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A group of bandits were on the move, assaulting Shukuba Town and its inhabitants. The town (or perhaps pleasure district would be more accurate) - with inns, restaurants, bars, and brothels scattered all over - had its economy totally based around tourism, attracting people from all over to see the sights of the Land of Fire and/or engage in other "pleasurable" activities, some too explicit for Kashizudoto to imagine. Who knows what the bandits could do to a place like that?

Thus, Kashizudoto - a genin from Konohagakure - was called in to deal with these menaces to the health and well-being of these Hi no Kuni citizens. There was an established path starting from Konoha which had the town as a stop along the way. Thus, he began sprinting down the path, making sure to try and get to the town as fast as possible.

Kashizudoto had his normal green jacket on, with a white undershirt. On his forehead, he sported his Konohagakure hitae-ate as a symbol of pride in his village and to show the bandits what his allegiance was when he cleaned them up. He wore average shinobi pants with a pouch on the side to hold a kunai knife and three shuriken.

After an hour or two of running at high speed, he finally reached the town. It was a beautiful place and served an important purpose: to help contain all the sinful activities such as prostitution within its borders. A lot of colorful signs, some with explicit images, were scattered around advertising various inns, restaurants, bars, and brothels.

Suddenly, Kashizudoto heard a loud feminine scream to the northeast. That must have been where the bandits were. Suddenly he dashed down through a street, named "Fun Fun" Avenue, in order to find the bandits and save the village. The normally bustling town seemed so desolate due to the attack. Within the multiple brothels along the street especially notorious for infidelity, Kashizudoto could see scared people hiding and watching behind the windows.

Kashizudoto arrived on the scene, only to see a provocatively dressed woman - most likely one of the many prostitutes in the pleasure district - sprawled on the ground begging for mercy from one of the bandit henchmen. He was hooting and hollering, pointing at her jewelry.

"Give us the shinies," said an authoritative man with a bandana - most likely the leader, "And we'll take you as a prize. Otherwise, we kill you AND take the shinies!"

"No!," said the woman, "Please, this was a gift from my mother!"

"Well now it's your gift to me, woman!" the bandit said, "Take the shinies, boys!" When he said that, one of his lackies charged in to take the jewelry from the woman, who curled up into a ball still begging for mercy.

Just as he was about to punch the woman, a shuriken punctured his chest. He coughed up an enormous amount of blood as Kashizudoto ran at him with his kunai, the criminal still hollering. After stabbing him in the chest - with a wound that was purposefully not fatal, Kashizudoto pulled out the shuriken.

"You next!" the bandit boss cried to another lackey. With that, the criminal began hollering and raced to punch Kashizudoto. With ease, Kashizudoto sidestepped away from the punch and stabbed him in the chest just as he did with the other bandit.

With two of his henchmen sprawled on the ground, the bandit leader became scared and ordered to both of his lackeys, "GET 'EM! Both of you!" While two criminals charged at Kashizudoto, hooting and hollering, the leader tried to make an escape. With excellent perception, Kashizudoto realized this and charged straight at him with his kunai knife, stabbing him right in the back.

Seeing their leader fall, the other two tried to make a run for it, but Kashizudoto immediately made the tiger seal, inhaled sharply, and sent a fireball going straight for them at 20 m/s. They all were sent flying to the ground trying to dodge it, with major 1st degree burns all over their backs.

All the criminals were now caught; that was good. There was a reason Kashizudoto kept them alive. It wasn't that he was afraid to kill. He was perfectly capable of doing so and was well aware of vital spots. No, it was because he had a strong belief in the potential of human beings. Even the worst of criminals could be rehabilitated into something great. After all, most people entered the life of crime due to poverty or societal exclusion.

Thus, he left the bandits alive but temporarily incapacitated. That was more than enough time to get them some time in a prison, where - hopefully - they could reflect on their actions. Of course, Kashizudoto would have hoped to have a more advanced reform system for criminals, but maybe that could be something to campaign for in his own village.

After a few hours, people started opening up the windows and getting out again. The town was once again in its bustling, libertine state; however, it was well known that the town would be attacked by bandits again in the future. Kashizudoto was thanked by one of the elders of the town before he departed from the town. Hopefully, Konohagakure would send a permanent sentry to the town to defend it from more bandits or, better yet, send a squad to take down the entire bandit encampment near Shukuba Town. That way, the people of the small town would be safe.

That was a good idea. Therefore, when Kashizudoto would report to the Administration Building, he would tell them not only of what he did there, but he would also suggest to them his plan of sending a squad to attack the bandit encampment to prevent further raids on the small town. With that in mind, he headed off down Shukuba Town's well-known "Fun Fun" Avenue once again in the other direction - eventually reaching the path leading to Konohagakure. He departed from the small town to go back to his hidden village and report to the Administration Building. Mission complete.

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