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1 (OOC Fight, Inv Only) a day by the river. on Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:37 pm




Name: Uchiha, Katsuko
Clan: Uchiha Clan (Amaterasu Path)
Specs: Nin, Tai (speed, striking), Gen
Elements: Katon, Futon, Raiton
Items: 2 Fuma shuriken, one of either hip, folded. 11 kunai, and 23 huriken, in pouches, and hidden around her body.
KKg: She currently has 3 tomoe sharingan

Powers of the Three Tomoe Sharingan:

During this mode, the visual reaction time of the Uchiha is increased by one tier, meaning someone with Reaction Time trained up to D-0 will have D-1 Reaction Time.
The Uchiha can see the chakra of anyone within 100m. They can see chakra pathways, and can judge by the flow of the chakra how they are priming an attack and what nature it will be [eg before someone spits a fireball out, the Uchiha can see the chakra traveling up their throat and can tell by it's appearance it's fire based]
The Uchiha can see through genjutsu of up to A rank effortlessly, and can tell when someone other than themselves is effected by a genjutsu of S rank and below by the changes in their chakra pathways. This also allows them to see through non-shadow clone duplicates.
The Three Tomoe Sharingan gives the Uchiha the ability to predict the movement of their opponent based off even the finest twitches of their muscles. This is projected as a "silhouette" of where the enemy will end up based off their movement, allowing the Uchiha to "foresee" where a blow will land and dodge it ahead of time.

The autumn leaves fell all around as Katsuko stood in the center of the bridge. The one area that was covered, and as such had the least leaves. She looked down to the water below, Her red sharingan carefully scanning the water below her as she watched the fish. the water wasn't that far below her, maybe 3 or 4 meters. The girl was in what looked to be ANBU gear, but there was no ANBU markings of any sorts, and she simply had a black black mask. the mask currently sat on the side of her face. as she looked the on the fish began to bore her. she was a being made to kill made for murder. She had been set here for reasons unknown only known that she was too be tested. The girl looked up and watched as the leaves fell, and then the wind shift blowing a few her direction, and she just sat there and watched. Studied, with that ever vacant expression on her face. She then grabbed her mask and pulled it over her face, turning her attention away from the river.

Rules: All specs and elements are usable unless clan states otherwise, we are B-rank and as such only have 250 chakra unless clan states otherwise. All jutsu are usable but must be approved in the jutsu section before use. All items brought into the thread, follow the same rules, and must be listed on the first post of entering the thread. You are considered to have B-rank stats, as that is base human ability. under no circumstances is S-rank jutsu allowed. No usage of special characteristics is permitted either. Please post an idea of what your character is on your first post similar to what i have done. If anything is missed, it will be updated later, and these rules are subject to change. Other than what is listed, assumption is is to follow site rules. This thread is considered kill enabled.

If you want to use a jutsu not approved, please run it by everyone first to make sure it isn't broken.


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