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1 Sakkaku, Kaiya [Plot Tracker] on Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:44 pm




Sakkaku, Kaiya

Alias: Kai
Age: 18
Sex: Hermaphrodite / Intersexed
Gender: Gender Fluid
Sexuality: Pansexual


  • Name: Daichi
    Age: 43
    General Appearance: Middle aged, though appears slightly older than he is. He typically wears a dark brown T-shirt and beige pants. Over the shirt he wears a Sunagakure flak jacket. Over this he often wears a desert cloak. He has dark brown hair that is visibly greying with his age.
    Personality: While once a more proud and honorable man, he has lost some degree of self respect through the years. He's more sloppy than he once was and now shows no real ambition. In short what drive he once had had fizzled out leaving him an eternal chuunin with no hope of desire for promotion.
    Motivations: Gambling. Making enough money to get by. Escaping the world.
    Fears: Reality mostly. Losing Kaiya, looking his wife.
    Abilities: Typical chuunin abilities. He's not particularly skillful. Typical chuunin really.
    Other: Known gambling addict.

  • Name: Keiko
    Age: 42
    General Appearance: Keiko is rather unkempt, with long black that has taken a slightly wispy texture recently. She looks rather typical. Painfully average perhaps. And if it were not for the unhealthy, almost silvery look of her skin, and her wispy hair, she could look very normal. To those with experience with lesser known drugs, she shows signs of a long-standing addiction to Locus. Here eyes even seem to have slowly lost their previous brown color, looking closer to beige than anything. If one wasn't aware of her status as a drug addict, they might guess that she was battling some life-long illness.
    Personality: Keiko is rather odd. It's almost as if she has some mental disorders. It's more to do with years of abusing euphoric and hallucinogenic drugs. She can loose touch with reality and forget how much time has passed. She's been known, in some of her bigger trips, to forget it's been 14 years since her son died. It's hard to interpret her personality with her so often on drugs.
    Motivations: Escape the past. Be happy again. More Locus. Keiko refuses to accept and properly grove for the son that does 14 years ago.
    Fears: Loss, and accepting that Natsu is gone.
    Abilities: Civilian
    Other: Known addict to Locus.

  • Name: Natsu Deceased
    Age: 4
    General Appearance: Typical 4 year old.
    Personality: Typical 4 year old for the most part
    Motivations: N/A
    Fears: Monsters under the bed.
    Abilities: Civilian child.
    Other: Kaiya’s fraternal twin brother.

Lover: Yonokaze, Li

Friends: Sabaku, Ren
Acquaintances: Wind, Lyralei, Myugan, Ryu

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