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Fixing the Shop:

Mission Name: Fixing The Shop
Mission Rank: D
Objective: Help to repair the smoke and water damage to a bakery that was set on fire.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 90 Ryo
Mission Description: The investigation into the source of the fire is complete, and the owner is now able to rebuild the bakery. Assist in cleaning up the water, smoke, and fire damage caused by the flames. Be ready to move damage, heavy equipment outside of the building so that it can be hauled to the repair shop, or local recycling centers.
Mission Details: Supplies will be provided when you check in with the owner. He will assign you to one room or area of the building, then ask you to move 3 large (50lbs) damaged machines to the street for pick up by repairmen or recycling pickup.
Water rushed out of gutters and pools of the transparent liquid rested in small uneven patches of the villages terrain. Rain poured down and patted on the roofs and windows as Kura leaped from rooftop to rooftop. Seeing the lazy Nara out in weather like this was quite rare as he would more often than not avoid it and stay at home under the warmth of his blankets or perhaps even spend the day indoors with a certain Akimichi woman but today he had a mission and actually intended on completing it. For once he was willing to risk his health in the rain. Why, you ask? Well, after a few nights on the town promising to take the bill for his rather hungry friend, Kura's coin pouch had been exhausted of its stuffing. Last time he checked the only thing to emerge from the small pouch of material was a small butterfly. How it got in there he had no idea.

Raindrops continued to pat down on his head and shoulders. His face showed annoyance of the current situation with a blank expression that many could recognize as part of his own heritage. “Rain has such a nice sound from the comfort of my bed… But having to be in the rain is such a pain.” He said with a sigh as his eyes locked on to the house he had been on the look out for. Upon his arrival he recalled the missions details. A few extra hands were needed to move some of the equipment from a building which had recently faced fire damage. It was odd that the bakery had gone up in flames as the building itself looked fairly new, then again a wrongly crossed wire, a furnace left unattended or a flammable substance coming into a source of ignition even in a newly built building was not unfathomable. The investigations had been completed either way and Kura knew full well that it wasn’t in his jurisdiction to come up with theories on the matter. That was left for the professionals and he was still far from that title.

As he leaped down to the building and ducked in under the canopy hanging over the front steps, he entered through the front doors to find a few other men carrying various machine parts, crates and other assortments while a single man barked out orders.

Kura ran a hand through his soaking wet locks and shook his jacket sleeves from the water. “Mr Shoku? I’m here for the mission inquiry about getting some extra hands to help move some stuff around?” The young Nara said as he stepped up to the man dealing out the placements. “Ah yes, sorry that it happened to be on a day with weather such as this but it must be done today. As soon as we can get the rooms clear and get the machinery repaired, the business can get back on track.” He offered a smile as he waved Kura to follow him up the stairs.

“This setback was unfortunate but it was my own fault for leaving the furnace unattended. A rogue ember managed to set one of the dish cloths alight. By the time I stepped back into the kitchen, the oven and flooring had already taken on the flame.” Shoku paused and pinched the bridge of his nose as he spoke almost as if he was mentally kicking himself for the foolish mistake. “Busted the bank to actually get the funds to refurbish and pay for the repairs but I'm sure I can get the business back on its feet.” He added as they walked down the hall. The baker pushed the second door on the right ajar, charred wood and a handle where easily noticed.

Kura sniffed the air noticing the ash which rested on the counters like a black carpet. “At least you ended up alright and no lives were lost.” The young Nara commented as he brushed a finger down the center of the ash covered counter. The thick black and gray dust accumulating on the tip of his index finger. “True enough, friend. Now on to business. I need those 2 mixers and one of the ovens down at the front entrance where they can be collected for repairs.” Shoku pointed out the objects out and Kura nodded his head “Doable… Hate manual labor but it best to get it done.” The shinobi commented as he moved over to the two blenders. With some effort he managed to pick one up under each of his arms. In a flash he moved past the owner, set the machines at the front door and moved back upstairs.

Shoku watched with wide eyes. “Wow you don’t mess around when it comes things biting into your day, Huh?” he let out a chuckle." I take my sleep scheduled very seriously..” Kura responded with sleepy eyes. “Now for the oven…” The young Nara scratched his head in thought and contemplated how best to approach it before a light bulb shone over his head. His hands moved in quick succession as he created a few hand signs. “Why I didn’t do this in the first place is beyond me.”  He said aloud as four puffs of smoke caused shadow clones to appear. “You know full well what to do. Hop to it.” The four copies groaned and lazily performed the job of their host.

Shoku watched on with intrigue. “I guess that's that then… Your pay, as promised. Hey maybe I should learn that jutsu...would make the possibility of another fire happening a lot less.” The two shared a chuckle as kura took his payment. “I think you should get some staff instead of working by yourself Mr Shoku. More eyes and hands will make things easier on your part...with that said I’ll be on my way...I’ve got some payments to make” The young Nara spoke with a sigh.

Word Count: 1,085
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