign to the two of them, but it only served to enrich their experience, Serah was sure.

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