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Mission Name: Babysitting
Mission Rank: D
Objective: Simply look after the kid while parents are out.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 70 Ryo
Mission Description: The parents need to leave for the afternoon to run errands and do things that they cannot bring their children along for. You will watch them until they return.
Mission details: The kids are 3, 4, and 7 years old; and they will mostly entertain themselves. Just make sure the oldest brother doesn't pick on the babies, and that they get lunch by noon and a nap by 1:30, and they'll be fine. Be warned, the baby LOVES to play in the mud and climb into high places, and will almost certainly end up dirty and scraped up if you're not paying close enough attention.
Sunadokei was unsure why she’d taken up this mission, she wasn’t good with kids and sometimes her temper got the best of her. However, she did desperately need more spending money, and the ryo offered was more than enough to cover a decent lunch. So with some mild trepidation she’d taken up the mission, setting off for the distant end of the village to find the family address listed on her scroll. Sunadokei read through the contract again as she leapt and ran across the myriad of rooftops, jiggling obscenely the entire way. The mission was simple enough at a glance, take care of three children while their parents were out for a few hours. How hard could it be? Somehow Sunadokei feared she’d soon be eating those words.

With a surprisingly graceful landing the buxom Akimichi woman came to land before the address listed on the mission. She stepped lively up to the front door and knocked twice, humming to herself as she waited. Behind the door Sunadokei could hear the footsteps of a man making his way to the front door, and the distant crying of young children. Suddenly this idea felt like a less appealing idea. The door swung open and a man in his mid thirties walked out, plainly dressed and looking rather frazzled. “Mr. Kazuko?” Sunadokei asked innocently, “I’m with the Academy, I’m here about your mission request. I’m Sunadokei Akimichi.” She smiled sweetly as the man at the door let out a great sigh like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. “Yes, Yes I am. Otōsan
Kazuko, it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Akimichi. I put in the mission contract on behalf of my wife.” The man stepped aside, holding open the door and gesturing for Sunadokei to come in. “Could you step inside miss, I’d like to talk a bit more.”

Sunadokei nodded in agreement, stepping inside. “Of course, thank you sir.” Looking around the inside of the house it was clear three children lived here. Toys were scattered everywhere, with baby gates blocking off certain rooms. Mr. Kazuko led his ninja assistant to the living room, and she could hear his wife and children upstairs. The two moved to the couches, and Sunadokei took a seat opposite her employer. “Alright, so the kids are three, four, and seven years old respectively. Kodomo is the oldest, Kodoma is the middle child, and Komo is the youngest. Now, my wife and I need to go run some errands this afternoon, and watching them should be a breeze.” Crying coming from upstairs alerted Sunadokei that this fact might not exactly be true. Mr. Kazuko winced, grimacing as he looked back at the woman before him. “Anyways… my wife is getting them dressed and ready for you. Make sure Kodomo doesn’t pick on his siblings, and get them fed by noon. There’s meals packaged in the fridge, you just need to reheat and serve. They should be all labeled.” Mrs. Kazuko came downstairs, followed by her three children, though the younger two were much slower in coming down than she was. The woman looked fairly flabbergasted, moving into the living room and slumping down into a loveseat.

“Hello Honey, and… oh my? Is this the ninja we requested to help?” Sunadokei felt the woman’s eyes running up and down her figure. All she could do in response was smile and wave meekly. “In the flesh, I came about the babysitting mission.” She didn’t know what else to say. Mrs. Kazuko looked to her husband, who could only shrug in reply. “Alright, well, it’s nice to meet you miss. We’re gonna be heading out soon, get the kids to their nap by one thirty if you could, that way they’re less grouchy when we get home to make dinner.” Sunadokei nodded along, adding that to her growing mental checklist. “Alright, that sounds simple enough. Keep the oldest from roughhousing, lunch at noon, nap by one thirty. Anything else I need to know?” The two parents each scratched at their heads, thinking of anything else. “Oh! I know!” Mr. Kazuko said as he snapped his fingers. “If you take them outside to play, keep an eye on them at all times. They love playing in the mud and it rained pretty hard last night.”

Sunadokei smiled, taking note of the mud. “Well, it seems you two have quite the handful. If that’s everything I’d be happy to take over. I hope you two enjoy the rest of your day.” The parents looked at each other, talking amongst each other before agreeing they’d covered everything. The pair stood up, bowing shortly to Sunadokei as they grabbed up their things to depart. “We’ll be back some time this evening, probably close to six.” Mrs. Kazuko said simply, before the two stepped out the door. Sunadokei sighed, feeling the last moment of peace she had today melting away. Immediately the youngest child started crying heavily, and the oldest began tormenting his sister. Stepping into action the kunoichi scooped up the youngest Kazuko child into her arms, cradling him close while rubbing his back and sshhh-ing him soothingly. She stepped close to the elder two siblings and physically separated them by stepping between. “Come on you two, let’s go… play outside.”

