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Field Trip:
Mission name: Field trip to the Pool
Mission rank: D
Objective: A class of Academy students are going to the pool for a field trip - ensure that no pranks or accidents occur while they are there.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 80 Ryo
Mission description: It's swim day for the academy; and the teachers are requesting extra help as the weather is extremely nice and the kids are rowdier than normal.
Mission details: Nothing too difficult; just make sure that they do their laps and done damage any of the equipment at the facility.

Sunadokei had initially groaned upon being given her current assignment, it was hardly a real mission, only one step above a common chore. Being tasked with watching over a class of Academy students while their teacher took them to the pool. It was degrading, she thought to herself, even for a lowly genin. Instead of helping deliver precious information, clear out a den of savage wild beasts, or anything that actually benefitted the village, Sunadokei would instead be spending her afternoon as a glorified life guard. Still, she mused to herself, it was basically being paid to take a break for the day. Sure she wouldn’t be the one enjoying the pool but at least it’d be hassle free time in the sun, at least she hoped.

The buxom Akimichi woman was keenly aware she’d be tasked with monitoring young children today, so she’d dressed for the occasion, donning her least revealing swimsuit. Even still, it was a rather revealing piece of attire, leaving precious little to the imagination. A solid one piece suit, made of highly elastic latex. Slim straps slid over Sunadokei’s narrow shoulders, working in tandem with the high neckline to avoid any of the usual cleavage the woman tended to flaunt. It still managed to hug every generous curve and proudly display the massive swell of Sunadokei’s tremendous bust. Oh well, some things simply couldn’t be avoided. The bathing suit left the genin’s arms bare, same for the legs up to the top of her thigh. Bright red in color with the Akimichi kanji, food, displayed in white across the back. Sunadokei looked quite the sight, especially for something so mundane.

Grabbing her backpack, Sunadokei rummaged through a drawer of her closet dresser, retrieving sun tan lotion, sunblock, sunglasses, waterproof nail polish, waterproof lipgloss, and several large  towels to neatly shove into her bag. The curvaceous shinobi quickly tossed on her sunglasses, slipped into her beach sandals, and embarked out the door. Traveling swiftly across rooftops, she soon arrived at her destination, a municipal pool not far from the Academy. Sunadokei was thankful she’d arrived early, even if only for a few minutes. It gave her a chance to double check her appearance and make sure she was presentable for both children and teacher. A few quick inspections later and an adjustment to her hair or two, and Sunadokei was looking like one hell of a sexy lifeguard, though a lifeguard all the same.

Soon the sound of children laughing and the clatter of dozens of sets of footsteps could be heard over the background noise of the bustling village. The visage of one of the teachers came into view, a slender young woman who couldn’t have been more than a few years older than Sunadokei. She was smiling happily, leading her class as they walked in an unruly line behind her. A second woman, closer to Sunadokei’s mother in age walked at the rear. She had greying hair and a slight scowl on her sharp face. Eyes keenly watching her class like a mother hawk inspecting its nest, making sure no child wandered off. Between the two women more than sixty children in total, all looking to be anywhere from about eight years old at the youngest to ten years old at the oldest. Sunadokei hadn’t expected quite so many, though it did make sense, there wasn’t much need for a genin to help out unless the number of students was truly overwhelming. Sunadokei let out a sigh upon that realization, leaning against a tree near the entrance to the pool’s entrance building, relaxing under the shade of the tree was as long as time would allow.

Slowly the procession of students made its way up to the building’s front entrance, and the mob of students began to congregate. Sunadokei felt a fair few sets of eyes on her chest, she could knew it was expected, the twins tended to get plenty of stares. She folded her arms over her expansive bust, blowing a lock of hair out of her eyes before moving to greet the teachers. “Hello.” Said the younger one, extending a hand to shake. “You must be the genin we requested, sorry to keep you waiting.” Sunadokei took her acquaintance's hand and shook firmly, the woman gesturing to her class once they’d finished. “We took a little longer than expected, it’s difficult keeping a head count with just the two of us.” Sunadokei just nodded, patiently waiting her turn to speak.

