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Takashi Nekomata

Takashi Nekomata

Mission's briefing sounded easy enough. Maybe physically exhausting, but Takashi hadn't had any training since he came to Iwagakure. He thought about this positively - the training will only do him good and on top of that - he is getting paid for it.
Takashi was greeted by his employer outside the mines after he had asked many directions to simply arrive at the mines. Mines didn't give off any specific smell and they weren't loud as Takashi had imagined. He even thought that the directions might have been wrong. "Here you are!" said someone who has expecting Takashi and then continued with an introduction, "I'm Junzo Yanagi. I will show you around."
The young genin now followed footsteps of this Junzo Yanagi. It wasn't hard to orientate deeper in the mines since the production has been slow and many workers have been sent on holidays. "Here you see a pile of ore and a wheelbarrow," said Junzo and looked how Takashi kept walking forward till he touched wheelbarrow and the pile of ore behind the wheelbarrow. "Yeesss...," Junzo apparently thought it was weird, "so there are about 750kg of ore, get it all to the warehouse across the street. I'll be going now."
Takashi immediately protested:"Wait, could you take me to warehouse please?" it was a good question, since Takashi was clueless. "What, you blind?" asked Junzo almost trying to insult the genin. "Yes." Takashi answered without hesitation. Junzo was clearly shocked by this revelation:"You ninjas never stop to amaze me. Sure follow me then."
They started walking. When they got outside, Junzo was thinking hard about the blind genin. In fact he didn't recognize Takashi's forehead protector either. So he asked:"So where are you from? I mean which village gives out that kind of headband? Or is it special for blind ninjas?" he had no intention of being hostile, but his last sentence might be interpreted as an insult. "I'm from Konohagakure," the boy answered ignoring the part of blindness. He was here to do a job, after all. The walk all together lasted only about half a minute. "Here we are," announced Junzo, "drop the ores here.. umm" he got confused as how to explain what 'here' meant to the boy, "and I'll be off! Good luck!" he hurried off hoping that the genin would not break anything or for god's sake - not set fire to the ore.
Takashi returned to the mine. It was no issue - he knew his directions. He could easily navigate all ore from the mine to the warehouse. But the problems started when he found out how heavy those rocks were. Shoveling the big ones were almost impossible. Tadashi was too weak for this kind of training. This was more like a test. But he soon found an preferable approach - taking the big rocks in both hands and carrying them to the wheelbarrow. This came with an issue he didn't notice at all - his robe got dirty very fast. There was dirt and ore dust on the robe. Since his robe was yellow and white (no longer though) it was really easy to notice.
When he felt like he had put enough in the wheelbarrow he tried to move it. Moving the barrow full of ore was way harder than it sounded at first. Takashi even took an unseen approach - he started running since that way the wheel spun faster and he got to his destination faster and was relieved from the heavy holding of handles earlier.
He repeated this for more than 10 times to move the huge pile of ore. It took him longer than expected. He didn't also take any rests during the work. By the end of day his robe was unrecognizable and he ought to was his body as well. He felt exhausted and his muscles hurt the next morning - but that was a proof that they grew during the 'mission'.
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