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1 Hey Again [Shizuka/Private] on Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:27 pm



Satoshi moved through the village at a slow pace once again. Things had become much more interesting. He was the student of a Hokage who was the strongest ninja he had met since he had the company of his cousin, Kazu. He was interesting and rather fun to be around. Satoshi could say he was happy to be learning, even if only briefly, from the man. Because of it his mood was pretty light hearted. He could see the interest in this village, as it was a breathe of fresh air for the Jounin. He looked around tor find something to eat as his stomach gave a harsh sounding noise. He saw a place across the street and immediately walked over. He sat down at a stool and began looking at the menu. After a few minutes of debating, he looked to the man and spoke. "I'll have the steak and rice please." With a nod, the man started to fix his food. He would sit, waiting for his meal with a sigh. He actually wouldn't mind company for once. It would be nice to have an intelligent conversation. He would wait patiently though, resting his head on his arm.


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