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Kashizudoto had just wrapped up a mission as a drill instructor for four new samurai trainees at the Army Training Compound in Konohagakure. After beating the recruits to a pulp several times in teaching them formations, he was absolutely famished; after all, he skipped breakfast for this. What better place to eat at than good old Ichiraku's Ramen?

There was some magic about the place. No matter how busy the ramen stand was, it always seemed to have an open seat.  It was almost as if a genjutsu were cast upon every customer to make sure one seat was always left open. Heh, the Secret Ramen Jutsu.

"I'll have deluxe pork ramen please," said Kashizudoto to Ichiraku and his daughter Ayame, who had been running the stand for who knows how long.

"Indeed," said Ichiraku with a smile, "And for being such a loyal customer, this one's on the house!" For some reason, Kashizudoto would feel a little shame whenever someone gave him something for free without him deserving it, such as now. Regardless, he tried not to display his guilt.

"Really?" said the genin, "That's awesome! You're the best Ichiraku!"

"You know, kid," said the old man while readying all the kitchenware for making the ramen, "You remind me of another loyal customer I used to have. He loved ramen a lot. Not just my ramen, all kinds of it!" Kashizudoto could only wonder who this loyal customer was and why they would ever stop going to Ichiraku's. Death was the only thing Kashizudoto could imagine that would stop him from eating ramen at Ichiraku's.

A gentle breeze came over the stand as he waited for his ramen. He wondered whether anyone else would arrive at the stand. A friend? A rival? An interesting traveler? A random creep? A person of high status? All sorts of people convened at this location, and Kashizudoto was excited to meet them.

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