The children seemed delight at that notion, with their moods instantly shifting to happiness. Sunadokei set down young Komo and took the boy by his hand as they guided him and his siblings to the back door. Outside looked quaint enough, there was a small sandbox for the kids, a nice stone patio, and a jungle gym next to a shady tree. However, there were also huge puddles of mud that mired the backyard into a kind of urban swamp. The kids immediately tried to bolt for the mud but Sunadokei was too fast for them. She quickly formed the necessary hand signs and placed her hands to the grassy ground. “Earth Release! Mud Wolves!” The curvaceous kunoichi called out triumphantly as she watched her chakra diffuse into the earth. Immediately the mud in the vicinity of the began to pool and coalesce, forming itself into a pack of feral looking wolves. Bodies composed entirely of mud, they stood there menacing, yellow eyes looking up to Sunadokei for instruction.

“Sit!” She commanded, and the wolves all took a seat. “Roll over.” She uttered next, and the earthen beasts rolled onto their backs, not a drop of mud staying on the grass as they rolled. “Play.” She said next, and all ferociousness melted from the beasts’ snouts. They became as timid as puppy dogs, barking and jumping about as the children drew closer. The oldest carefully moved to pet one of the wolf’s snout, while his sister immediately began to climb up onto one’s back to ride. The youngest however, had a much different approach. He ran headlong into the nearest wolf, impacting its body with a wet smack as he pressed himself into its liquid side. Sunadokei rolled her eyes at the sight and sighed, at least the wolves were mud after all. At least when Komo pulled himself free none of the mud stick to him, muddying his face or dirtying his clothes. Small blessings, Sunadokei didn’t feel like giving baths or doing laundry on this job.

Sunadokei went back inside and found herself a large family sized bag of potato chips. A perfect snack to make up for the chakra she intended to burn. Walking outside she found the children still enthralled with their new pets. Sunadokei made her way to a patio chair, reclining back and opening her bag to enjoy her light snack. The next several hours went by in a total blur, the children playing seemingly every game they could with the mud wolf pack. First it was simply tag with the beasts, which consisted mostly of pulling their tails and running the opposite direction. It was almost unfair, seeing how fast the wolves could move, though the kids were so busy giggling they didn’t seem to mind. Next came hide and seek, which was funnier for Sunadokei to watch than it should be. The mud wolves couldn’t actually smell, but they feigned the movements of tracking as they sniffed along the ground. When it was the wolves turn to “hide” Sunadokei had them meld back into one large puddle and slide under a fence. Kodomo shouted to his babysitter that that wasn’t fair, she shrugged and told him ninja never play fair.

Once that was won itself out, the wolves and children played a game of tug of war. Not in a million years would Sunadokei tell them that even with all three children on one side, the single mud wolf on the other end of the rope was barely putting up a fight. After a long tussle she let the children win, smirked as they congratulated one another. The sun was starting to get high in the sky and Sunadokei had already eaten several bags of potato chips, so she called a break for lunch. “Come on children, let’s go get something to eat. Your mother stored some yummy meals for me to reheat.” The children didn’t wish to leave their earth canine companions, so Sunadokei worked up a lie about them being hungry too. When pressed on the matter of what a mud wolf eats, she quickly responded with “Rocks.” It seemed logical enough for the children, and they took the answer at face value as the mud wolves slunk back down into the earth. The Kazuki children were shepherded inside and taken into the kitchen. Sunadokei found them each a seat at the table, making sure to seat the eldest opposite his two younger siblings so they wouldn’t fight.

Looking through the fridge Sunadokei found several pre-prepared lunches all nicely wrapped in foil and labeled by child. She pulled them out and set them down on the countertop, opening each to inspect them carefully. They seemed to include a bevy of each of the children’s favorite assorted foods. It looked incredibly tasty, and Sunadokei had to refrain from devouring them herself. She went about heating them up while the children fidgeted in their seats. In retrospect she decided it would have been smarter to have them play with the mud wolves for a bit longer while she started getting lunch ready. But such things couldn’t be changed now, so the kids would just have to keep themselves busy while Sunadokei worked on their food. She hummed to herself as she turned on the oven, setting it to low heat as she prepared the food. A few short minutes it was ready, and Sunadokei retrieved the now properly warmed up meals to set down for the kids. She nearly had a heart attack as she spun around, the two younger children had climbed up onto the table silently as a ninja. They were precariously balanced while their elder brother rocked the table.

