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The Army Training Compound in Konohagakure, a place where the next generation of samurai serving directly under the daimyo of Hi no Kuni train, asked for shinobi serving directly under the village to help train their recruits. Kashizudoto jumped on this opportunity; given his desire to be a commander, he was excited to be in charge of anything, including training the next generation - especially because of the work that he did in helping the Academy less than a week ago. His plan was to train them in the use of swordplay - incorporating stealth along with it.

He had on average shinobi pants with a pouch on the left holding one kunai knife and three shuriken. Over his white undershirt was a green jacket partially unzipped at the top. On his forehead was his Konoha hitae-ate, which he wore proudly to show his allegiance to the Leaf.

When he arrived at the compound to meet the four recruits that he was training, they were surprised to see such a young person teaching them - after all, he was about their age, if not younger. Therefore, he would probably have to win their respect. No worries, he could do that by beating them into a pulp. First, he borrowed a C-rank katana from the Army Training Grounds inventory, knowing already that the recruits were already armed with D-rank katanas. He directed them outside to the training grounds, where there were plenty of trees to hide behind and stealthily attack them.

"So," Kashizudoto announced to the recruits, "I'll teach you through experiential learning. That means that we'll have a battle. I want you four to get into a good formation. I won't be easy to beat." And with that, he jumped away into a tree to hide. As soon as he did so they started scattering and looking for him individually. It was clear that he wasn't taking it seriously. He did a double take and then a facepalm before jumping out of a tree to attack one of the recruits.

As the recruit got out his katana to parry Kashizudoto's strike, he yelled, but it was too late. Everyone else was way too far to help him in time. He and the recruit began slashing at each other with their katanas; however, Kashizudoto's superior physical strength, perception, and reaction time made sure that the recruit was on the ground begging for mercy by the time everyone else was only half way there.

Kashizudoto, like he did to the losing students at the Academy during his lesson there, tied him up and shut his mouth with a cloth before carrying him away to another place to act as bait. One by one, every recruit stumbled upon the tied up recruit(s), fell for the bait, ran to help, and got captured by Kashizudoto and added to the bait. When he was done, he untied each and every one of them.

"Goodness," said Kashizudoto to the disgruntled recruits, "You guys need some serious work on your formation if you ever want to be good samurai. There's a reason we have four man squads, or 'units', as you like to call them in the army. You need to have each other's backs in this or you will not succeed." He proceeded to place them in a formation with the fastest in front, the strongest in the back, and the other two on the sides.

"Now," said Kashizudoto, "Let's try this again." With that, he leaped into the trees. They moved in a disoriented fashion, often trading places. It was clear that they didn't understand why he made the formation the way he did. By the time he ambushed them, the strongest one was on the side and the fastest one was in the back. So he charged through and took out the other three with ease before soloing the strongest one.

"Ok, so it's clear you guys don't understand formations," said Kashizudoto to the recruits, "You have to adjust them based on each member's strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can be best prepared for any enemies. This time, I'll let you guys figure out your formation. You have ten minutes before I come after you." He once again leaped into the trees. They discussed, got into a four-man formation and set out to find him.

In front, they had the fastest one scouting for incoming threats. On the left and right side were lookouts who were right in front of the one on the back, the strongest one - who was poised for defense. The scouting samurai ran into the tree that Kashizudoto was in. As he grabbed his katana, the genin leaped out to attack him. Suddenly, the lookout on the right spotted it, and, within seconds, the other three ran over and fought Kashizudoto. He was outnumbered and overpowered, so he was forced to retreat.

Next time, he attempted to attack them from the back, leaping out at the strongest one from the tree behind them. However, the lookout on the left spotted him, alerted the others, and parried his attack. As they fought, the fourth one returned to join them, and this time, they surrounded Kashizudoto. No, he wasn't finished yet. He leaped into the air, made the tiger seal, and breathed out a flamethrower with a 5 meter diameter. To escape, each recruit threw themselves back on the ground by a few meters. When the flamethrower was finished, his feet once again touched the ground.

"Heh," said Kashizudoto, "You guys still have a lot to learn. Still, I won't lie. You did a great job. Although you should brush up on some of the shinobi tactics so that you know how to counter them." The recruits looked a little dejected from that encounter, but Kashizudoto knew that this was a valuable exercise for both them and himself. He walked them back to the Training Compound, then heading to the Administration Building to report on his mission's success.

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