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I was hungry, mid-day cravings did that. Maybe cold and tasty? Sugary even? Maybe a smoothie? Or perhaps some sort of shake? Topped with whipped cream? Better yet, ice cream. I caught myself drooling like a starved child. I wiped it away with my hand and quickly rushed away to the bathroom. I took a long sigh, just as I finished drying my hands. My mother was sprawled out on the kitchen floor muttering random things to herself. "Dear mother, have you gone insane?" I asked, as it was part concern but mostly a joke. She groaned loudly and stared at me grumpily. "Sugar. . .ice. . .anything! I'm over here burning up!" I sighed, opening the freezer and putting ice cubes into a glass, which I then filled with water. I went to her side, pushing the glass just next to her. She drank it down with no mercy and groaned again, much louder. "I'm getting out of this house and getting fresh air. . .besides, it's supposed to be colder outside. . .and I do need to shop."

"May I come with you? It's been a while since I went to the market in particular." I asked, a sweet smile on my face. She seemed to think for a moment before nodding gently and forcing herself up onto her feet. I rushed to my room, yes, a chance to finally get some shopping down, and possibly satisfy my craving for ice cold sweets. I put on all of my clothing, from my boots all the way to my dress. I attached my Katana to my side and by the time I got out the room, my mother was already gone. I was silently questioning my mother's abilities to go out either wearing nothing but her indoor clothing or dress faster than I could ever undress.

I walked out the door and locked it behind me, hearing the soft click of it locking. It was colder outside, but I couldn't tell for certain. I didn't care too much about the exact temperature, but it was just between nice and unbearable. I reached the market place after a bit of time, after dodging several crowds of shopping villagers. But soon after I finally spotted a woman even closely resembling my mother, it felt like Rush Hour. I was quickly crammed into a section of the market and could hardly process what was going on. I knew I shouldn't hurt others just to make a path for myself, so as soon as I reached a door, I quickly opened it and hoped for the best to happen in this type of scenario.

I fell into the building, my eyes initially closed due to my fear. Instead of odd noises or something weird happening, I heard a few voices say "Are you alright?". I opened my eyes to a trio young woman offering their hands to me. I took one and quickly apologized for making them have to help me up. Saying a thank you soon afterward. The woman brushed everything off and exited the shop, gossiping, and chattering. I took a good look at my situation, it was simply a busy cafe. "Welcome to Kou's Sweets, Miss. Can you please follow me to a seat?" another young woman said, proudly showing her bright smile. Kou's cafe huh? It sounded pretty sweet, ice cream. . .mochi.

Wait, what? I quickly glanced outside, beginning to say I was just popping in. That was, until I saw just how many people were just outside. I sighed, "Sure mam," She lead me to a small booth and I sat down cautiously, watching her write on her notepad then offer another smile. "Um, do you serve Mochi?" Just the thoughts of the confection made me want to drool. "Yes, of course, ​we do. What about a drink?" Green tea, come on brain, green tea. "Just some water." Curse you brain, don't let the other healthy side win next time. She wrote it down and excused herself, rushing off to the kitchen. Kou's Sweets. . .yummy.



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It was just another day at the cafe. The snow haired Nara boy was sitting behind the counter of the cafe, observing people going about their daily lives and writing about it in his notebook with a sleep, inconsistent pace. If one were to gaze into his eyes they would in turn see the look of somebody who constantly looks as if they hadn't gotten enough sleep. Some people gave him odd glares occasionally, or left altogether when they became too unnerved to dwell on the notion that a member of the cafe's staff was just sitting there, taking notes on them.

Every now and again a customer would come up to the counter to pay for their food and beverages. When that happened, Lumyr would gladly undergo the age-old ritual of trade: taking the money they owed the cafe, and then giving back whatever extra they had paid him in the appropriate change. Something so complex, now so streamlined in the modern times, had become so simplistic that even this sleepy-eyed boy could undergo the ritual with ease.

That was when he noticed a girl roughly his age stumble into the cafe.

Quite the entrance, he thought to himself. He pulled out his notebook and opened it to a new page, adding in point form a note on the blank page that simply said "might have the tendency to be clumsy".

