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Field Trip:
Mission name: Field trip to the Pool
Mission rank: D
Objective: A class of Academy students are going to the pool for a field trip - ensure that no pranks or accidents occur while they are there.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 80 Ryo
Mission description: It's swim day for the academy; and the teachers are requesting extra help as the weather is extremely nice and the kids are rowdier than normal.
Mission details: Nothing too difficult; just make sure that they do their laps and done damage any of the equipment at the facility.

The sun baked over the massive village that was Konohagakure no Sato as the sound and hustle and bustle echoed from every corner of the massive village that so many called home. One thing this weather was perfect for was a swim and that was the plan for 4th year students. Assigned to their supervision was non other than the lazy ninja Kuramitsu.

The young Nara waited patiently beneath a tree, wearing a simple pair of dark colored board shorts and a tank top with the word “Lifeguard” plastered over its back. With his head gently resting on one of the roots protruding from the ground, his drowsy eye opened to see the class nearing with their teacher. Walking in a single file with a designated buddy. A soft chuckle escaped him as he thought back to his days in the academy when he was constantly partnered with Suna. It had been awhile since he had seen her last, but that was a thought for another time. As the teacher's voice slowly crept up on him causing him to slowly rise to his feet.

“So you’re the one they assigned today? ..” She stared at Kura for a moment noticing the rather carefree attitude and lazy aura. “Please don’t fall asleep and let one of the kids get hurt.” She spoke with a rather blank expression, unimpressed by the Nara’s demeanor. Kuramitsu gave her a squinty glare but let out a soft grunt accompanied by a simple smirk. “Don’t worry miss, Omoiyari, they’re in good hands” He declared with a soft tone, noticing her name tag with little effort. She remained hesitant to the words but gave an approving nod.

“Alright kids the pool is open but before you go, remember no running around the pool.”
The kids smiled up at their teacher and as if they were a choir, chimed the words “Yes Miss Omoiyari” With that said, the children gave one last look to one another before charging past the teacher and the Genin in a stampede. Omoiyari gave a worried look over her shoulder at her class when Kura slowly walked towards the high chair. “Seriously, You don’t have to worry Omoiyari, I may be lazy but I won't let something happen to them.” His ear twitched at the sigh and took it as a sign of reassurance.

He climbed the high chair, thankfully he was blessed with shade from an umbrella at the very top. Despite the chair being rather uncomfortable to slouch down in, Kura managed to find a sweet spot. His eyes went into small slits as if he were going into some sort of sleep that kept his eyes only just open. His ears were however staying tuned into the things going on in the immediate vicinity.


An hour passed and nothing seemed like much of a problem until a loud thud followed by the sounds of sobs filled the air. Kura quickly looked down and spotted kids huddled around one of boys that was the host of those particular wails. Kuramitsu let out a faint sigh as he climbed down from his chair and made his way over to the crowd. “Alright, what happened?” he said with a very calm tone as he looked down at the boy. “Suri was running and slipped” A pudgy girl whom seemed to remind him of a certain someone stood to the side and exclaimed before anyone else could get a word out. “Is that so… And what did your teacher say about running?” Suri looked up at Kura with a twitching lip and teary eyes as he held his scraped knee close. “ not to…” Kura sighed and shook his head as he took a place at the boys side, the little girl from before seemed eager to help as the Nara analyzed the injury.

“It’s not too bad, don’t worry… If everyone agrees to keep quiet. I can make it look like it never happened. Alright?” Suri nodded and everyone else joined in. With that Kura gave the young boy and the rest of the crowed a soft smile. “Okay…” The Nara’s hands slowly moved and hovered above the scrap. A faint green glow of chakra caused the group to Oh’s and ah’s at the sight. Beneath his hands, the scrape on Suri’s knee closed and left no traces of the incident. “And that... should do it.” He said with a hint of pride. The tears in the boy's eyes disappeared with awe at what had happened then changed to one of happiness. “Thanks mister!” he said with glee as the other kids gave an applause.

“Don’t do it again, Got it? That goes for all of you.”
He said with a faint yawn and scratched the back of his head.


A few more hours passed until eventually it was time for them to go. Omoiyari seemed please to see none of them were harmed and gave a word of thanks to the Nara. As the the class walked off, the small boy, Suri and the pudgy girl who he didn’t happen to get the name of waved back at him with smiles.

“One good deed for the day… And it was exhausting. Why do I do this?...”

-Word Count: 885/600-
285 WC Left

Perception Rank up
E ~> E-1, 75/75
E-1 ~> E-2, 150/150
60 Words left over.


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