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1 Punishing students [Mission] on Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:29 am

Takashi Nekomata


Takashi was always attentive in theoretical classes. He didn't only find them interesting, but it was also a question of respect - to listen to his sensei and no interrupt him with useless comments or questions. The academy's peers thought it would be a good idea to introduce some of the problematic children to Takashi in order to learn some manners.
Takashi arranged afterclasses for these children. They were to sit in the academy and wait for Takashi to arrive to teach them a lesson. Takashi didn't go to do his job straight away. A little illusion of 'free time' ought to torture them. They could currently do whatever the wanted, yet they couldn't leave the class. There were no toys and no activities for the children. Meanwhile Takashi walked around the academy, talking with teachers he knew and getting familiar with those he didn't. After all, he was in the age to be an actual teacher in the academy.
When Takashi entered the appointed class, he was surprised. "Good day to you, sir!" he was greeted by three children sitting in their seats. One girl and two boys, he could determine by their voices. This greeting magically positive attitude almost tricked Takashi. He wanted to drop the 'tough' act and greet the children back. But he continued without even looking to their direction, and sit down in the teacher's seat.
"Now then, tell me why did you not pay any attention during the class," after a brief pause asked Takashi. He still didn't face any of the children. Instead he was just playing with some pencils and chalk. "I want you all to answer." Takashi added after he heard no answers. The silence continued for a while. It made Takashi wary:"Are you still there?" There still was no answer.. "HEY!" he finally shouted and now turned his face to where the children were supposed to be sitting.
"Oh no, he noticed!" - one of the boys screamed outside the window. Takashi reacted immediately. He knew that they noticed Takashi's blindness and all agreed to leave the class after Takashi had entered it. Now all three of them were outside and just started running away. But Takashi was a member of Nekomata clan. He yanked the window open and jumped out safely landing on his strong legs. He then jumped towards the children, covering almost 40 meters in a single jump. As he landed near the children, they stopped to admire the amazing jump. They were also scared. An adolescent that is not a teacher is way scarier than a senpai that you are annoying every day.
"I just wanted to talk to you. But you've earned yourselves a manual labor. Go and cut the grass in front of academy. And don't even attempt to put me under a genjutsu. That's my speciality." Takashi was angrily looking at the three rascals and pointed his left hand to academy. The three children had thrown escape plan out of their mind. They would rather be obedient and get it over fast. They were in no shape to escape Takashi.
It didn't take long the three to cut the grass. "We're finished, sir" probably the bravest one told Takashi. "Okay, you three" Takashi was satisfied with their work, although he didn't check it. He knew they did fine since he could hear them all working. "Now, we are going to have a tea break in academy's kitchen. Go on, prepare tea for yourselves," Takashi ordered them and soon followed them into the kitchen, giving them time to be without his presence for a while.
Soon there were three steaming cups of tea. "Let me taste them," Takashi insisted. All three cups were full of sugar. Too sweet for anyone to drink for relaxation. It's no wonder these kids were hyperactive and couldn't sit tight for the duration of a class. Takashi used this time to teach them the real lesson:"You all want to become genin, am I right? How do you suppose to become a real ninja, if you can't even prepare a good cup of tea? Treat yourself like a ninja, before dreaming of becoming one. I'm done here." Takashi took his leave.
The children didn't finish their teas. It seems like they picked at least something up after today's incident. The next day in academy they even inquired to their sensei, if they would see Takashi soon. They wanted to prove him, that they could prepare a better tea.
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