The second teacher, the elder, stepped forward after silently finishing counting her students under her breath. All were in tow it seemed, and her posture seemed to relax a bit. “I’m Mrs. Igawata, I teach the third year students.” She said simply, matter of factly no less as she extended her own hand to shake. Sunadokei again returned the gesture, locking eyes with her opposite. “And this is Ms. Kajimi. She’s the teacher for the second years, and very thankful you could be here.” Sunadokei nodded, giving her new friends a kind hearted smile before opening her mouth to speak. “And I’m Sunadokei Akimichi, the Genin assigned to you for today. I’ll be happy to help you, I can’t imagine how unruly all these students can get, even without the pool.” Sunadokei’s gaze turned to her charges, most of the children looked well behaved enough. Though some were already making faces and pushing around their fellow classmates. “Well…” Sunadokei said to the teachers, shifting back to face them. “Might as well get down to business, no sense standing around outside on such a lovely day.” The two agreed, and with that they were off.

Sunadokei passed on through the entrance building, signing her name in with the front desk along with confirming the school’s reservation slot before departing through the changing rooms. She was already in her bikini, so the woman simply passed on through out the other side and into the pool area proper. The facilities could house a thousand or so guests across a single large pool, though for today they were reserved for the Academy field trip. Sunadokei made her way to the lifeguard tower, setting down her backpack at the base. As she worked at applying a healthy layer of sunblock the students began to file in. They had all changed into their swimwear at lightning pace, walking briskly to the edge of the pool. Sunadokei slipped on her sunglasses and began climbing up the ladder to take her seat. Even as she was doing so the students had already begun entering the pool. The cautious ones dipping their feet in the water, a few shivering at the tepid water. Others, more reckless and high energy, jumping and diving into the pool, ignoring any freezing sensation in the name of fun. Sunadokei chuckled lightly to herself as several popped up immediately, shouting and exclaiming how cold the water was.

As she took her seat at the tower, Sunadokei lowered her enormous round rump into the snug chair. It hardly fit, which wasn’t unusual, but it still made for a slightly awkward sit. Sunadokei could feel the soft fat of her wide hips and prominent rear spilling out the sides of her chair. Either way, she crossed her legs and went about slowly painting her nails as  the buxom genin watched the students still funneling into the water out the corner of her eye. It was humorous noting how most of the girls favored caution, the boys opting for the carefree approach. It didn’t take long for them to all make their way in, slowly fanning out to claim as much watery territory as they could. Some had pool noodles, others beach balls, and a few brought large inflatable inner tubes, clearly the latter intent on lounging too.

The teachers sat on the benches off to the sides, watching the pool vigilantly, more so than Sunadokei did at least. They were kids in a pool after all, what could go wrong? They were just kids being kids after all. It seemed a little too rambunctious today though, as Sunadokei watched several of the boys play fighting in the water. She called out to them, telling them to cut it out. The two stopped immediately, frightening by the commanding voice of the annoyed genin. She wanted to relax and enjoy her day in the sun, not spend it bosses these kids into line. Sunadokei returned to polishing her nails, starting with her left hand and taking things slow to ensure maximum quality as she applied  the violet coloring. Sunadokei was interrupted by a volley ball nearly colliding with her head. Her lightning fast reflexes kicked in, and with her free hand she smacked the ball out of midair. It landed on the opposite end of the pool, and Sunadokei looked down with an angry glare at the ground of students below.

