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Helping the Academy:

Mission name: Helping the Academy
Mission rank: D
Objective: To teach the students the basics of a Genin
Location: Ninja Academy
Reward: 70
Mission description: the teachers at the academy are looking for some small assistance. The individual that takes this mission must teach the students about the basics of a Genin.
Mission details: The kids sometime can be loud it depends what class the person gets.

Following on from the previous days mission of being a literal mailman, Kuramitsu more recent task was one which would undoubtedly test everything he had learned so far in life. That being... to teach a class of academy students. Now this might seem like a simple task to many others but for Kura this would be a test of not only his wits but his endurance.  As he thought back to his time in the academy, one thing which always came to mind was how often the teachers would struggle to keep their classes under control. Sure he was probably one of the worst excuses for a good pupil back then but at least he kept quiet at the back of the class instead of being rowdy like so many others.  

For this occasion he would dress in his usual attire with a simple difference being that he would actually ware his forehead protector on his forehead instead of around his waist as a belt. Being more visible to the class would perhaps entice some sort of discipline. Something he had yet to decide on was how he was going to approach the class. {Scary and mysterious? Possibility of making them cry.. Kind and carefree? Rushed over from not being authoritative...What did father say?} He thought to himself as he walked through the Academy halls. {Just be yourself… I’m sure you’ll know how to get through to them…} Kura scratched the back of his head with a signature sigh at the rather useless advice and looked up to see a woman that looked rather familiar, considering he had seen her two days prior.

“Miss Omoiyari?”
He questioned with a raised brow. The chances of him being picked for the very same class two times in a row seemed quite coincidental. “Well isn’t this a surprise?” She responded with a slight smirk and eyed up the young Nara. Kura smiled with half dazed eyes as he took a moment to actually scan over the woman before him. Previously he had been to lazy to properly take in details.

Omoiyari seemed to be young, possibly her late twenties. A slender build and average height; short in comparison to Kura. Clothed in the usual green shinobi flak jacket, blue track pants and open toed sandals, she didn’t much stand out. Her most defining factor would more than likely be her gentle face and dark brown eyes hidden behind a pair of rectangular framed glasses. Her hair was tied into a single bun but it managed to accentuate her facial features rather nicely.

Omoiyari tilted her head and raised a brow as Kura zoned out for a few seconds. “Everything okay?” she inquired softly as her hand reached for the class door. “Stop…” Kura said outright before reaching for the door handle and slightly pushing it ajar. “What are you do-” She went silent as a board duster fell from the top of the door frame in front of them. “How did you…” Kura ignore the question and walked into the classroom with hands tucked into his pockets. He took two more steps before ducking his head under a thrown piece of chalk and catching another between his middle and index finger.

Omoiyari slowly followed after thr young Nara with eyes wide at the carefree display of negating the children's pranks. “Seems the pranks are passed down through generations. Those where all things done in the time I was in the academy.” Kura commented with a yawn as he scanned over the children. Two kids in particular stuck out from the crowd. Suri and his female companion, Teinei. He only managed to figure out Teinei's name that very second, considering the name plaque tightened to the front of her desk. He offered the kids a warm smile and wave, gaining the same gestures in return.

Omoiyari took a seat at her desk and nodded to Kura as indication to continue with whatever lecture he had planned. “Right then kids. It’s pretty self explanatory as to why I’m here so I won’t even bother. For those of you who don’t remember me, my name is Kuramitsu...Kura for short.” many of the students stared on with zero interest in the supposed lecture and while a few recalled the medical nin work his magic on a wound first hand others seemed preoccupied with doodles or jokes at the back of the class. The only ones who seemed to pay any attention was Suri and Teinei.

The young Nara coughed into his fist with irritable eyes glancing over the rest of the children. He snapped his finger and smirked as it managed to catch the children's attention. “Who in this class is eager to learn?” He asked in a strangely confident manner. Suri and Teinei both put their hands up, a few other odd children raised their hands too but more than half the class remained uninterested. It was then that Kura would slowly raise his own hand, causing everyone of the other kids to raise their hands involuntarily. Eyes bulged while others seemed to panic at the forced movement. Miss Omoiyari too seemed quite panicked at the show of hands.

“Would you look at that everyone’s ready to listen…” Kura dropped his hand and what looked to be a his own shadow attached to the kids, quickly retracted. “I realize that all of you are probably wondering what that was… can anyone tell me what it was?” Kura questioned as he glanced over the slightly more alert group of children. A small girl with rosy cheeks and dark brunette hair raised her hand. “I-It was the shadow possession technique. My papa told me about how the Nara clan could use their shadows as a way to catch animals in the wild.” She said with a tone of slight shyness.

Kura nodded and smiled at the the girl. “Very good… Now I know full well, none of you want to hear a lecture on boring stuff like basics and for that very reason I will shorten this lesson and instead tell you why the basics are important for when you learn to do techniques such as the one you just saw.” he moved over to the teacher's desk and rested his backside on the edge in a cool yet carefree manner. “Trust me when I say that even after you graduate, mastering new techniques and training never gets easier. It’s up to you...or your friends, family, whoever to give you drive to refine what skills you have. Train your kunai throwing accuracy, utilize clone techniques, substitution jutsus and learn early on what your personal, primary element is. Once you feel you can use these “easy” techniques to their fullest potential you will find that learning new techniques will come more naturally."

Kura took a moment and looked to the children. It seemed some of his words were getting through as a few more kids looked to be more attentive and even encouraged. “Focus on you talents. If you have a heightened sense of sight, smell, touch, or kekkei genkai, train it to the point that it becomes second nature. Cause when you do eventually go up against an opponent; yes it is inevitable; you need to have every advantage you can possibly have… Fighting a hunter nin or a bandit. It does not matter their skill as there will always be the possibility of failure, to stop yourself from failing, take notes from miss Omoiyari, listen to what she has to say and train those basic skills to excellence…” he stopped and glanced about once more. Omoiyari seemed quite impressed by the speech and the children looked ready to learn. “Also...get a lot of sleep” he added with a yawn. This caused Mis Omi to facepalm as the entire speech seemed ruined by the lazy show at the end.

“Right then… Kids, I think we should all thank Kuramitsu for coming today, don’t you?” Omoiyari asked as she stood beside the young Nara who was thanked by the class in what sounded like a choir chime. Kura gave a nod and stuck his hands in his pockets before giving the kids one lazy handed salute and a smile. {Not bad for a speech sucked out my thumb...} He gave himself a mental pat on the back.

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Word Count: 1,590

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Words remaining 1590-600-940= 50


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