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Clan: Jinsokū 迅速 (Swift)

Kekkei Genkai: Jinton/Swift Release

Elements: Any

Specialization: Any

Location: Scattered

Clan History: The Jinsokū have never been a profoundly distinguishable clan. For generations, the some of the fastest shinobi in existence have come forth from the clan, however. Due to the fact that swift release isn't a flashy or easily visible technique, the clan has managed to stay fairly unknown to the world. It is said that only a select few are ever able to actually master the art of swift release, and those who do seem to simply do everything they do with profound speed.

Kekkei Genkai Description: Swift release utilizes chakra to boost the speed of the users own body, or any chakra based ability he or she uses. Swift release can be used, for instance, on a ranged projectile to increase it's speed by numbers up to one rank higher than the shinobis own rank, requiring that the shinobi pay a chakra cost of a jutsu of equal rank each time.

Swift release grants the clansmen the ability to manipulate the speed at which something travels to an extent within a certain range. This includes the users own body (Taijutsu Required), and techniques. It also includes projectiles, ranged attacks, and physical strikes. The user has a constant radius in which, if the suitable reaction time is met, or if the user anticipates a projectile attack, he may also lower the speed of said projectile by the same numbers, under the same conditions as what he would raise the speed of his own techniques, or projectiles.

Radius by rank
D Rank: 5 meters
C Rank: 10 meters
B Rank: 15 meters
A Rank: 20 meters
S Rank: 25 meters

Increases/ reductions by rank
D Rank: 10 m/s | 5 chakra
C Rank: 25 m/s | 15 chakra
B Rank: 35 m/s | 25 chakra
A Rank: 45 m/s | 35 chakra
S Rank: 70 m/s | 45 chakra

Swift release does nothing on it's own, and must be paired with a specialty in order to function. An example might include increasing the travel speed of a fireball jutsu by 25 m/s. It could also be utilized with Kyujutsu to increase the speed of travel of arrows or other projectiles. And even with Taijutsu to boost a strike or movement technique. The possibilities are only limited by the mind, and the chakra pool.

A jutsu created which inherently utilizes the swift release style, as opposed to applying it to an already created Jutsu, is capable of having the maximum speed of a Jutsu of that rank without sacrificing any other aspect of the technique (damage, range, etc). These techniques also cost an additional 15 chakra at all ranks as a trade off.

Members of this clan are known for their speed and maneuverability, granting them a +1 to both speed and reaction time.

Users of swift release are not dependent on raw physical strength or durability, thus they have a -1 to both strength and endurance.

Learning to apply the swift release style to their specializations and elements is difficult, as such they can never learn an additional specialization or element. They may also not take the hesitant special characteristics.

Members of this clan take +1 damage from puppetry and summoning.

Members: N/A

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: N/A

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You're going to need to bring the numbers WAY down for the speed ups

I want at least a 1000 word history due to the cannon / banned nature of the kkg.

And you're going to need jutsu.

This clan by rights should be named after the person who used it, whether or not they are related. It should be the Namikaze.


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