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Takashi Nekomata

Takashi Nekomata

Takashi had never worked on a farm before. But there he was now. He was walking on a dirt pathway towards a sound of wood chopping. It ought to be the old farmer Mcdonald who hired the boy. It was chilly today and wind sure didn't help to warm anybody up. Despite the weather, Takashi still stuck to his traditional white and orange robe. He had drank 3 cups of tea before going outside. The tea was still sitting inside his tummy and warming him up from inside.
The sound of wood chops closed in, the young genin decided to greet his employer:"Hello!" he waved his hand and put on a smile, "My name's Takashi. I was sent here to help you out!"
Immediately the farmer stopped his job and turned against Takashi. He was wearing pants and a jacket. He sure was cold this morning, and was likely to comment the boy's appearance. Which he did:"You? Since when do boy's come to do field work in festive robes?" but before Takashi could defend the practical benefits of this choice of clothing, the farmer continued, "Okay, nevermind that. Go inside, get us both a cup of tea. The kettle should be somewhere on the kitchen table. Just go straight when you get inside."
This was both good and bad news for Takashi. First - he was sure to make the greatest tea for Mcdonald. Second - he wasn't prepared to move in a foreign house, which interior he had no idea of. The wood chopping sound start again. Farmer didn't pay any more attention to the young genin. He could now extend his hands and in fear of hitting anything get inside the house. But the smell of breakfast made locating the door way easier. The farmer had had mushroom stew for breakfast. It was also easy to tell where the kitchen was because of the scent. Now, for finding the kettle Takashi had to use his hands and some luck. First he found a hard object in the middle of kitched - the table. Now on the table there was an empty cup, a dirty dish (yes, Takashi now has leftovers from breakfast on his hands) and finally a kettle. Finding the sink was no problem, since the sink was only table like thingy with an empty middle. The young ninja filled up the kettle and boiled the water. Meanwhile he slowly went over his pocket contents:"Green tea.. no, too ordinary. Black tea? No, something sweeter is needed in morning. Honey would be a great addition to Jasmine tea." of course, Takashi had both honey package and jasmine leaves hidden in pockets in his robe.
After a while, Takashi was holding two cups with golden liquid in them. Now he couldn't use his hands to make sure he isn't going to bump into anything. He slowly left the house, nearing the sounds of wood chops and exclaimed "Sir!? Your tea is ready!" for Takashi feared to go any further, because before entering the house, he almost tripped over several objects.
Soon McDonald showed up. "Why aren't you bringing the tea to me? Oh, whatever, it's not so windy behind here in front of my home. And there's bench we can sit down." the farmer pointed towards a bench, grabbed his tea from the boy and went to sit down. He then encouraged the boy to join him: "Come, sit with me!" Obediently Takashi followed this order. He took small steps and finally could touch the side of the bench with his legs. He then sat down.
"Boy, this sure is great tea! Where did you get the sweeteners? I didn't think I have any!" the farmer was praising Takashi's job. "I brought my own, sir." - he politely answered referring to the honey he had hidden in his robe. "Oh, you sure do come..." and at this point farmer took first deep look at the boy. He noticed that Takashi was blind, "prepared... You are blind? And you did all this? That's amazing!" he kept on praising Takashi's job.
"Listen boy. Take these 70 ryo and go. Your tea will keep me powered for the whole day. You've helped me enough." the farmed was relieving Takashi from any work he had thought up for the helper. Takashi wasn't quite satisfied by this. He had signed up because he wanted to help. Thus, he objected:"But, sir, I can help you!" But farmers will was strong and he insisted anyway:"No. Take it and go!"

Word count: 771
D rank mission 600/600
Strength from E-0 to E-1 75/75
Reaction time from E-0 to E-1 75/75
Leftovers: 21 word

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