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1 Helping an Old Woman [Mission] on Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:31 am

Takashi Nekomata


A suitable job for a blind ninja. There's no way an old lady would want something too hard, right? That's what Takashi hoped for.
To meet the employer, Takashi had to go to the south of region and climb the mountain. Only then he could find a detached house. He had to ask for precise directions previously, of course. But he knew he had reached the house, since his hand was touching it and he couldn't go any further. It seemed like the house was made out of wood. There were some flower patches near the house. Takashi knew, because he stepped in some of those. Hopefully, the old lady won't notice that. Nevertheless, the young genin finally reached something that represented door. He knocked and soon after that an old woman opened the door:"Is it the genin of Konoha? Here, grab this money and my shopping list. And take the little Tomomi for a walk!" she pointed to a little dog that had run out of house together with her, "Be back in two hours or I will report you for thievery!"
She sounded pretty annoyed for having to employ a ninja to do some basic shopping. But Takashi couldn't realize that this lady was just as blind as he was.
Only after Takashi had made it to the marketplace, it struck him - he had no idea how to read the shopping list. There was only one solution now: trust a random person on vendor to read the list for him. For an ignorant person it would seem weird: an adolescent asking to read a basic shopping list out for him. But he had to do it. He asked 2 different people to do this little favour, and it made the list clear to him.
The boy knew where to buy most of this stuff. He would often visit the market. "Apples are over there!" Takashi could easily smell the fruit, "I know that sweet potatoes, tomatoes and instant ramen was somewhere nearby as well," he continued to either try to detect the vegetables by smell or just ask the vendor - what were they selling. He repeated it for tea (for which he knew the best vendor), seeds and perfume.
The most embarrassing purchase was granny underwear. He could feel his whole face going red as he blushed while talking to an elder vendor who sold him the underwear after he provided ryo.
Takashi then put the goods in a basket, tightened the Tomomo's leash in his hand and started for the mountain house. As he was nearing the house, he could already hear the old lady call:"Is it you my Tomomo? Run to mommy!" she sure was worried about the little creature that Takashi had taken for a walk. Upon hearing the owner's voice, Tomomo tried to get out of leash and hurry to the source of voice. The doggie didn't succeed though. He was safely brought to house by Takashi and only then Tomomo could jump into the lady's lap and be hugged.
"Your groceries," Takashi realized that he didn't know the lady's name. But she didn't care as she replied, "Oh, so you did return. I was so worried! Okay, while you're here you should also tend to Brushie. Give her some food! It should be on the counter. Oh and also clean the counter. Do the dishes!"
Takashi proceeded into the house. He found Brushie meowing at it's bowl. It was such an undisciplined cat. This cat would never be accepted for Ninneko. Cats in Nekomata clan were all very disciplined and respectful to their peers. But it's no wonder Brushie was like that. The only thing to put in his bowl was canned pork. Why do people think less of cats? Brushie would deserve a real meal like every person does. While unable to prepare Brushie a good meal, Takashi tried to make the cat feel a little better. He stroked him while it ate and rubbed it's tummy after it was finished. The cat responded with active purring.
After finding all the dirty dishes and washing them under the sink, Takashi was done here. He reported to the lady that Brushie was sleeping on a chair now and dishes were done. The counter was cleaned. "Hmm, you are a good boy I guess." the lady appreciated Takashi's effort, "Here's your payment." she handed him 75 ryo. Takashi first said goodbye to Brushie and then he was ready to depart.
D rank mission 600/600
Strength from E-1 to E-2 150/150
Leftover: 16 words

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