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Morning was rising at the Kazako clinic. The sun may just be getting started but the clan was busy with their chores since everyone awoke half an hour ago. They had to make sure everything was in good order and clean for the couple of patients that stay the nights and those that may be coming in soon. But when everyone in the clinic chips in then the long lists of tasks can be knocked off quickly and efficiently. This morning Harichimo was going around and making sure the clinical rooms were stocked with the supplies they needed. The bandages, gauze, medical thread, and medical gloves were all on the list for this morning. He would have to wait a bit for the merchant they bought their supplies from would open their stand for business so he would take the time to have some breakfast. Harichimo was sitting in the communal kitchen and enjoying some eggs he had made for himself. Dishes weren't his task for the morning so he didn't mind going for the extra effort. Some simple scrambled eggs with a couple slices of toast would make a nice breakfast to fill him up. He would sit down at one of the long tables and look out the window as his sister was raking the rock garden outside. Harichimo would just chuckle that it wasn't his turn to bust his back with all that. He saw his brother come in to the kitchen as well and looked over to see him working on the dishes. At least it wasn't their mother this time, she always got a bit upset when Harichimo would hand her is plates right when she had finished cleaning what was left from overnight.

Harichimo would be quick to finish his breakfast and set his plate next to the sink for his brother. He had to make his way to his room to grab his bag for the shopping trip. He slung the bag so the strap went from his left shoulder around to his right side so the bag was resting on his side. He had to make one last trip around the clinic to see where everyone was before he left. He stopped int he kitchen again to look out onto the inner garden and see his sister finishing up her chore. He looked to the side and say his mother and father were in charge of the plants today. Now seeing that everyone was awake he would make his way to the lobby of the clinic where the open door frame let his see the village as they were just waking up as well. Quite a site with the early glow of the sky to create a beautiful backdrop. He would exit the clinic and start his way towards the bazaar square where the merchant he needed to visit would be.

It would take a bit before he would finally come to the bazaar but it seemed the merchant was running late. Well that isn't right. He must be behind schedule or something. This guy is always first here since he knows how our clinic works. Meh whatever. Gives me a chance to sit and enjoy the square while it is empty." Harichimo would set the duffle bag on a nearby bench as he would take his muay thai stance and start doing some stretches to loosen himself up after the walk. It feels so nice to be back in the swing of things. The village is finally settling back down and here I am enjoying life with little to no worries. Hopefully something comes up soon with sensei. I wonder how Karumo is doing with his training. Meh what do I care? Nothing scheduled for today so it is my day.



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