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1 time to rest[open/no kill] on Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:56 am

Razor Namizake

Razor Namizake

Razor woke up with a soreness in his muscles he could barley walk let alone train. So he decided to make a trip to the hot springs. As he arrived he got undressed and got in the hot spring. He could already feel the famous spring working wonders for him. The stiffness started to leave and he started to feel at peace.


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2 Re: time to rest[open/no kill] on Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:43 am


Shibirin was heading back towards the hidden leaf village, after his short training session near the naraka river. He decided on the way, to stop by the hot springs, after all, he hadn't relaxed in a while. It had been just training, sparring, training and more taining with him, he didn't give himself enough time to just relax.

He came to the hot springs and made his way inside. He walked along the stepping stones and saw the heads of many, submereged within the water, probably to cover their nakedness. It was no secret that most men and women that visited the place, bathed naked. Shibirin found an empty hot bath and decided to use that one. He took off all three of his katana and set them aside, right att he edge of the bath. He didn't want them stolen like the last time he missused his Genko blade. He then took off is shirt, followed by his shoes, pants then finally he hoped in and relaxed his body.

He sat in the bath with his arms extending out along the edge, crossed back and surppoting his neck. He slowly closed his eyes and put himself at ease. He could hear the chirping of birds, he quite liked it, though he wished his team mate Rikuto was here right now so that he could play Shibirin a lovely tune and hopefully put him to sleep. Yes, the sound of a calm, ocarina tune sounded perfect for this moment, but the birds will have to do.

He then got out of the hot spring and got dressed, before heading home

((had to end it here, my character is out of Konoha))

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