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Discover the Pervert:
Mission name: Discover the Pervert
Mission rank: D
Objective: Go undercover as a cashier in store and find out why so many employees have been quitting their jobs after a few days.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 80 ryo
Mission description: A store owner has requested help in finding out why - in only one of his three stores - newly hired employees are quitting within a couple days. Go undercover as a new employee, find and report the problem.
Mission details: The source of the problem is the store manager, who is in charge when the store owner is busy tending to his other two stores. He is a major pervert, and will do little actions like grope new employees and make 'subtle' suggestive comments. By abusing his authority, he threatens new employees into silence by saying that he will blacklist them and make sure they don't get another job if they tell anyone about his actions. Upon discovering that he is the problem, you may deal with him how you wish without seriously injuring him, then report back to the store owner.

This mission… Sunadokei had reservations about the prospect of this mission. Tasked to go undercover at a convenience store, she couldn’t decide if it was more humiliating or more degrading. The only reason she’d undertaken the task was Sunadokei had been promised she could eat as much as she wanted while undercover. It was a tempting offer, one her rumbling belly couldn’t ignore. She silently cursed her gluttonous nature, even as she prepared her seventh sandwich of the hour. The Akimichi woman wasn’t going to turn down free food, and at the rate she was going she’d soon be outgrowing her already uncomfortably tight work uniform. Already her top was getting incredibly tight around to belly and bust, her pants doing the same at the hips and thighs. Sunadokei didn’t much mind it, though she was beginning to feel obscene, a small price to pay for a full belly.

Thus far her mission was a rather lackluster spectacle. Sunadokei was more concerned with pilfering as much food as she could without raising suspicions. She was supposed to be looking for the reason new employees kept quitting after only a few days, though so far only thing wrong with the place she could find was there were too many customers for Sunadokei to sneak away from the register to get herself some of the fresh baked donuts. They were taunting her from across the room. “This has got to be easiest mission ever.” She mused to herself, making change for a customer as they paid for their food. “I’m being paid to eat for free, and all I have to do is work the register.” Sunadokei hadn’t found any particular reason someone would want to quit. The air conditioning worked great, the food was delicious, the store not too busy, and the customers friendly. The Akimichi woman had a long shift ahead of her, and she wasn’t much pressed to actually investigate until she was actually feeling full. Given Sunadokei’s nature… that was going to take quite a long while.

Sunadokei was happily humming a tune to herself, going about her work when a small bell at the front door of the store chimed to announce a new arrival. The buxom shinobi looked up, catching sight of her manager. He gave the woman a wide eyed stare, letting out a long whistle as the man turned on the balls of his feet and began walking her way. Sunadokei raised an eyebrow, not unused to such displays from men. It was...a rare day she didn’t get catcalls on a regular basis. Still, this one seemed different, though she couldn’t much put her mind on why. Trying to ignore it Sunadokei returned to her work, organizing the register and jotting down a list of the last transactions in a ledger that sat on the counter. She might be a self indulging glutton, but if nothing else she would be diligent in this task. It would only reflect poorly on Sunadokei if she completed her mission but did a terrible job in her undercover position. So the woman continued to focus at the task at hand, setting aside any lingering feelings as she returned to her work.

The manager began to slink across the store, avoiding direct line of sight. Moving behind the aisles and keeping away from the customers as he slowly moved towards Sunadokei. The woman vaguely caught him out the corner of her eyes, paying him no mind. Mr. Nethai was certainly a character, the man was of no significant stature. He stood slightly taller than Sunadokei, though he was portly and not in a good way. He boasted a second chin, a large bulbous nose, and a greasy beard to cover the fat of his neck. The man seemed perpetually sweaty, having a greasiness about his hair. Not that he had that much to begin with, Mr. Nethai was balding and wore his greying black hair in an ill suited comb over. If Sunadokei had a week and an unlimited budget, she still didn’t think she could make something presentable out of him.

As the man moved closer towards Sunadokei a chill began to creep up her spine, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something strange was going on. She could hear the man breathing heavily even though he was still an aisle or so away. Like he was almost, panting, like some kind of overworked dog. It was increasingly unsettling, it made Sunadokei consider leaving the room. “How bad could one guy be though?” She told herself, still trying to brush off the sinking feeling in her stomach as nothing more than mild indigestion. Her hand moved to pat down her distended midsection, a soft round bump from an day of snacking and a large lunch break. Maybe those sandwiches were older than she thought the labels said they were?

Sunadokei’s manager continued to move like a snake in an ill fitting suit towards her register. He brushed up behind her, and a chill shot up her spine. She could feel his… hand, brushed up against the fat of her voluminous round ass. Anger began to bubble up inside Sunadokei, though she buried it with every fiber of her being. A slow exhale of air left the woman’s nostrils as they flared out in anger, and the curvaceous shinobi gritted her teeth in thinly veiled anger as she turned to address the man. His hand sliding from her voluptuous ass to to the feminine prominence of her wide fertile hips as she did. “Is there something you’re enjoying Mr. Nethai, can I help you with anything today?” She spoke as sweetly and alluringly as she could given the circumstances, pressing herself against the man tenderly.