With that, and after dealing with a few more customers, decided he was curious about the girl. After all, she was a ninja like him. Perhaps even a Genin. With any luck he could get to know someone of his rank.

He began to move away from the counter, running his left hand along its smooth oak surface as he did, tapping his fingers in rhythm. Yet, he hadn't stood up as he moved. From the other side of the counter, it appeared as if he was hovering in a sitting position. And yet, how could a boy like him know levitation? Was he some advanced prodigy, powerful beyond his years?

The answer became clear to any curious individuals who weren't aware the moment his whole body was visible and he had made his way towards the girl.

His greatest mistake in life, which now served as what he believed to be his greatest strength. A grim reminder of a person of grand arrogance that he had left behind - or tried to.

Indeed, the young aspiring ninja was confined to a wheelchair. The one thing that a ninja had above all others - their versatile and supernatural movement capabilities - was forever lost to him. Or was it forever? In the boy's mind, he could find a solution some day.

For the moment though, the boy began to wheel himself over to the girl who had ordered. Lumyr at this point in time was wearing a loose grey kimono that slightly exposed his chest, and sandals that dangled from his feet as if they could fall off at any moment. His white hair was shaggy as he let the wind decide his hairstyle for the day. Attached to the sash of his kimono was an ANBU mask - a remnant of his grandfather rather than his own mask, but people often got confused upon seeing the mask regardless.

Wandering his way over, he stopped a few feet away from the booth which she was awaiting her sweets at.

"Nasty fall, hmm?" he said with a warm smile and slightly tired eyes.

He gestured his hand to the seat directly across from her in the booth, and then looked back at her.

"Mind if I take a seat? My parents run this place and I've been handling customers all day. Even a guy like me needs a break every now and again."

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I didn't even notice him until he began to come towards me. How was I even able to miss a person with white hair? It's hardly common. It didn't take too long to even notice. This male was not walking and it didn't seem as if he would even walk again. His sandals seemed to encourage this further. For if he was just using the wheelchair by temporary means, then he should likely be wearing a cast. But he wasn't, it was just a pair of sandals. He was wearing a dull colored kimono, perhaps to blend in with everyone else despite his likely traumatic experience that resulted in the loss of his legs. Perhaps, he just wanted to belong with everyone else he hanged around with? And now, he got me intrigued. I wanted to find out what happened, and it would likely have to have me dig under a layer of emotions. Unless he was ignorant. If he was ignorant about his condition, then maybe it wouldn't be too hard to chip into his story. His hair was also lazily put together, and his eyes looked tired. Or maybe just lazy? But something caught me again, the mask just next to him. A heirloom? Maybe he was previously an ANBU? Perhaps behind that young looking face, he was older than he appeared to be.

He stopped just short of the booth I was in. He mentioned my fall and gave me a warm smile, a joke no less. I shook it off, it was merely a joke, not an insult. Now with him closer than before, he did look more tired than just lazy. And seeing how he got himself all the way over here, wasn't lazy at all. I smiled right back at him softly. "Sorry, it's just that a big crowd of people kept pushing me off to the sides of different buildings so I had no real choice but to open a door and hope for the best," I said, still surprised at the literal fury the villagers had pushed me with. You'd think they were being chased down by bears. Suddenly, his hand pointed to my booth and I paid mind. Did he want to sit? Or warn me about something? He asked to sit down next to me, as he was taking a break. I nodded softly, before realizing, I should probably ask if he needed some help. I smiled softly once more, "Pardon me if you don't need any, but would you like some help? And also. . .my name is Kazeyama Ashiko in case you were wondering."

I was aiming to avoid talking about helping him. Because some people who were crippled refused help and also wanted to do things by themselves. Others always took help, basking in everyone's pity. And the rest only took help when they knew they couldn't do it, to lessen the weight on everyone else who they may come across in life.  But this question would really narrow down his personality. Did you need help for the attention, or did you need it because it was necessary? Or did you not need help at all?



She talking to angels, she's counting the stars, making a wish on a passing car.


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