“Who threw that at me?” She said sternly, slowly putting the cap back on her nail polish. The students’ fingers immediately pointed to one of their cohorts. A scrawny kid with blue eyes and a mop of blonde hair. “He did!” the boys friends called out at once, and the culprit lowered his head in shame. “I thought it’d be funny…” He said meekly, twiddling his fingers as he spoke. “Funny huh? Attacking a shinobi is technically an act of war, if we were from different villages I’d be forced to attack you now. Did you want that?” Sunadokei asked harshly, raising herself up from her seat. “No Miss Sunadokei.” The boy said, still averting his gaze. “Good. can’t take it back now.” Sunadokei said menacingly, leaping high up into the air. She quickly formed her hands into the symbols for a ram, then the special seal. “Multi-Size Jutsu, Expansion Jutsu!” She cried out, her belly ballooning into a massive round sphere of fat three meters across.

The children looked up in horror and awe as the now gigantic genin balloon hung in the air like a human moon for a moment, before beginning to come crashing down with tremendous force. Sunadokei impacted the water like a literal ton of bricks, sending a huge wave of water crashing across the pool knocking down the mischievous students while others were swept aside by the wave. The spherical shinobi emerged like a naval buoy, bouncing up to the surface of the water with a pleased grin on her face. The trouble making students stood speechless, and Sunadokei performed the release handsigns, her body rapidly deflating back to it’s usual curvaceous size. Without much of a second thought Sunadokei swam back to the edge of the pool, climbing out the ladder and returning to her perch atop the lifeguard tower.

After her display, Sunadokei received no further trouble from the students occupying the pool below. Some came up to ask questions, to which the woman happily replied as she resumed painting her fingernails. Most of the children though simply resumed their poolside playing, wary of stepping out of line. Sunadokei couldn’t help but chuckle, she’d looked up at the shinobi in awe that way before, that cautious sense of awe as they demonstrated the power of chakra and a well trained body. She herself was barely above an initiate stage as a D-Rank Genin, and even her mild control of her true abilities had whipped the school children into shape instantly. If only it were always that easy, oh well.

Sunadokei spend the remainder of the afternoon working on her tan, resting atop her lifeguard’s tower. As well as gorging herself on snacks, consuming the full contents of several vending machines in an hours long binge. It left her feeling sleepy but content, and mercifully nothing else occurred that required her full attention. Sunadokei even dozed off briefly, though her ninja ears were finely honed for the sounds of distress. When she awoke the children were beginning to shuffle out of the pool, being ushered out of the water by their teachers and directed back towards the changing rooms. Sunadokei hopped down from her seat with a mighty jiggling in her bust, turning sharply on her heels to head the same way. She stretched her arms and crossed them behind her head, satisfied knowing another day, another mission, just like it ought to be. When Sunadokei emerged back at the entrance to the pool the teachers were waiting, rounding up their respective classes and going about a head count.

The two teachers stepped forward once all their students were assembled, giving the ninja a short bow before beginning to speak. “Thank you so much for your help today Miss Sunadokei, the children have never been better behaved. We’ll be sure to put in a glowing recommendation for you when we get back to the Academy.” Sunadokei blushed slightly, rubbing her hand over the back of her head. “Well, thank you.  I’m not sure what to say ha! Just doing my duty I guess, for the record it was pretty fun. I even got to do the cannonball of the century.” The teachers themselves gave a short laugh, before regaining their composure and each giving a short bow. “Alright well, you take care Miss Sunadokei, it best we start head back now, the sun’s starting to get low.” The elder teacher turned to her students, ushering them into a group. “Alright, come along students, we’re heading back home. I want us there back before sunset.” With that the children begrudgingly began to shuffle back into line. The group began to make their way back down the street, teachers at the front and rear of the procession. Sunadokei watched for a while, sighing contently before turning to head home, musing on what she’d buy to eat with her reward money.

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Word Count: 2,340
D-Rank Mission: 600/600
Strength from E-0 to D-0: 750/750
Speed from E-0 to D-0: 750/750
Endurance from E-0 to E-2: 225/225

Remaining Word Count: 2,340-600-750-750-225=15


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