“Mmm.... Miss Sunadokei, has anyone ever told you how amazing you feel? I could just squeeze you all…” The man was visibly drooling as he pinched at the Akimichi woman’s hips, slowly sliding his hands up her frame towards the massive expanse of her bust. Sunadokei’s hands shot out lightning fast before the pervert’s had even a sliver of a chance of reaching their destination. She clenched hard, and felt her fingers dig into the soft flesh of the man’s larger hands. He let out a short scream and Sunadokei quickly covered his mouth. A wide grin crossed her face as she gazed up into his eyes. The eyes of a coward, instantly worried for his own safety, fearful of the woman he had crossed and what she was going to do to him now. The manager tried to squirm away, but found Sunadokei’s iron grip too strong, an expertise in Taijutsu giving her superhuman strength compared to one not trained in the shinobi ways.

“Something...uncomfortable, Mr. Nethai?” Sunadokei cooed out her words, smiling with childish mirth as she squeezed her hand harder, though hard enough to fracture any bones. Her captured prey writhed in pain, moaning in horror beneath his hand covered mouth. Tears of pain welling in his terrified eyes. “Good. Now listen here you creepy sack of shit. This is what I’m gonna do, and I’m only going to tell you once. I’m going to let you go, and you’re going to stand here like a good little man. I’m gonna eat as much food as I physically can, and you’re going to pay for it out of pocket. After that, I’m hauling your ass back to the store’s owner and telling him you’re the reason for all of this trouble. Then I’m going to haul you off to the Hokage’s office so the justice system can sort you out. Understand? Nod once for yes.”

The now terrified manager nodded instantly once Sunadokei’s sentence was through, and she smiled with almost malicious glee. “Good. Then we have a deal.” Sunadokei licked at her plump rosy lips, mentally doing inventory on her coming feast. What followed suit was a veritable monument to gluttony, with Sunadokei at it’s center. The already plump shinobi spent the next hour or so gorging herself to capacity, eating until her curves had swelled to obscene portions. She was left licking her fingers happily as the store was in a state of near total obliteration of its inventory. And the best part was not a single ryo of it was on Sunadokei’s dime, her sufficiently threatened captive had footed the bill through fear of a proper beating.

With her self indulging pleasure fulfilled, Sunadokei carted her manager off to the store owner, the man who had actually sought out the contract to figure out why his new employee’s were quitting in the first place. He was at one of his other stores today, and Sunadokei knew exactly which one given the scheduling. She arrived at the front door, barely able to squeeze her vast figure through the door frame. With a slight pop the woman bounced through, with an obscene amount of jiggling in her curves. Mr. Nethai reached out for one last attempted pinch, and Sunadokei responded with an iron palmed slap across his face. The man’s face now bore a bright red hand print right over his left cheek. Sunadokei proceeded to almost literally drag him into the store owner’s office.

Once the two arrived the swollen shinobi tossed her quarry down on the floor and planted a foot on his back to pin him to the ground. “What is the meaning of this!?” Decried the confused store owner as he looked up from his ledgers. “And...Sunadokei what happened to you, you look...bigger!?” The Akimichi woman shrugged off the comment, merely stating “I had a big dinner, your manager here paid for it. Also, he’s the reason your staff keep quitting. Groped my ass within five minutes of catching a glimpse of me standing at the register. Right Mr. Nethai? Perhaps you should confirm my story with your boss.”

The man nodded instantly, yelping as Sunadokei’s foot pressed down firmer on him. “Ow ow, ok, alright! Yes, I might have… AAAHHHH! I mean, I did. I did grope Sunadokei, I just couldn’t help it. I mean...have you looked at that ass, and that rack, and that everything.” Sunadokei smirked at his words, taking praise where praise was given. The store owner rubbed at his brow, disgusted in his employee. “This is...incredibly troubling. Jeharo here has been working with me for a decade. I remember the day I hired him like it was yesterday. Either way, I’m glad you were able to figure this out so quickly Miss Sunadokei, even if you had to be subjected to this pervert’s behavior to complete your mission.” The owner seemed thoroughly disappointed in his associate's behavior, and wore his displeasure openly on his face like a mask.

Sunadokei gave a short bow. “It was no problem at all sir, and the meal I got to eat more than made up for any misgivings our friend here caused. Now, if you don’t mind I have to haul this man off for processing. I’ll leave you to work on the paper work. I expect a positive review.” The buxom beauty said, blowing a kiss as she hoisted up Nethais like a sack of potatoes. “Of course, only the highest marks for one so efficient.” Replied her employer, immediately beginning to scratch down some things on a fresh sheet of paper. Sunadokei smirked, nodding briefly before turning to lead her captive out of the room. They had a long walk ahead, and she could stand to walk off some of those calories. It was going to be a dull afternoon filling out paperwork while they put the man through criminal processing. Oh well, free food and another easy mission under her belt. Sunadokei wouldn’t have things any other way.

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Word Count: 2,010
D-Rank Mission: 600/600
Endurance from E-2 to D-0: 525/525
Perception from E-0 to D-0: 750/750
Endurance from E-0 to E-1: 75/75

Remaining Word Count: 2,010-600-525-750-75=60


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