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Dang it. Of all things Kashizudoto was being assigned to, it was catching a village prankster. The offense wasn't even that major: just some graffiti on the walls of the administration building, yet they wanted a shinobi like him to take care of it? If anything, this was just public protest against the inefficient Konoha bureaucracy. Instead of catching this prankster and punishing him, why not fix the system at its core?

He came wearing his usual green jacket coupled with a white undershirt. On his forehead was his Konoha hitae-ate, as he was on an official mission as a Konoha ninja. On the left side of his average shinobi pants was a small pouch where he kept one kunai and three shuriken. Not much else to talk about his appearance; he wasn't too worried about that kind of stuff.

So latest reports revealed that this kid was sighted in the market district, bad news for all the vendors. So Kashizudoto therefore hurriedly arrived, to see an unfamiliar scene. Lines of stands were sprayed with graffiti. Ok, so this was bad. With his ace eye, he spotted the culprit jumping from the roofs of various stands, spraying indiscriminately as he want. Kashizudoto thought it would be appropriate to catch him by surprise. So he began to trail the boy silently but quickly on the rooftops of the market stands. Suddenly, when he was about 3 meters away from the boy, the prankster figured out that he was being trailed.

"You'll never catch me alive!" said the prankster as he stopped spraying and focused on running. While it wasn't great that he was caught, he was still close enough at this point to catch the boy.

As they ran, Kashizudoto weaved the hand seals Dragon → Rat → Horse → Tiger. The signs for Ninja Art: Tile Shuriken. As the name suggests, the technique was originally invented solely for the purpose of attacking using roof tiles, only expanded later on to be useful in the weaponization of all surroundings - not just tiles. Therefore, it was only natural to use this technique to stop the prankster, although it would certainly hurt. Ten roof tiles were plucked indiscriminately (to the dismay of the vendors), compressed into shuriken, levitated, and thrown at the prankster all at once. Given the boy's E-rank skills, he was hit by all ten tile shuriken and fell off the roof of a stand. Kashizudoto jumped down to apprehend the prankster.

"Well, I've got you now," Kashizudoto commented as he picked up the prankster, much to the boy's dismay. He could only wonder what motives this boy had in destroying other people's property. He understood vandalizing the village administration building, but not the act of destroying the private property of innocent vendors.

"Let me go!" shouted the boy in frustration, "You'll regret it when I become Hokage!"

Hokage? This boy wanted to be Hokage some day, eh? Kashizudoto couldn't blame him. This boy wasn't really half bad; he just wanted some attention.

"Hmmm... What do you say about going out and grabbing some ramen before I turn you in? offered Kashizudoto, "It'll be on me."

The boy seemed to forget his worries upon hearing about ramen, his face lighting up as he said, "Ramen! AWESOME!"

So Kashizudoto took the boy to Ichiraku's Ramen Stand, where he would proceed to fix the problem at its source: he'd give that kid the attention that he needed. Then, of course, he'd have to hand him in to the Konoha authorities to complete the mission.

WC: 605

Chakra: 140/150
Ninja Art: Tile Shuriken:

Name: Ninja Art: Tile Shuriken (忍法・瓦手裏剣 ~ Ninpō: Kawara Shuriken)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: Can make shuriken from any point 4m from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: By making a string of hand seals (Dragon → Rat → Horse → Tiger), the user extends their chakra to nearby objects; they can be flat, such as tiles for shuriken, or longer items can be used as kunai. These are then compressed, sharpened, and levitated all at the same time; then, they are launched at the target. While the user cannot control them beyond this point, the utility of this technique being able to weaponize the surroundings is a very handy tool. The objects used can pierce up to 3/4 inch into the target; up to 10 objects can be turned into weapons.


Mission: 600/600
Leftover WC: 5


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