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1Konohagakure's tea stand [Open] Empty Konohagakure's tea stand [Open] on Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:34 am

Takashi Nekomata

Takashi Nekomata

A few days ago, while enjoying Ichiraku's ramen, Takashi was daydreaming about his own hobby - tea making. At the time he was also enjoying a black tea with a slice of lemon with his friend Kashizudoto. His friend also approved of how good the tea was. And thus started the idea of running his own tea stand. At first Takashi only thought about it theoretically. And even denied thinking about it to his friend, like it was some kind of guilty sin.
As time moved on, Takashi made more plans about chasing his dream. Everyone in Nekomata clan likes his tea. But no one ever requests tea to be made by Takashi. The boy either invites them over for tea, or just offers a cup when he makes one for himself. That was a the first problem, since requests ruin all the joy of tea consumption. No one would want to pay if he couldn't get the tea he specifically wanted. And the second issue was about legal forms. Ichiraku's ramen was run by legitimate grown ups, so they had no problem to pay the taxes to daimyo and offer a service (bowl of fine ramen) in exchange of ryo. There was a simple way to deal with those two obstacles - offer the tea for free.

This morning started with chilly wind. It rained during the night. It was easy to catch a cold in this weather. That's why Takashi had brought his portable tea stand to the construction site. All the hard workers could use a hot refreshment in this unattractive climate. However, Takashi will offer tea anyone who comes by. But he has a set of rules you must cope with before getting your cup of tea.
1. Introduce yourself;
2. Tell me about your dream;
3. Tell me about your greatest adventure so far;
4. Bring your own cup! Describe it!

Takashi had made a simple portable wooden tea stand. It stood firmly on two wheels, so he could move the tea stand anywhere he wants. That's why it was called portable. From far one could notice the board with four rules. When coming closer, one could distinguish the kettle and a huge variety of leaves, seeds, spices and everything you could imagine to prepare tea with. Also honey. From Takashi's side you could see also a small stove and a bag of ice - meant for ice teas, some extra bottles with unknown liquid and a stack of cups - for people who didn't bring their own cup. There was also an empty glass jar on the stand with a little notice on it - "Tips".
Takashi hadn't changed his appearance when becoming a vendor. He still wore a festive robe, despite it being chilly today. Hopefully, his looks could attract more people. Obviously, he kept himself warm by drinking some tea and actively serving it to the workers. Just holding a cup to serve it to someone made his hand warmer.

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