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1Paint The Walls [Mission] Empty Paint The Walls [Mission] on Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:40 am

Takashi Nekomata

Takashi Nekomata

Painting the walls seemed like an appropriate job for a blind boy. Although, he hasn't seen any graffiti, bird poop or simply decayed paint on the walls, Takashi signed up for the job and was ready to do his best. He didn't even know what colour the wall was going to be painted. He was instructed by his employer though:"The buckets with the green paint are in the shed. If you run out of paint, just go and grab another one."
So there he was standing now - in the shed, holding a bucket of green paint (hopefully) and a big brush. It smelled awful in the shed. Stale paint over time produced an unbearable odor. This time you could see Takashi wearing something different than usual. He had black trousers and black shirt - so he can get dirty. Green colour on his beautiful robe would be a disaster. Or maybe a new fashion trend. Whichever - Takashi wasn't eager to try it out.
It was time to leave the shed and go get that wall painted. He really had no clue how big the wall was, so instead of looking at determining how long it would take him, he just started working immediately. Paint can open, brush in the paint, brush on the wall, wait till it doesn't spread smoothly and then repeat. If you painted in geometrical shapes, it was easy to keep track of what was already painted. Takashi only brushed straight down. An example: he started from the top and went down to till the brush would slightly touch the ground. Then he repeated starting a little to the right from previous starting point. Messing around drawing circles or rectangles would only make the job last longer.
It didn't take long to have a first problem - painter couldn't reach the top. So he had to go back in the smelly shed, somehow get the ladder (since he wasn't sure where it was, he had to touch everything and potentially get his hands in paint), come back with the ladder, locate the place where he left off (he left the paint bucket there, so it wasn't really difficult), place the ladder safely, climb up holding both brush and the paint bucket, and continue the work.
Well, at this point Takashi got a little creative with his Nekomata ability. After placing the ladder, instead of taking the long way of climbing, he just jumped on the ladder. It was like only 4 meters high - not too difficult for a young Nekomata. And then he jumped down - holding his brush steady against the wall and getting a straight line of paint, just like he had expected.
Job was going great, he estimated that he could finish before 4pm. But a little earlier, at 2pm, school children started heading home from school. They were potential mischievous children, who would want to leave their fingerprints in the fresh paint. The employer had strictly said:"Don't let anyone touch the wall before paint has dried!"
So when he heard children who had strayed from their path and wanted to come touch the wall with wet paint, Takashi did something none of his friends would expect - he angrily shouted. No one so far has seen Takashi genuinely angry. "Get out of here you rascals!" he would shot. This drove the kids and animals who got too close to the wall away.
In the end of the day, Takashi was convinced he had done a good job. And his employed did so too, as he praised the young genin:"Everything's been painted just like I wanted. It's good to know that there are responsible and helpful people among you youngsters!"
D rank mission 600/600
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