“Shit shit shit!” Sunadokei thought to herself, watching the children started to fall in slow motion as they lost their balance. Her reactions kicked in like lightning as she sprinted across the kitchen floor. Sunadokei slid the meals across the table as she herself slid onto her knees and went under the table, emerging on the other side. One child impacted her bust while the other bounced off her belly. She held them close in her arms as she slid to a stop, letting out a long sigh seeing them both safe. Everyone in the room was silent, save for Sunadokei’s heavy breathing. Finally Komodo who looked at her in sheer amazement. His eyes wide as saucers as he stared at the trio on the floor. “That! Was AWESOME!” he exclaimed, to which Sunadokei just smiled and let out another sigh. “Yeah, I guess it was pretty cool. But I’m going to tell your mother about this when she gets home.” Fear crept into the children’s faces, and Sunadokei gave them a wicked grin. “Now seriously though, eat your lunches, or I’m gonna eat them all myself.”

The rest of lunch went by uneventfully, though Sunadokei’s stomach growled heavily as she watched the children eat their food. “How come you aren’t eating anything Miss Suna?” Young Kodoma asked, looking to her with her big soft eyes. “Because sweetie, Miss Suna could eat all the food in this house and not be full. It’s better if I just don’t eat anything until later.” It was the unfortunate truth, Sunadokei was calling up her inner strength not to eat anymore than she already had. Once the children finished up their lunch she gathered up their plates and piled them into the kitchen to clean. She’d do it later if she got the chance, the curvy kunoichi didn’t trust herself letting the children out of her sight again. The four of them went into the living room, and Kodomo let out a yawn. “Miss Suna I’m sleepy.” He said, rubbing his eyes. The other two children looked just as tired if not more, and Sunadokei nodded in agreement. “Alright, let’s all take a nap. Sound good?” The kids nodded yes at her command, moving around the room gathering up pillows and blankets.

In truth Sunadokei was just as wiped out as they were, she used a surprising amount of chakra powering that jutsu earlier for so long. She needed a nap, and a good one. Just the thought made her feel like Kuramitsu. The four of them cuddled together on the couch, Sunadokei resting against an arm rest with a pillow beneath her head. The children all laid against her at various angles, she didn’t have the heart to tell them to sleep somewhere else. “Miss Suna you’re squishy.” Young Komo said, “And comfy too…” His sister replied, resting her head on the Akimichi’s massive bust. “Yeah, I guess I am.” Sunadokei said sleepily, letting out a long yawn. She wouldn’t last much longer, but the kids were already fading fast. It wasn’t more than a few minutes before they’d all collectively fallen asleep. Together they napped for far longer than any of them had anticipated. When Sunadokei awoke the sun was getting low in the sky, orange light streaming in through the windows.

She heard a knock at the door and startled herself back to alertness. The Kazuko parents slipped in quietly through the doorway with arms full of bags, having returned from a long shopping trip. Mrs. Kazuko came over to greet Sunadokei while her husband carried items upstairs. “Ohhh… my babies are still asleep. You must really have tired them out.” She said, looking down at her sleeping children. “Yeah, actually I think they tired me out more.” Sunadokei said just above a whisper, unable to move without waking the kids. “How were they?” The mother asked, looking down sweetly. “They were fine, a bit of a hassle at times, but nothing I couldn’t handle.” The children began to wake up, hearing the two women talk. “Mommy!” They called out, clambering off Sunadokei’s body to hug their mother’s legs. She let out a sigh, hugging them tight. The curvy kunoichi just watched the embrace, thinking how much she wanted to be a mother someday. First she had to find the right husband though, not that she didn’t have a few candidates in mind.

Sunadokei snapped out of her thoughts, and pulled herself upright. She brushed herself off, looking down at the kids. “So I guess everything’s done here then. I’ll head off if there’s nothing else, payment is handled through the Academy, same as always.” Mrs. Kazuko nodded, looking down at her kids. “You heard Miss Akimichi, say goodbye children.” The kids turned around hugging the kunoichi’s legs. “Goodbye Miss Suna, we’ll miss you!” They said, and she hugged them back. “I’ll miss you guys too, be safe, and don’t give your mother too much trouble.” With the goodbyes finished Sunadokei stood back up, departing to leave before she got misty eyed. Once outside she let out a sigh, leaping to a nearby rooftop to make her way back to report in back home.

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Word Count: 2,760
D-Rank Mission: 600/600
Strength from D-2 to D-3: 525/525, 100 Ryo
Endurance from D-0 to D-3: 1,175/1,175, 150 Ryo
Perception from D-0 to D-1, 325/325, 25 Ryo

Remaining Word Count: 2,760-600-525/525-1,175-325=135


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